Chris on A Neighbor's Choice Radio: COVID-19 Mismanagement

Chris Martenson sits down for a conversation with writer and speaker David Gornoski on A Neighbor’s Choice Radio to discuss the mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic and why we should all be concerned. A Neighbor’s Choice Radio broadly explores the role of violence and religion in society.

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really wish your paywall wasn’t so high. Makes me question your motives. with platforms like bitube and odysee. I understand, but i’d hope you’d release this in a delayed release on a platform like odysee, or lower the barrier of entry.

It’s 7 dollars for the trial.

Would be great if Chris and his team were thrown their basic necessities of life at them while they are shifting through all data and hosting this on their platform saving us tons of time putting things together ourselves. In absence of this and with roaring censorship it makes perfect sense to charge a reasonable “tuition”.
Plenty of alternatives available for your entertainment but many will agree Chris is unique. Remember how we missed him a couple of months ago ?
Again, I would not spend my last dollar just to see this interview, but the insights obtained as a member can proof invaluable depending on your circumstances.
Take care!

Yesterday, I put before the runes the question, “Should I take the vaccines?”
The answer came back unambiguously.
" The vaccines are an offence before God. The path you are on is correct and in accordance with God’s will".
(In this case God presented as Odin.)
Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Yesterday I fetched out the yarrow stalks. They say we are between a rock and an abyss, and a meeting with the great man is auspicious.

Its just that the left believes more in the government. Bannon said it right. The for people on the right should unite with the for people on the left. And yes i know how evil is Bannon is portrayed by most of the media. Just happen to see one of his Interviews on the same podcaster where Chris went last and it gave a total new perception.

I have been contributing to insiders because I value the amount of time put into these broadcasts. I would hate to take a free ride when I am saving so much time deciphering information and it’s so valuable.

Is there a link somewhere for the $7 trial? All I’m seeing is the $30/mo. Thanks!

PP is WAAAY more useful than a lot of organizations that got Covid funds.
Maybe a claim could be filed on the basis that PP was doing the job the FDA & CDC were supposed to be doing.

It’s worth remembering that more than HALF of the content on Peak Prosperity is absolutely FREE. There is not even advertising!
Is the cost too high ? Not for many that are glad to support Chris and his team to be able to continue doing this work.
As a paid subscriber for 10 years, I see myself paying for everyone that can’t afford it, but still gets loads of good content for free.
Glass half empty or half full comes to mind.

Chris lost me when after the first covid wave, he said covid is going away and won’t come back. More people died in the next wave than before. He suggested we should just let covid “have its way” with the population then it would all be over and done with. Now that seems to be the plan. Both Dems and Repubs are insisting no masks now, they want everyone either vaccinated or infected or both. Meanwhile 1. Mild infections cause brain damage. 2. In Norway study, 50% report symptoms one year after a mild case, 3. Because it is a beta coronavirus, immunity is unlikely to be better than our immunity to the common cold (this is not chicken pox, because it mutates, prior infection or vaccination not guaranteed to provide immunity to next variant), 4. Since it transmits asymptomatically, lethality is not an impediment to its evolution (not getting milder over time). Brain imaging in mild cases:

Early treatment - in combination with maintaining your health.
Health maintenance: vitamin D sufficiency, daily exercise (21+ minutes), and normal body weight (BMI=25). These three things are massively important. Maybe all together its a factor of 8 reduction in chance of hospitalization and death? And - my guess - “good health” will work against even the latest zombie-apocalypse variant.
[Team Apocalpyse is working overtime to sell…boosters! “The vaccine is safe and effective. And its even safer and more effective if you get a booster!” I digress]
Regarding early treatment: I posted this one on a different thread - a study of early treatment vs no treatment. If you treat early, long haul = 1.9%. If you do not treat, then 40-80% of people get long haul symptoms.
Moral of the story: treat the freaking illness, preferably early. Its not a hard concept. It sure is fortunate that we have treatments that work.