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I was on a twitter spaces discussion earlier this week to discuss the science behind the connection between violence and antidepressants:

This is in response to the hit piece by the NYTimes on RFK, Jr.



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Something Changed Over The Last 60 Years

In a sane world we’d be able to talk about these things. But since we can’t, we have to chart our own course.


kinda says it all

Twitter Space Noob

That was my first Twitter Space. It’s a little voyeuristic but I was proud to hear Chris representing the truth as he always does.


Is It Just My Impression?

…or does Big Pharma destroy and/or fuck up almost everything it touches? Talk about a death cult.


Nice Mail

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Rfk/j Opens The Overton Window: Trump To Look Into Autism Causes

The presence of RFK/J in the campaign is definitely opening up the range of topics that it is OK to discuss.
And it sounds like Trump is learning from the public response to RFK/J.
Trump has announced his intention to investigate the “stunning rise in autism and auto-immunity.”

Former President Donald Trump released a campaign video in which he vows to investigate the rising rates of autism and other chronic illnesses across the United States if he’s elected in 2024.
“In recent decades, there has been an unexplained and alarming growth in the prevalence of chronic illnesses and health problems, especially in children,” Trump said in the Agenda47 video on June 6, asserting that there has been a “stunning rise in autism, autoimmune disorders, obesity, infertility, serious allergies, and respiratory challenges.”
Trump then asked whether it has to do with food, environmental pollution, or “the over-prescription of certain medications,” noting that Americans spend billions of dollars simply trying to treat such health problems rather than investigating the cause.

Big corporations and pharmaceutical companies “don’t want to ask the tough questions” about the rise in autism and children’s health, he said.
“Too often—big pharma, big corporations, and other special interests—and do not want to ask the tough questions about what is happening to our children’s health,” Trump said.
---------------------- In a related post, Jessica Rose posts a conversation with a biomedical scientist with an autistic child. (Nobody studies autism like the scientists with autistic children and grandchildren.) Forum Conversation: Dr. Brian Hooker On Environmental Toxins, Causes of Autism And The Need For Vaccine Safety Studies DAVID MARKS JUN 6 Dr. Brian Hooker has served on the board of Children's Health Defense (CHD) since 2018 and has been their Chief Scientific Officer for two years. He has a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering from Washington State University and has been involved in bioresearch and biotechnology for 35 years. His work has spanned environmental restoration and applied plant molecular biology. He has also been a researcher for the U.S. Department of Energy and operated his own biotech company. With a strong background in molecular biology and genetics, Dr. Hooker has published over 65 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. At CHD, he is supervising a team researching environmental toxins and vaccine safety. This conversation with Dr. Hooker, a scientist and father of an autistic child, was initially planned to explore the details that continue to be neglected by the press in the dismissals of RFK, Jr. While this important knowledge is presented, Dr. Hooker also offers fascinating facts and insights into autism and vaccines that have been kept from the public by government agencies and corporate mainstream media. Forum: Dr. Hooker, when did you first become aware of autism? How did you get involved with research? Dr. Hooker: Growing up, I sort of knew what autism was. I remember seeing a movie in 1979, called Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love, about Raun Kaufman, a boy with autism. Through his parents' intervention, he fully came out of autism. It was a really interesting movie. I can remember seeing that and just sort of tucking it away in my mind. But I didn't really think about it much until my son received an autism diagnosis in August of 1999 when he was 18 months old. It was at his well-baby checkup when the pediatrician actually coded it as autism – I’ll never forget that day. And that's really what launched my quest to understand what caused this; how can it be reversed, and what can we do about it.  Forum: Where did you first seek out information about autism? Dr. Hooker: I looked at research that was coming out of institutions like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – and I was wholly dissatisfied. This bolstered my quest to find out, especially around autism causation, what indeed was the truth. Forum: What were your initial findings about your son? Dr. Hooker: I was astounded to find out that the vaccines that my son received contained mercury. The first vaccine he received at two weeks of age was for hepatitis B, and that contained 12.5 micrograms of mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin, and there continues to be a contention that this amount doesn’t exceed the safe limits. But I did the calculation, and when my son was receiving these mercury-laden vaccines, he was exceeding the EPA and the FDA limits by over 80 times. I was very, very concerned about the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal that was used in many, if not most of the vaccines that my son received in the late 1990s. I looked at what was publicly available and the prevailing thought was that mercury was responsible for neurodevelopmental disorders. And I also read the research coming out of the CDC. There was such cognitive dissonance there because mercury is neurotoxic. And looking at the dubious types of statistics on kids who received mercury, and those who didn't receive mercury in their infant vaccines, it seemed very evident that the CDC was hiding something.   And then a paper came out by an autism parent and an analyst, Sallie Bernard, confirming the mercury autism hypothesis. Ms. Bernard looked at all of the symptoms of mercury poisoning and she lined them up with all of the symptoms of autism. And there was such a strong overlap there that it shocked me. I was mortified because of what I had done to my son unwittingly, but it really challenged me to look further into this issue. And when I started my analysis, I was looking primarily at mercury in vaccines, and later on it expanded to the timing of the MMR – the measles, mumps rubella vaccine – and then I began looking at other vaccines as well. Forum: When did the FDA start limiting the use of mercury in vaccines?  Dr. Hooker: The FDA has never curbed the level of mercury in infant and childhood vaccines. The voluntary phase-out of thimerosal from infant vaccines was between 2001 and 2003 after a joint PHS statement (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) was issued asking for such a phase-down. In 2004, the flu shot — which in some cases still contains thimerosal — was added to the infant child schedule for 6 months of age and then each year thereafter. During the same year (2004) the flu shot, with or without thimerosal, was recommended for pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy. Thimerosal has never been completely taken out of vaccines in the US. Forum: Do we know which vaccines still contain thimerosal?   Dr. Hooker: Some formulations of the flu shot, those in multidose vials, still contain 25 micrograms of mercury via thimerosal. The CDC claims that 93% of all flu shots made in 2021-2022 were thimerosal-free. However, they do not state whether that calculation is made per vaccine dose or per vaccine vial. Indeed, if this refers to individual vials, that would mean that up to 43% of all doses contain thimerosal. Forum: What is the implication of increasing cases of autism despite the limitation of thimerosal in vaccines? Dr. Hooker: I believe that vaccination itself is related to autism and that mercury is just one factor that can cause this multifaceted disorder. It should be noted that the vaccine schedule has expanded significantly since 2001 when the voluntary phase-out of thimerosal in some vaccines began.   Forum: If the mercury in thimerosal is a neurotoxin, how does it cross the blood-brain barrier? Dr. Hooker: I was astounded at the combination of detergents that are used in the manufacturing of vaccines. For example, different forms of polysorbate molecules actually poke holes in the blood-brain barrier. And that allows neurotoxins like mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum to enter the brain of vaccinated individuals. There have been seminal studies that show when mercury gets in the brain of individuals in the form of thimerosal, its half-life is nearly infinite, so it's really locked into brain tissues. It appeared to me that these vaccines were the perfect mechanism to inject mercury directly into the brain. Forum: And can mercury be cleared from the brain?  Dr. Hooker: Absolutely. We were very aggressive in finding ways to detoxify my son. But because of his genetic profile, those genes that he received from my wife and me, he had a really difficult time excreting any type of toxic heavy metals. It wasn't limited to mercury, but mercury seemed like it was the worst offender. It's the second most toxic naturally occurring substance on earth, bar uranium. And so we wanted to get rid of the mercury first and we were very intent on that. We did a process called chelation, and it very aggressively removed mercury from my son's body. We also included other types of supplements that were helpful. These were over-the-counter things like glutathione and n-acetylcysteine which will actually enter into the brain and cleanse the mercury. And so we did that very aggressively probably from the time he was two years old until he was ten. Forum: Did you see a difference in your son symptomatically? Was this helpful for him? Dr. Hooker: Indeed, it was very good for him and I think that it really helped in terms of his challenges later on in life. Some children with autism have a horrible time with puberty and they become aggressive – they may become physically violent. My son can at times be self-injurious, but he has never really lashed out at anybody else. And during those years when you would expect this behavior because these children are in pain, some of that would ramify, but we never really struggled with that and it can be attributed to detoxifying his system. My son is very gentle and very, very kind. And we also saw that in his neurodevelopment while we were chelating him, we saw that cognitively. Even though he does not speak there was a light in his eyes. In some respects, it helped us to get cognitive. It also helped from a social-emotional perspective because we were taking him out of pain. We were removing neurological stress from his body. Forum: What is the range of onset of autism? Some parents describe one day having a normal child, then after being vaccinated, within minutes, hours, days, or weeks, having a different child. Do you have an understanding of how often vaccination and autism are directly associated? Dr. Hooker: There are several studies regarding how autism ramifies in young children. One type is called infantile autism where a child appears from birth to have the autistic condition. Then there’s regressive autism, where a child stops developing normally; these are children that seem fine and have eye contact, expressive and receptive language, and they have social and emotional interactions with their parents. And then suddenly there's some type of cataclysmic event, and then rapidly after that they regress.  There was a paper that came out of the University of California at Davis, The Mind Institute, which is a very prestigious academic-based organization that is focused on autism. The lead author was Dr. Sally Ozonoff and she found that by looking at developmental milestones in a group of children, and following them over time, that regression occurred in 80% of the cases. And that is a really strong number – showing that four out of five children have some type of event or something happens that initiates a regression. I would contend that many, if not most of those children who regress have sustained some type of vaccine or environmental injury. Although there are anecdotal reports, there's not a lot of data, and it is a key area that needs further study. . Forum: There appears to be a growing emphasis on biomedical treatment of autism, what is the differentiation between a psychological approach and a biomedical one? . Dr. Hooker: There is the cognitive neuropsychological approach that does not consider other types of symptoms of autism except for neurodevelopmental deficits, social-emotional deficits, and things that solely focus on the neurological. The biomedical approach is different because it looks at what's going on with the whole child. And many, if not most children with autism have other complaints, particularly gastrointestinal issues. This was actually put forward by Dr. Andrew Wakefield in the 1990s. And one of the things that he did that was very important was look at these gastrointestinal issues that were very unique in children with autism. People tend to associate Dr. Wakefield with his questioning the MMR vaccine, but perhaps one of his greatest contributions was the autism–gastrointestinal connection. And parents like myself, we were living through it. It seemed like my son's gastrointestinal system was extremely unstable. He was going through constipation, diarrhea, distress, irritable bowel syndrome – so many different issues, including food sensitivities. We started very early with biomedical treatment where we were looking at dietary interventions. My son responded very well when we eliminated gluten and casein from his diet by limiting his intake of wheat, dairy, and also soy. All of these interventions helped to stabilize his gastrointestinal system. On top of that, there was supplementation and chelation in order to get rid of toxic heavy metals. So this was more of a holistic approach that considered autism from a systems perspective – that we term as biomedical rather than neuropsychiatric. A lot of it is allopathic. We were fortunate to work with an integrated physician starting when my son was very young, and there are a number of effective therapies; chiropractic, naturopathic, acupuncture – there’s a real nexus. Underlying all of these approaches are nutrition and diet which are so fundamental in order to continue to heal the gastrointestinal system. It's not a one-time thing; you just have to continue to keep the digestive system as stable as possible, and then that also helps to heal the brain. . Forum: What is the effect of mercury on digestion? Has that been studied? . Dr. Hooker: It's actually been established that mercury toxicity will promote the overgrowth of candida yeast in the gut. It turns out that yeast is tolerant to mercury, whereas other intestinal flora are not. So when you add mercury to the microbial community, it responds by killing off those bacteria that are susceptible to mercury and allowing those organisms that are not susceptible to mercury like yeast to flourish. Also, some nasty anaerobic bacteria like Clostridia are tolerant to mercury. The gut biome is basically set out of balance when exposed to mercury. . Forum: It’s difficult enough to have digestive complaints, but intestinal disorders also diminish the ability to absorb the energy of food. Meanwhile, mercury is crossing the blood-brain barrier causing neurological symptoms, so really there are numerous fronts for the damage that is happening. Without a broad approach to understanding autism, an irrational focus dominates — on finding a single cause and a single cure. Dr. Hooker: Absolutely. The causation of autism is so multifaceted — and there are so many different stressors. I've met individuals who have come up to me and said, my son or daughter never had a vaccine, yet they're diagnosed with autism. But there are numerous toxins that pregnant mothers, infants, and our children encounter in the environment. If you're close to coal-fired power plants, there's mercury in the air because coal contains mercury. If you are close to manufacturing facilities or freeways, that can also be a risk factor. And then there are countless additives in our food with potential risks. We are increasingly exposed to glyphosate, which is associated with genetically modified organisms. There are so many insults to our children. And I think one of the ramifications besides just neurodevelopmental disorders in general, is this increase in autism. My son didn't get vaccinated in a vacuum. So there were other toxins that we had to consider. Not only were we getting rid of mercury, but he had a high load of antimony, which is in fire retardants that are applied to baby's clothing and bedding. We had arsenic in our water, so we were looking at that. We lived in an area in the Pacific Northwest that had naturally high-occurring uranium in the soil, so we were concerned about that as well. Considering the toxic burden that these children were exposed to in the 1990s, and only increasing in this century, I think that the causes of autism are really multifaceted. Forum: There's some research connecting autism and acetaminophen. Have you looked at those studies? Dr. Hooker: The connection between autism and acetaminophen has been affirmed just recently. I remember our pediatrician telling us, after a vaccine, if your child has a fever give them Tylenol. And it turns out that was the worst possible remedy that could be given. Acetaminophen also impairs sulfation, a process physiologically that actually tags and removes toxins. Sulfate groups attach to toxins directly, and that is how the body identifies them. It’s a coded tag for elimination through the renal system – or through bowels, hair, skin, and nails. If you impair sulfation, as Tylenol does, then the body doesn't know that something is a neurotoxin and it will continue to circulate. Continued..... Forum: Is there an understanding of why boys are more susceptible to autism? Dr. Hooker: Estrogen is protective against heavy metal toxicity such as mercury or aluminum poisoning, whereas testosterone is not. We're also seeing a racial disparity. It's actually more prevalent in African American children where the incidence now is one in 34. . ... . Forum: One would imagine that the CDC, aware of these increases for decades, would have some sense of where the problem lies and what the causes are. The rejection of the possibility that it’s environmental toxins including those in vaccines, suggests at a minimum, negligence. Would you agree with that? Dr. Hooker: The CDC'S response is wholly inappropriate. I would go as far as saying that their negligence is criminal because they completely sidestep the whole issue of causation. ... . I worked with a whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson from the CDC. In his comment when I asked about autism causation, he said that the CDC was completely paralyzed regarding the question of autism because it always led them back to vaccinations. So because they could not ever consider that vaccines could be driving the autism epidemic, then they were simply not going to go there.  Forum: It is unusual that safety studies aren’t presented in defense of vaccines. Dr. Hooker: It's very rare that you'll find a safety study for a vaccine that used a true placebo control. When you do a study for the FDA for the approval for a drug or a biologic – and a vaccine is a biologic – then you need to make sure that you have two blinded groups in your study; one that receives the vaccine and the other group receiving a saline placebo.  

Great find Sand Puppy!

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Possibly, Too Many Vaccines?

This is an intriguing article. For those who have person close to them that is currently making choices for their own children, take a look at the book “The Vaccine- Friendly Plan” by Dr. Paul Thomas and Dr. Jennifer Margulis. It presents an approach that both limits the laundry list of recommended vaccinations and spreads out the timeline for taking the vaccines that are on the limited list. The book has many other recommendations on avoiding the toxins mentioned in the above article.
My very blue check friend in San Francisco genuinely thanked me for the book, she said having it in hand gave her the confidence to defend her decisions when at the pediatrician’s office, it also drove her to find an alternative to acetaminophen for her child. 



You will not believe, truth from the EU parliament:
the most important video of the year !!
from germany


thats the truth…
the most important video of the year!
from germany

Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens, UK journalist, has been writing about the use of recreational drugs and anti-depressants for decades. He is often mocked for his views on this subject and on pretty much everything else he writes about (lockdowns, facemasks, etc).

True History Of Serotonin Research - Chris Should Have Georgi Dinkov On For An Interview

The summary (podcast link below) blew my mind and caused a complete restructuring of my understanding of nutrition and mental health in medicine. I got none of this understanding in medical school or residency. Even in my anti-aging training with A4M and SSRP this understanding is completely omitted. I’ve started regularly searching Georgi Dinkov’s physiology blog, when I’m trying to solve a patient’s medical problem.
The first section of this podcast is about serotonin and is an eye opening summary to stimulate further research if you’re interested. I know Georgi has other interviews on Youtube that are entirely on this serotonin subject.
Basic concepts and applications: serotonin is the neurotransmitter that rises when the brain is deprived of oxygen/nutrients, and it is an emergency adaptation that causes irritability and aggression. Original application of the discovery of serotonin was to create numb, chemically lobotomized, compliant and readily aggressive military personnel. They tried micro dosing LSD hoping for good mind control first and found the opposite of their goal: that the soldiers became happy, less aggressive and more independent. Investigating this they found that LSD micro dosing was antagonizing serotonin. So to achieve the desired result (numb, chemically lobotomized, compliant and readily aggressive) they found ways to raise serotonin.
Now how do you feel about SSRIs being the recommended treatment for medicating an entire demoralized, inflamed, stressed population?
Restricting l-tryptophan (serotonin precursor) in the diet increases lifespan. You can out-compete l-tryptophan uptake into the brain by taking BCAs and l-tyrosine to increase anabolic function and dopamine production. Cortisol and serotonin on the other hand contribute to catabolic decline in muscles, bone and collagen with age.
Serotonin and cortisol/chronic stress act together in a vicious cycle. Eating unsaturated fats (i.e. official dietary recommendations for the past 60 years or so) cause elevated inflammation, cortisol and hence serotonin independently of life stressors.
On the other hand a diet of zero unsaturated fat and only saturated fat, (with proteins/carbs) resulted in practical invincibility against cancer and dramatic increase in resistance to radiation poisoning. What does that tell you? It looks to me like the physical and mental health of the human population was likely deliberately destroyed using pre-meditated application of known research over the past 1/2 century.


This was my first Twitter account. It’s voyeuristic, but I was pleased to hear Chris, as he always does, defending the truth. mario games