Cinderblock Rocket Stove

A great video showing you how to make a very inexpensive and highly functional rocket stove with cinderblocks.


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Good idea, but I wonder if it will last for more than one use. Also, three blocks would be enough, if you put the wood in the bottom hole.

Add two more blocks on top and the draw improves exponentially. But like Dan already wrote, it won't last very long: it will crumble due to the heat. Fire brick and clay mortar builds a more durable and efficient rocket stove and does not cost more. Latest improvements on rocket stove technology even allow a closed fire chamber for indoor use.
To the DIY wood stove people: try to add a heat riser in a conventional wood burner. Emission numbers will go down a lot. No smell outside anymore. A rocket heat riser combines the three T's of good combustion: temperature, turbulence and time. It's not rocket science…

Regards, DJ

While I confess to having very little knowledge about the science of rocket stoves I thought this was a cool use of materials many of us have hanging around.  For a short term emergency, where there were little combustible materials, or a lack of space to burn, if seems like a quick low tech way to be able to cook and make hot water.

Were do you obtain the "H" block at?  I have the other type of cinder blocks in storage. Thanks