Cold Comfort: The Discussion We Need to Have

Barry - that was a truly great piece of writing and thinking. Thank you for writing it!
Of several spots that caught my attention, was this one comparing Trudeau to A Milgram white-cater:

On the Monday after the first weekend of the truckers’ protest, Trudeau held a press conference where he suggested Canadians “think carefully about where they stand and who they stand with.” Like the Man in The White Lab Coat in Stanley Milgram’s famous 1961 shock experiment, Trudeau seems to be saying, “The experiment must continue.”
Couple that to all the professional nudgers out there and we truly are scroomed, aren't we? After all, the inability to get the easy things right means we have no chance of getting the hard things right. And things definitely get hard from here on out as we crest peak net energy and begin the long, slow slog to the bottom. Well, at least we now know which of our fellow citizens are the gleeful camp guards. I have been taking careful notes. They may come in handy.

Just went over the maths and stats of the article and this seems to checks out (Aquila has a predisposition to look at the numbers due to professional choices). The analyst had to use the Wayback machine to find the delta of the number of cases of table, a table that shows the number of cases per category since the beginning of the pandemic. Gov of Canada will only publish the value of the table at the time of the document and shows a large number print for unvaccinated misleading the reader into thinking the unvaccinated are the currently the bulk of the cases in hospital.
By using the delta he is able to isolate the case count for the most recent month.

At first glance it would appear as if Canada is currently experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated, with the fully vaccinated not far behind. But this appearance is a fraud. By looking at a previously published report with figures on cases between 14th Dec 20 and 4th Dec 21, and then carrying out simple subtraction, we are able to deduce the number of Covid-19 cases by vaccination status between 5th Dec 21 and 15th Jan 22, and they are astounding. Here is the table for the number of cases by vaccination status between 14th Dec 20 and 4th Dec 21, thanks to the gift of the ‘WayBackMachine‘ –

Eh they make some assumptions in there. While it does seem to be the case that VE has gone horribly negative vs omicron, and their data does a great job of pointing this out (good job to the reporters on this one), we don’t know yet if cases are more severe or not in the vaccinated.
And the mitigating factor: Omicron is much milder than Delta. So my guess is, I don’t think the healthcare system will be overwhelmed by the vaccinated.
My question: will the drop in CD8 reported by Ryan Cole (the mechanism he proposes as a cancer accelerant, and also allowing the latent viral infections to manifest again - shingles, HSV, etc) be persistent, or is it temporary? If it is persistent, then that might be called VAIDS - although HIV affects CD4, not CD8, so - technically speaking, its not the AIDS we all know vaguely about, and have been scared of since Fauci terrified us all in the 1980s. This CD8 thing is quite a different animal.
And if this CD8 drop is temporary, then its not as big of a deal, since the fix just involves “not getting more shots” and the problem will self-correct. If it isn’t temporary…then that’s definitely a problem.
So we don’t know at the moment.
Although if we could get some vaxxed people to run off and do CD4/CD8 count tests, we might be able to get some more information. Tests are about $110.
“Normal” ratio levels are from 1.0 to 4.0. Presumably, if the ratio jumps above 4 (due to a drop in CD8 - with the CD4 counts remaining normal) then that would be a bad thing.
As it turns out, there is a way to help your CD8 levels. Its a plant called Artemisia Annua. AA has been shown to help both CD4 and CD8 levels. Mostly, it is used for malaria in Africa.
As always: This is Not Medical Advice. Drugs might interact. Not everyone is the same. I encourage you to Doctor Yourself.


I have personal experience with walkinlabs. They are far better than my local labs and doctors that couldn’t even run a proper urine test because failed to preserve and held too long. Walkin had me doing with preservative, plus iced, only collected early in the week and sent over-night. So it would be processed before the lab would hold over weekend. It is the only way I got results after attempting multiple in-patient and out patient urines with regular doctors locally.


Yes walkin contracts with either Labcorp or Quest - you get to pick. My local labcorp office is this very hard-working med tech who runs the operation single-handedly. Very little waiting (for the after-lunch test) and results in a few days. Pay with walkin, take the order to the local labcorp, wait for 10 minutes, then get the results back in a few days.
If you know what you need, and you can interpret the results yourself…well, its worked out great for me. I don’t try to get insurance to pay for it, so I avoid a fair amount of red tape and hassle. But not everyone is in this situation.


I have very bad personal experiences with my own healthcare, child healthcare with pediatricians etc. I believe people who have never had experience are getting their first taste of what our healthcare system is really built on. Protecting doctors, and promotion of big pharma. Its not about your health, just your wallet.
I am all for any DIY healthcare along with nutrition. I really worry that they will come after the supplement industry, then we are really screwed.


A couple days old but really good discussion

I am all for any DIY healthcare along with nutrition. I really worry that they will come after the supplement industry, then we are really screwed.
I have to agree with that one. Knowing what we know now about the control they exerted over IVM and HCQ one can wonder what is next on their list. Suddenly “unproved and dangerous” supplements will be reported to make people sick, overdosed and filling up hospital beds. But fear nothing! After the cheap and inexpensive supplement are withdrawn from the shelves in the interest of National Security, Pfizer and Merck will have their daily vitality pills ready for you to procure at 10,000x markup prices. You won’t know what will be in them, only that this is the right thing to do in these times of unprecedented health crisis. May I now shame you into buying some carbon credits as well?

Couldn’t bring myself to read the remarks of Trudeau, so, this morning I forced myself. After just one line, the same odd feeling overwhelmed me when trying to read Mein Kampf. I just couldn’t continue reading the incoherent ramblings of a clear lunatic, just couldn’t. This man, Trudeau is clearly mentally disturbed. He should be put away in a dungeon, and the keys should be melted into useless globs of metal. Imo, his words are truly comparable to the words of Adolf H. This man is as dangerous. Incredible that this monster was elected…


Great info you shared on labs experience. I have long term records of my annual labs (VA, but I don’t know the lab contractor). VA docs are just paint-by-numbers white coat pill script writers. They don’t like questions about personal lab data and seem lacking in real answers. Remember, docs are typically only allowed 9 minutes with you. They are under pressure to churn patients through as fast as possible.
So I went to a walk-in lab recently. Wanted data so I could compare my pre-covid encounter labs with post-covid data. This was really helpful. Got results fast. Most everything is explained. A little internet research filled in the knowledge blanks.
Full extended panel plus PSA was about $350. 72 hr turnaround.
Helps you take charge of your health. I encourage others to do the same if possible.

Couldn't bring myself to read the remarks of Trudeau, so, this morning I forced myself. After just one line, the same odd feeling overwhelmed me when trying to read Mein Kampf.
When he speaks in his softy-voice the words are disturbing. He's not screaming it into a microphone at a rally. But it's truly alarming when you read it on a page.

Thank you everyone for reading and sending encouraging words. There were a lot of interesting links posted, including the one to “Kill All Others.” I wish it was still available on Amazon.
The comments here have been so much more nuanced than anything I see on social media. I’ve had at least three friends avoid answering the question I ask in my essay, and these are people who I regard as thoughtful. One of them worked in the news media for decades and is aware of how the propaganda machine works. I posted the article to my Facebook page and none of my 61 friends have commented.
This week I’ve learned that I have more in common with my tribe here at Peak Prosperity than I do with most of the people I might call “friends”. You are my extended tribe.
It’s been a weird week here in Canada. It’s difficult to imagine that we are heading down such a dark road but hard to argue that things don’t have the potential to go bad quickly. Last night the police began arresting people for bringing fuel to the protesters. They confiscated jerry cans by the truckload. I hope we see a movement develop where thousands of people begin carrying gas cans to protests in a symbolic gesture.


I have followed Paul Beckwith’s blogs over the past few years and was impressed with his seemingly scientific knowledge backed by data. He is a climatologist at the university of Ottawa who has focused his attention on the fast warming Arctic and the dramatic loss of the sea ice.
I was shocked and disgusted to see a Utube video of him roaming the streets of Ottawa recently harassing the peaceful protesters telling them must cease and desist with their protest and leave the poor citizens citizens of Ottawa to go about their business of shopping, consuming and having a “safe” space away from all that horrific horn blowing and flag waving.
How can he ever justify the populace banding together to demand action if he truly believes the climate and associated ecosystems are in mortal danger. The first time a peaceful protest pops in Ottawa for climate action the the government will squash it like a bug on the windshield of a deranged Autobahn driver. You do remember what a dead bug on the windshield looks like??


If “they” are confiscating jerry cans you can bet they will fill their tanks with your fuel. Start to collect urine in the jerry cans so “they” can confiscate the cans and fill their tanks.


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Has anyone noticed that there has been no mention of the Alberta protest for a few days? The most recent article a ‘Giggle’ search finds from here is 3 days old. I did find a twitter video embedded in an OffGuardian article this morning that was made yesterday and showed hundreds of vehicles lined up along the road. But, no media coverage…


Once you see it, you start to notice more and more similarities. Not allowing public discussion of any dissenting views, even if there are copious data and studies to back them up, or that just show information holes in the narrative. Smearing those who do speak up, calling them deniers, conspiracy theorists, right wingers, etc… Putting “labels” on videos that in any way cast doubt upon the narrative. At this point, anything that the media/bureaucratic government “science TM” assures us is undeniably so, I tend to disbelieve.



For some reason I am allowed to post bitchute links. I don’t know why I have this superpower. As far as superpowers go, it is pretty lame. But I will use it to the best of my abilities.


This Jordan Peterson interview is a good summary of Canada’s situation.