Conflict, Currency, and Cables: News Briefs You Can't Miss

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In the wake of the killing of three American soldiers in a base supporting covert operations in the Middle East, President Biden’s response has drawn criticism. The announcement of a military response has been characterized as reflecting a pattern of U.S. presidents engaging in wars that they ultimately lose. The article suggests that Biden’s actions may be politically motivated, aimed at appealing to military-connected voters and the black vote in the South Carolina primary. The legality of these actions, based on the war authorization passed after 9/11, has been questioned. The vulnerability of U.S. military bases in the Middle East and the resistance they face has also been highlighted.

In financial news, Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing, has expressed concerns about the federal government’s operations. She suggests that state governments should establish Sovereign State Banks and State Bullion Depositories to protect their citizens and safeguard transactions and reserves in dollars, gold, and silver. Fitts warns of the erosion of trust in the US federal government and the dollar system, and discusses the impact of the CV19 murder and disability program on the economy.

Meanwhile, Russia has issued a warning in response to alleged plans by the US to deploy nuclear weapons in Britain. Gennady Gatilov, Moscow’s permanent representative to the UN, stated that Russia would respond if the US stations nuclear weapons in Britain or other countries. This comes after reports of US plans to place nuclear weapons at a Royal Air Force station north of London. The US and the UK’s Ministry of Defence have neither confirmed nor denied these reports.

In the telecom sector, Yemeni government-associated firms have raised concerns about potential sabotage attempts by Houthi rebels on submarine cables in the Red Sea. These cables are crucial for the functioning of the global internet and the transmission of financial data. The warning follows a Houthi-linked Telegram channel publishing a map of the cables. Yemen Telecom has been urging international telecom alliances to avoid dealing with the Houthis due to the risk of providing a terrorist group with knowledge of the cables’ operations. The conflict in Gaza has further fueled tensions in the region, leading to violence involving Iran-backed groups in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.


Yemen Telecom Fears Houthi Rebels Planning to Sabotage Critical Submarine Cables in Red Sea

The warning came after a Houthi-linked Telegram channel published a map of the cables running along the bed of the Red Sea.

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Russia Warns of Response if U.S. Deploys Nuclear Weapons in Britain

We are talking, perhaps, about the reactivation of an air base with American nuclear weapons in Great Britain," Gatilov said. "There is also talk about the possibility of sending nuclear weapons to the Baltic states, to Poland. All this creates a tense situation. We are monitoring how developments are going in this direction. Of course, if this is so, Russia will be forced to react to this accordingly.

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Financial Expert Calls for State Governments to Protect Citizens from Federal Government’s “Criminal Enterprise”

The federal government is being run as a criminal enterprise. . . .not just a little criminal, but a lot criminal.

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President Biden’s Military Response to Soldiers’ Deaths in Covert War Raises Concerns of Wider Conflict

We are talking about very stupid leaders who have never learned from their losses and are risking a major war.

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