Confused? That Means You’ve Been Paying Attention

The story about why we have lockdowns has shifted over time from “we have to flatten the curve” to “cases are rising.” Masks didn’t work, then they did, then you needed two, and then none if you were vaccinated.

Herd immunity used to mean a certain percentage of the population had either natural or vaccine induced immunity. Then it was changed by the W.H.O. to only mean a certain percentage had been vaccinated.

So vaccines were sold as the means to “get our lives back” by getting us to herd immunity. Only the vaccines weren’t sterilizing so really they couldn’t ever do that.

As recently as July 7th the US President said the unvaccinated were a threat to their entire communities. As of today, vaccines have been re-redefined as simply necessary to prevent serious Covid or death from Covid in individuals.

The comment thread? Politics and money have completely infected medicine and my beloved science has been tortured beyond recognition.

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Talked with the head of a hospital lab who met with the hospital system CEO. He asked about testing to identify the Delta variant.

1. The individual hospitals, like ours, are not going to get a test for delta variants. 2. The tertiary care hospital for our regional system will not get a delta test either. Unusual. 3. We cannot send patient samples to the state lab as they do not have tests to identify delta. What?
. Lab director: How will we know how many delta variants are in our area? CEO: The state department of health will publish numbers for our area. Lab director: How will they know if we are not sending samples to them? CEO: --shrugs---.

Daddy will save us.
Looking at the Government spokeswoman, I see Neoteny writ large’ (Did you ever wonder why the Soviet used females to execute condemned prisoners? Neoteny.)
So wudefuk is “Neoteny”? Here Karen Straghn explains. (From Her mouth, not mine.)

Loved this one! It well explains exactly how I feel about all the flip flopping on messaging. This is exactly why people are fed up. The river of BS has breached the dam of reason and patience. It stinks to high hell. Truly hoping Fauci’s days are numbered and that he will soon get his just due, along with all the complicit SOB journalists et al who are enabling this.

That would not surprise me one bit! Could it be Delta = fear button # 3, or is it 4? I am losing count of all the create fear buttons being pushed…

…the mainstream media has soooOoooo much to answer for.
For example, as they bleat about “follow the science!” they continually pump out complete nonsense and then cry about people losing faith in them ‘for no reason.’ Must be those people are all toothless knuckleheads or something.
Or, it could be because of really stupid articles like these:

According to CNN and VOX, BLM protests don’t spread SARS-CoV-2 but gatherings of people on the right do spread the virus.
Unfortunately, that same non-scientific practice happens in many other MSM outlets too:

All my life, i’ve been told repeatedly told that
liberty was more important than life.
That it was a good thing to sacrifice lives
in countless war to protect liberty.
Now it doesn’t seem true anymore. It seem that
it worth sacrificing liberty to save lives.
Either i’ve been told a lie all those years
or i’ve been told a lie now as both can’t
be simultaneously true.

I hope you all can find peace in these
disturbing times.

Need help? I consult the Runes. (To be used judiciously, the Wr-Alda desires that we try to figure stuff out so that we become wise.)
However, He does offer commentary if you care to listen. Peoples names like Hazzard and Del Bigtree are as clear as a bell to those with ears to hear.
Bigtree? The Bigtree. Yggdrasill to the Northmen, Irminsul to us Saxons. “The Tree of the fruit of good and evil” to the Abrahamist. (Abrahamist may not eat of it’s fruit. It is Streng Verbotten for them. The fruit is only for those who have Freedom as their highest value.)
As one who thinks intuitively, I like Del Bigtree’s football analogy. (Spoiler: The “Vaccine” destroys your innate immune system so that it is tuned to kill only one virus. If you get a close cousin, and you are doomed.)
Those who think that they are going to make money with this vaccine play had better spend their money fast. They’ve got two years.

So those with Neanderthal genes are more at risk? This looks like a gardener selecting plants for the characteristics that he desires, not so Mantids?
While you weren’t looking the Jotnar bred with others and you don’t like the result. What is it that you don’t like? That we are less biddable and a bit too clever?

Well since I believe I had the virus early on Feb 2, 2020 during a family wedding- I was sick for 2 weeks and taking steroids for non specific bronchitis. I happen to be more neaderthal than 77% of 23andme ‘volunteers’ I do NOT buy this idea that Neaderthal genes which are clustered in modern humans in the immune system (Likely MHC genes) are not MORE BENFICIAL than other gene mixes. We would have to compare with the South Africans who have zero Neanderthal genes when they get sick in order to look for a lack of benefit when 95+% of Modern humans around the world have more or less Neanderthal immune systems.

Gentlemen hats off to both of you.
SP you’re the best for the last two posts about what’s going on in the trenches. The paperclip video and now this… shocking. Know its got to be tough hanging in there. How can others in the medical profession look at someone lying like that CEO and believe a word of it? Is the cognitive dissonance that great?
Chris- What a succinct way to prove the point with the side by side headlines. Wondered the same things. Lying bastards lying!!
I go back to the simplified model of measuring contagion: look at the homeless/hookers. If a supposed public health threat pathogen is highly lethal and easily transmissible, those two groups should self eliminate. There’s no social distancing, no masks, no hand washing, and living in squalor sharing sex/needles. Since we have an abundance of homeless especially in CA, then the govt. is lying.

Fascinating, Arthur.

  1. If obesity tops the list of co-morbidities, and the root of obesity is high insulin levels which causes systemic inflammation, wouldn’t anyone with a co-morbidity related to obesity actually be at a HIGHER risk of adverse vaccine responses? What does the data show in terms of not just who dies from Covid, but who gets the adverse events? I would be willing to bet that the bulk of the adverse events are in the top right square. Which makes me question whether “Yes” is the correct label for that square.
  2. Your comment that the virus is now endemic, do you think we are past the point at which IVM could drive the virus to extinction?
  3. With regard to comment #5, I don’t doubt that the media spins this left/right, but an obvious question is that the BLM protests were entirely outside and the capitol protest was partly inside. Could that have to do with the differing outcomes?

You need better data/context for your Straya anecdotes…
First up, Australia’s population is currently shrinking, not growing, as all growth here for the last twenty years has been derived from an immigration ponzi, not natural increase.
More immigrants -> more wallets -> more GDP -> smaller per capita GDP -> static wages -> lower quality of life.
For the last year, the state & federal governments have been battling each other about closing borders and running quarantine. The defacto response to the virus has become “we’re an island FFS, keep the infected out” - ie suppression. For most of the time the rest of the world’s medical systems have been smashed, we’ve been largely unaffected. A couple of outbreaks here and there, with a largish one in Melbourne last year, but suppression has been successful until now and the biggest impact on most people has either been not being able to go on a jaunt overseas, or an inability to buy toilet paper now and then.
Sadly, the corruptards who supposedly run the joint have been completely incapable of organising a vax program or quarantine system, therefore the quarantine systems leak and less than 20% of the population have been jabbed, and most of those who have, with AZ, as that’s all the fwit PM ordered (one of his mates/ex employees/political fellow travelers runs the local branch of AZ), which is even less effective as a preventer of transmission than the stuff you have in the US (oh, & btw, when the PM had his jab, it was Pfizer, not AZ, which has been fabulous optics too).
In a therefore largely unvaccinated Sydney, hospitalisation rates are running around 10% of detected infections and intensive care admissions around 2%, so it does not take much effort to extrapolate the low numbers of infections into complete health system collapse (it’s mostly running near capacity without WuFlu patients).
Of those in intensive care, a substantial portion are under 50, with enough under 30s to get the health officials really running for cover. A majority of the over 70s have been vaxxed, so are not turning up in hospital much.
I also find your focus on deaths a bit disingenuous. The entire pandemic has been running in Sydney for less than six weeks. They’re basically at the same point in the pandemic as Italy was back in March last year. Deaths will start showing up soon, but they’re the simple thing to focus on, not the useful thing. Hospitalisation rates, intensive care rates and long covid rates are far more useful than a statistic that runs weeks or even months behind infections and really doesn’t indicate the severity of the disease.
I think the failure of the federally run vaxination program is really what has all the state pollies and health workers terrified of the hospitals crapping out - especially as they mostly run the line that there are no useful drugs to treat the disease after you have it. It’s therefore a real risk that the health system shits itself if the disease is allowed to run - as happened in a large part of the world last year.
On the other hand, there’s that vid you showed of all the bogans in downtown Sydney last week. They aren’t protesting for their freedom. They’ve barely lost any. Applying US centric ideas of “freedom” and “liberty” down under really doesn’t work.
And if the local government had learned anything from Melbourne’s experience last winter, the mockdown would be over by now. The Melbourne pollies learned - they had an outbreak of delta not long after Sydney - dealt with quickly in an also unvaxinated population.
With regards to your question of whether lockdowns work, the lockdowns in Sydney are better characterised as “mockdowns”, as the state, federal and local pollies have been confusing the hell out of each other and the populace with contradictary and ever changing rules and unclear definitions of what constitutes a essential/sacrificial worker/job, yada,yada, yada. Seriously, these guys couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery, so I fully expect the health system to freeze up and the suppression strategy to fail. Given that the government’s current hail mary is to get everyone vaccinated with a vaccine (AZ) that has pretty much no effect after the first dose and needs a 12 week break until the second to provide any lasting effect, I fully expect to be locking the gate on my farm and watching Sydney in particular turn into a serious shitshow.
Oh, & BTW, that woman is the chief health officer of New South Wales. Not a pollie, but a bureaucrat.

50% of adults are vaxxed. 50% are not. The goal of isolating the unvaxxed from society wont work if those numbers stay that way. (certain cities like LA, NYC, are exceptions).
I’ve had a few discussions with strangers this week who said they were on the fence. I said, ‘why risk it? Covid is treatable. VAERS reports are alarming. Already got the vax? Skip #2, skip the booster.’ Even the docile are rapidly losing faith in Biden / Fauci.
If we keep the numbers at ~50/5o, then they can scapegoat us all they want, but they wont be able to exclude us from society.

My friend, who’s a hospitalist in a big city, said they only have a few in-patients with Covid, and they are not testing any of them for the ‘Delta’ variant. I asked him, ‘wouldn’t you want to know which variant they had?’ He said, ‘meh, when I need to know the facts, I read NEJM, or JAMA.’

So sad, so sad

You think so? typically ~ 30% of the population is sufficient to instigate a fundamental change:
Naziparty Germany: ~30% voted them in the government
US:~50% voted for Biden and his crazy band of overzealous brothers and sisters
I think that there is no comfort in 50%…
That being said, there is a lot of comfort in the knowledge of not being alone in this…

I work with physicians who live in many parts of the world, and we all take care of Covid patients. Some are seeing distinct uptick in Covid illness and some aren’t. A place in Hawaii has a marked uptick in exceptionally sick patients with 75% below the age of 40. The Covid numbers in that area have gone from 20 to 50 in a span of 4 days. Another colleague in the Midwest has seen a huge uptick in severely sick patients. And, the hospital system is getting overwhelmed such that patients with other critical illnesses such as perforated colons can’t get moved from small hospitals to larger ones with surgery support. One will likely die fairly quickly with an unaddressed perforated bowel.
The Covid story is extremely fluid right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many variations in different regions of the world. I recommend everyone remain very vigilant in trying to avoid getting infected. I’m not saying don’t live your lives, but I definitely would not be cavalier and take undo risks like eating inside a restaurant just to show how unafraid or brave you are. Why risk getting infected over a simple meal inside a restaurant? That would be truly stupid. If folks need to work, I completely get it. Life has to go on. Life itself is inherently risky as CM says. Kids need socializing or this world truly will go to crap in short order. The decision of getting vaccinated or not is truly a potentially life or death decision. This is not some game of mental masturbation reading all sorts of things on the internet and thinking you are smarter than other people because of the choices you are making. I question myself ALL the time, and you should to. Learn, learn, and learn some more. This marathon is far from over IMO.
I do have one clear warning for everyone. If you are overweight and not doing something about it and have decided to not get vaccinated, then you are simply $hitting yourself. You are a sitting duck with this virus having you in the middle of its crosshairs.
Btw, if you released a virus to cause worldwide damage and you weren’t seeing that it was causing as much damage as you intended, what would you do? You’d leak out other strains of the virus intentionally that were hopefully more damaging. Just a thought.
The above is my medical perspective. However, I totally get the fact global governments are using Covid to achieve other (nefarious) objectives with their excessive “lockdowns”. There’s common sense for medical safety, and there’s total bull$hit “medical safety” from governments.

EDIT: I was meant to reply to LeMon’s comment about Australia.
This is spot on. The situation in Australia is vastly different at the moment because of our failure to deliver an effective vaccine roll-out.
From a data perspective, the data regarding delta infections from NSW will be interesting to review over the coming months, given our low vaccination rates. It should provide some insight into the deadliness of the delta variant and what hospitalisations will occur.
Given we don’t have good data around long covid, should Australia take the risk? Is it fair to ‘let it rip’ before everyone has had the opportunity to get vaccinated?
I understand the vaccines may not be as effective as originally hoped, however their impacts on mitigating deaths and hospitalisations seem to show signs of some effectiveness.
Hopefully as we exit winter and enter spring we have more opportunities at keeping things under control without resorting to lockdowns.