Confused? That Means You’ve Been Paying Attention

As a fellow Aussie, I agree with this. Sydney’s lockdown wasn’t really a lockdown. They didn’t go hard or fast enough to get ahead of the Delta Curve. Other states have been doing better.
The thing is, Australia went for elimination early on in this Pandemic. We’ve been living mostly free of the virus this whole time and we like it. That’s why we do lockdowns when we have what looks to be an inconsequential number of cases. We shudder when we see what is happening elsewhere because we live far more freely than the countries that let the virus get out of control.
Also, I really urge you to look again at the numbers of hospitalisations in Australia. You used to recognise that there was a time shift between a case and a hospitalisation and a fatality. Australia possibly has some of the most transparent data about the real number of infections. I did some quick mental maths about the number of hospitalisations compared to cases from 2 weeks early and found the data to be quite alarming. I might check it again if I get some time. Many of these numbers are young, healthy people who are in hospital, on Ventilators, dying. It will be interesting to finally get some better data on Delta outcomes. My outlook isn’t as rosy.

More research is needed, but these are interesting. No prescription needed!

Interesting, you say less than 20% have been jabbed and then most over 60s have been jabbed. So you don’t have a boom generation like we do here in Canada and US?

I understand the issue behind pushing the vaccines is the contracts Pharma signed with Governments. Stew Peters had a show the other day, where a person from the UK explained the real reason behind governments being so pushy about the vaccines. It is Pharma behind all of this. 2021 they will make over 30 Billion USD.

wanted to share a discussion yesterday with Chief of Police of undisclosed US city. He told me very openly “there is no way we will enforce any vaccination tracking that will violate the civil rights of our citizens”. As Chris stated, many of authorities are on our side.

I’m not saying don’t live your lives, but I definitely would not be cavalier and take undo risks like eating inside a restaurant just to show how unafraid or brave you are. Why risk getting infected over a simple meal inside a restaurant? That would be truly stupid.
Call me stupid then. I need people. I was depressed in my 30s and realized that when I am helping people I am not depressed. So I help people in whatever way I can. But when covid struck all the old ways to help people were illegal. So I have been getting more and more depressed. I try phone and card campaigns and it brings me no joy. So yeah, right now the only contact I get with strangers is eating out. I'm not able to help them but just those fleeting moments of connection are keeping me afloat. I live in Ontario and it has been draconian. It will be draconian again. So while they will let me I will go to restaurants. Because the dark night of the soul is coming again.

There were riots outside, but plenty of “shopping” inside.

This video calls into question the covid vaccine because it is not “sterilizing.” I don’t exactly understand how that makes it undesirable for everyone if the benefit/risk ratio is good to excellent.
Should people at lower risk get the vaccine to reduce, at least somewhat, the danger to people at higher risk? Keep in mind, the elderly and obese alone make up a sizable portion of our population.
This video also supports the idea that supplements, not Whole Foods are the way to prepare your personal terrain in order to minimize covid risk. There is a lot of science (very important on this website) regarding supplements in general.
I did a google search on “do supplements work.” There is still major confusion on the top medical websites as to what constitutes good nutrition, but the message that comes through is along the lines of, supplements may be necessary if your diet doesn’t contain the proper nutrients.
I recall a study by a nutrition scientist comparing the paltry vitamin c in an apple to a megadose of vitamins c in supplement form. Despite the fact that the supplement had many times the amount of vitamins c in the apple, the apple provided far more in vivo vitamins c benefit.
Attributing specific health benefits to one aspect (vitamin) from a plant ignores the possibility that other micronutrients in the plant may contribute to the desired health benefit.
Good science is about all biases being open to review.
No, I don’t expect any thumbs up on this post.

My reservation about the covid vaccine was the same as with the flu vaccine; the flu vaccine may have some effectiveness if they get the match right, but it makes you more vulnerable in subsequent years to new (variant) viruses (confirmed by veterans study). It turns out the hype around the flu vaccine is false as well (no mortality or reduced transmissibility benefit). The apparent benefit of the covid vaccine maybe more like 28% in symptomatology with non pharma eyes, and the early 6 month study results show no mortality benefit. There are lots of flags for deaths and complications, declining efficacy over time, necessity of boosters, ADE maybe real, and no real safety studies completed. I have been sucked in before (swine flu in the 70’s and rode the odds to escape problems); and all this hype, coercion, censorship, makes me even more concerned about the ‘vax’. I just feel very sad for the problems that seems to be coming down the pipe for the vaxxed in the next 6 months. If the vaccine turns out well, as we all wish it would, I can change my mind (it just doesn’t look like its going that way)

Our food quality isn’t what it was when they studied the nutrients in food. Yes, an apple pulled off my backyard apple tree where I carefully eat around to worm is a better option than a vitamin C supplement. That apple in the store that was grown too look and taste good, be worm free and store in warehouses for weeks, that probably isn’t so nutrient dense.
I will agree that the average multivitamin isn’t very valuable. Different people are different, what they need is different and a multi is going to be less specific about the supplement types. Magnesium is a perfect example, there is about six different types of magnesium (oxide, citrate, etc.) the one in the multivitamin is probably not the one you need.
I have had really good luck with targeted supplementation. Iron deficiency during pregnancy was the first time it was really obvious. My drive to chew on ice (pica) and sniff leather when I am iron deficient is intense. A week of iron supplements and it disappeared. The eye supplements make a noticeable difference for me too.
If the CDC or NIH wanted to do something useful they could redo the RDAs and food nutritional data.

I went beyond confused to just plain dumfounded.

Kathy likes her iron, and I like my niacin. (Flush) Niacin supplements were revolutionary for me. I do have a decent diet, I cook most of my own food, but I was still niacin deficient. I know this because when I supplemented, my anxiety just went away. It was remarkable. 500 mg Flush Niacin/day and the anxiety was just gone. And once I looked up how all the pathways worked, it all made sense.
It boils down to: “there’s more than one way to skin the cat.”
And: “my way worked for me.”
I am also in the process of trying “moringa powder” in another of my self-experiments. So far it is showing promising results. Also: “artemisia annua” extract. Plant solutions are definitely a thing. Do I want to grow my own artemisia bush? My own moringa tree? Perhaps someday I will. Maybe not until I figure out if they work first.
Apropos risk/benefit:
The risk/benefit of the vax for kids is horrid. Do the NNTV calculation: “number needed to vaccinate to save one child’s life.” The answer is in the millions: we must give a shot to a million kids to “save one child’s life” from COVID19. If the shots were free of side effects - like, say saline - then I guess, maybe. But that’s not reality.
Right. NNTV. That’s how you assess risk/benefit.

...Perhaps this is what we are seeing today. Because we really need to ask, does anyone else find it amazing that right as this series of imperial failures happened all within the short span of a few years, that magically the entire narrative of society transmogrifies overnight into a giant ritual sacrifice to prevent novel viruses, cyberterrorism, and food shortages? Here we are also asked to suspend rational thinking and science, in the name of rationalizing and trusting the science. Provisions that governments make against an ever-mutating virus are more often at odds with science and the pre-Covid understanding of how transmission works, or what infected means, and what the significance of symptoms are or aren’t. All of the provisions seem aimed at stoking fear, furthering divisions, and transforming this fear into an anger, but yet not at those who created the virus in a laboratory – as U.S. Senator Rand Paul has explained in hearings. Instead we are required in our obligatory two-minutes of hate, to redirect this weaponized anger at those who question the entire narrative. Indeed the hallmarks of fascism are abundant, even if in a very superficial and superstructural way the apparent ‘roles’ were reversed. Fascistic gangs (despite their leftist ideology) financed by big business in the form of Antifa and BLM ran rampant for a whole year, in protests that were 95% peaceful and 5% arson and murder. But going back to wiseguys and gangsters, maybe one only needs to take out 5% of adversaries to instill fear in the other 95%. On the streets it’s called ‘making an example’. ... ...So long as activists on the left and activists on the right are fighting over whether the Great Reset, lockdowns, and cyberterrorism is actually a capitalist plot or a communist plot, then it will be difficult for the public to organize an effective resistance to what this really all is: Evil.

“Should people at lower risk get the vaccine to reduce, at least somewhat, the danger to people at higher risk?” – Now you have confused me. I don’t understand how anyone getting a shot is reducing the risk of anyone else, given the data that the shot doesn’t prevent infection or spread.
“Despite the fact that the supplement had many times the amount of vitamins c in the apple, the apple provided far more in vivo vitamins c benefit.” – Also, when you take vit C orally (as in with a supplement), your body can only absorb a certain (relatively small amount, compared to the size of some supplements) amount and the rest is eliminated. If you really need a high dose of vit C in your system it has to be intravenously.
I didn’t watch this particular video but my personal opinion is that Chris and most of the community here most likely assumes a good diet as being part of personal terrain preparation and this would be the reason it’s not emphasized very much.
“Btw, if you released a virus to cause worldwide damage and you weren’t seeing that it was causing as much damage as you intended, what would you do? You’d leak out other strains of the virus intentionally that were hopefully more damaging.” – It does seem a ‘logical’ outcome. Are they trying to prep us? —

As another Aussie, I have no objections to the government making vaccinations available to whomever wants to take them. Your body, your choice.
However, I strongly object to the government lies about them: that you should take them to avoid infecting others, the lack of early and effective treatments or prophylaxis, that they’re safe even for pregnant women and other high risk groups that were never included in the safety trials, of course they’re safe long term we’ve got all the data and on and on. Also, the non-stop media mashing on the fear-porn/anti-vaxxer hate porn buttons to rev the population up into getting the vaccines and accepting the vaccine passports coming around October. The government and media have been harping about selfish young anti-vaxxers for months when the truth is until recently no vaccines have been available for under-40s without co-morbidities.
Frankly, it sounds like the whole country is singing from a 6 month old Fauci hymn book when it comes to Covid hysteria. Given that, I’m also less than trusting about the anecdotes about high levels of young people getting seriously sick with no pre-existing comorbities and no recent vaccinations. Maybe it’s true but it sounds a lot like the Noble Lies that have been told overseas in the US and UK and then later found out. At the press conference on the 25th, the NSW Chief Health Officer stated in the Q&A that all of the hospitalised patients but 1 were fully vaccinated and the 1 had one shot. I think he meant it to sound reassuring…
It’s working, too, for the most part. The most gentle, truly Godly man I know mentioned that he wished the police had used rubber bullets on the protestors in Sydney. Nearly everyone I know has at least started their vaccinations, mostly out of ‘duty’ to bring the country out of lockdown and avoid infecting the vulnerable.

When everyone is confused it is infinitely easier to spread lies and manipulate people.
We have been constantly lied to for so long now on everything from the mundane to the hugely important that the vast majority, at least everyone I come across in my life, refuses to even entertain the thought that they are being lied to. When I point out the lies they invariably say "why would they lie?.
The net result of pointing out the lies is you are ostracized as a “conspiracy theorist” at best and imprisoned at worst. Look at Daniel Hale;
My life is ruined because I won’t ignore all the lies and live in the world of makebelieve.
Cheers! jef

I like a good alternative look at things. I think the risk/benefit of the vaccine is assuming a couple of things:

  1. You are in poor health or are old. Which I think you mentioned.
  2. You have no other options. You have not been able to prepare your terrain as Chris says it.
There is still major confusion on the top medical websites as to what constitutes good nutrition, but the message that comes through is along the lines of, supplements may be necessary if your diet doesn’t contain the proper nutrients.
Or... if you have genes that don't allow you to absorb as much essential vitamins and minerals from food. Or even if you can absorb them you cannot break them down into the building blocks you need. I am a poor absorber. I was low in D, K and A (from symptoms) and taking those vitamins in pill form wasn't making it better. When I took sublingual vitamins, all of those symptoms cleared up. When I got my DNA tested, I have a bunch of snps (gene alleles that don't work optimally) in the area of breaking down nutrients. So this sort of confirmed my supplementation hypothesis.

Hi Chris, I am so glad to have found your community. My brother told me about your podcasts in the early days of covid and I have been watching you since. My only question on those articles is that the BLM were all outdoors, and the capitol riots were partially indoors…I assume they were talking about spreading occurring in the capitol building? I agree though that this has been horribly politicized, my eyes have really been opened throughout this.

I think there was a spike in cases in covid after both. In one situation, those cases were denied to be linked to the event. In the other case, they were said to be caused by the event.

So, this professional science writer gets banned from twitter for his coverage of the Covid Vax topics.
What was he writing about that triggered this?
That the Pfizer Covid Vax did not reduce deaths:

15 patients who received the vaccine died. 14 who received the placebo died. Period.