Coronavirus: A Dangerous Geo-Political Blame Game Erupts

And, right on cue, the finger pointing begins.

US authorities are now firing an opening salvo at China, claiming that the country misinformed the rest of the world about the severity of covid-19. And that better information would have spurred other nations to take the threat more seriously.

That would perhaps make sense if it weren’t such a crock of baloney.

Anyone paying attention (like we here at could see sufficient signs by late January that the virus was extremely contagious, deadly, and had overwhelmed China’s attempts to contain it. And yet US, and CDC officials continued to downplay its risks into early March.

And, c’mon. Who believes official Chinese reports about anything, let alone something as potentially disruptive as a brewing pandemic?

After all, we’ve spent many trillions amassing the largest security state in world history – you’d think that investment might actually get us some accurate “intelligence”. I guess not.

In today’s video, Chris explains why this blame game is both farcical and dangerous.

Remember all those warm fuzzies we were sold throughout 2019 about the great benefits of the coming China Trade Deal? Kiss those good-bye.

In a future that will surely put continued globalization into question, slinging blame, especially when there is so much culpability on our own end, will only increase the odds that China morphs from trading partner into global adversary.

The stakes in this blame game are high, and we play it at our peril.


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The state is Colorado today announced plans for handling the surge of patients needing medical support. This mirrors other plans I’ve seen in recent days yet begs the question why it took so long…
Testing continues to be widely unavailable with little coordination between corporate and state interests.


Feb 2 – Chris reports on asymptomatic infectivity.
April 1 – Some chief medical officers in Canada concede that everyone wearing masks might provide benefit to others not yet infected, presumably due to asymptomatic infectivity. Still do not recommend wearing any type of mask.

This is currently driving me nuts. It’s great that there is finally a public conversation about it, but it is completely obvious (and kudos to Chris Martenson for saying this for so long now) that an airborne virus will spread far less if everybody wears a mask! I find it hard to even have a conversation with a “regular” person about this – the depth of the ignorance is astounding, and it drives home the impact that the lies being told by TPTB actually has. Most people are just not paying close attention, so they get their cue from the “experts” trotted out on the TV. And when those people flat-out LIE about things, it tends to stick with regular people.
I’m reminded of an old joke about the Soviet Union (remember the USSR?): A Soviet picks up a copy of Pravda and reads at the bottom of the front page an article talking about all the benefits of cabbage. He shakes his head and says, “The wheat crop failed again.” We are all now living there and then!! This is unbelievable to me, but it is really where we are now. Fourth Turning, pretty much?
Interesting theory. Different strains of BCG vaccination may provide different levels of protection. US is most at risk, along with Italy, Netherlands and to a lesser extent Spain. Taiwan, Thailand and Japan potentially at lower risk. Link to scientific paper in the blog post. Should Americans get a BCG vaccination now?

Great info – Thanks!

I live in an alpine environment in a condo with a small deck and a very short growing season. Not sure what I can really grow in terms of food other than herbs, lettuce and tomatoes. Not exactly enough to live on. How long do you think food shortages will go on? How many months of food do you recommend keeping on hand?

Found this article and video interview plausible, wondering what other Peak Prosperity members think? Chris? Adam?
Video Link:
JR Nyquist interviewed by Mike Adams - coronavirus, China and World War III
Article Link:
Three unmistakable signs that WAR is coming to America: Pompeo orders all American citizens to “immediately” return to the USA

As Chris said, the US officials’ excuse that “China wasn’t being honest!” is just absurd. I think it’s safe to say not only the U.S. intelligence community but also most administration officials know better than to take the word of China’s gov’t at face value. Russia closed its borders with China in late January even as China was stressing they “had things under control”. Even Mongolia, which possesses a mere fraction of the foreign intelligence capability of the US or Russia, knew it was BS and closed their borders and flights with China about the same time Russia did, AND closed all the schools & public events as a precaution. The open-source intelligence available to ANYONE with a free internet connection was more than sufficient to merit taking action.
Make no mistake, China’s gov’t DID screw the rest of the world over to a degree with their cover-ups and leaning on the WHO. But our gov’t officials’ lack of action early on is purely on themselves. They just lacked the spine to rock the boat, and decided to do nothing and wait because that’s the standard “safe” play for any bureaucrat without a spine.

If the nights are cool because you are at elevation ou might just go for high nutrient, easy to grow can take the cool nights : Kale, chard, parsley. Doesnt take alot of room, you can take off outer leaves to eat and grows all season, and kale and aprsely especially you dont have to eat alot to get alot of high vitamins. Then, if you can have a large pot with a cherry tomato, that would be good, but make sure to get one suited for your area. So, these few things can easily be on your deck. Give each kale and chard plant at least 15-18" apart, and 12" for the parsley. Your planting area for the green veggies ( chard, kale parsley) can be only 1ft wide, make it 1.5 to 2 ft deep, and then as long as you want, It can be a nice decorative feature along the edge of the deck by the railing. Then a separate large pot for the cherry tomatoes plant.

#5 comment recommends “Natural News” as a news source. Perhaps a few things there are true but they have a long history of promoting hoaxes. Reader beware.
“Just because someone says the government is lying does not mean they are telling the truth.”

Ted & Diane,
Besides mntnhousepermi’s suggestions, I would also add/suggest looking for some way to go vertical. Look for some metal baker’s rack, storage rack, or bookcase kind of thing with 3 or 4 shelves with enough space for the plants to grow. Metal because it can support the weight better than a plastic one.
You could also look for a community garden plot in your area, or someone that you could use some of their land in exchange for some veggies, or some other kind of trade or barter.
Not knowing exactly how large, or small, your deck is, maybe creating some type of hoop house for extending your growing season. Something to support and hold up plastic film sheeting which bumps up temperatures inside the “house”.

Official broadcasts say you dont need to wear a mask when away from your lockdown location as it is not spread by air…
Suggested an experiment is done using a coughing infected person couching into a system that filters through a standard surgical mask and then through to the test subject, the health minister.
If he does not get infected he was right…if not given his age we will maybe get a better health minister
Cheers Hamish

Dr. Smith: Game changer... Laura, I think this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic I'm being very serious.

Has anyone seen any data on the death rate of people in Italy who were denied a ventilator due to the shortages?
This information is rather important if you are considering stocking up on them big time.
Regards Hamish

Can you provide specifics? Thanks.

Someone in this community put one of the Covid videos on Nextdoor a few weeks and it brought me back to this site. And what a relief it is to be here again. Thank you PP, were it not for you ten years ago, I would not have preps in place, a host of useful skills, a husband feeling calm and confident in the knowledge we have what we need, a garden growing, and a thriver mindset.
With a few prep adjustments we were quickly able to adapt to our new reality and be of help to those around us, and even to my 94 year old father who lives across the country in New York.
Thank you doesn’t even begin to convey my gratitude…

Hello Chris, thanks for the outstanding work.
I thought about an anlogy to explain people that infected particles stays in the air longer than we think. Maybe give the example of spraying parfum: you can’t see it, but the smell spreads in the whole room and stays for long time. And of course: it’s small particles travelling everywhere and floating in the air.
Thanks again and keep up the good work,

Ted & Diane,
Don’t overlook the benefits of eating sprouted seeds. You’ve probably paid lots of money in the past for salads or other dishes that had sprouts included. They’re easy to grow and are very nutritious. You’ll only need space for a dozen or so quart jars, some cheese cloth, and plenty of seeds to sprout. The best part is that you can adjust your operation to produce just what you need just when you need it.
After you master a few basics, you can reliably produce enough delicious sprouts year-round to augment a bland diet based on boxed or canned goods. Don’t let your lack of space deter you!

On the case fatality rates:
‘On the run’: will be a severe under-estimate because time between onset of symptoms (most ‘cases’ will be identified within days after this) and death is 2-8 weeks (
So a more precise figure may be if you would have an average of this time span between onset symptoms and death, look at how many cases there were at time you would expect deaths to occur of persons who infected at that point and take this as denominator. Still not very precise, but maybe more in line with what to expect.
Maybe I missed something.