Coronavirus Cases: Turning The Corner?

Very promising developments on the covid-19 treatment and vaccine fronts.

First, PittCoVacc, a vaccine candidate out of the University of Pittsburg, follows previously existing approaches, very similar to the way the flu vaccine works. Initial tests on mice have proven successful in producing copious antibodies against covid-19. The vaccine delivery system is both painless and highly scalable.

So whether or not PittCoVacc is the “silver bullet” here, it’s existence shows that the energies and innovation of our research companies is yielding good options – a process that should only accelerate from here.

And now that we have more data, it really does appear that the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin cocktail combo reduces the severity and duration of covid-19 infection – provided it’s delivered early on enough.

These encouraging developments, plus an exploding set of citizen-entreprenuers creating their own DIY solutions (especially with masks) give us the first real sense that we are beginning to make solid progress against the coronavirus:

We'll need to hold tight to this good news, as the next few weeks will be quite traumatizing with the anticipated huge increases in the # of infected, as well as deaths.

But we will get through this.

And it’s heartening to see promising developments like PittCoVac and hydroxychloroquine begin to put points on the board for our side.

In today’s video, Chris mentions our primer for those inspired to create their own DIY gardens. It can be viewed here.

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Last night I posted perhaps (likely) a fake news item that one of my daughter’s friends had sent us - namely that in France the confinement would last until May 11th. It was around midnight here and my wife was asking me to turn off the computer.
I had a heart attack 8 years ago. Effectively at each electrocardiogram my heart beat registers the same irregular beat - particular to me. Effectively I have had extra-systoles - which used to really bother me - but which through improved health over time have mostly vanished. A key element in all of the improvement - Sports and Diet (adapted to my needs). With the confinement my heart beat irregularities are starting to reappear. We are allowed to walk within 1 km (1.6KM=1mile) from our homes - for 1 hour.
Quite frankly Chris, if I get COVID-19, I would take the risk in a moment about having an altered RT by Hydroxychloroquine medication - with the support of my cardio-physician. The problem is this - in France the powers that be have made it ILLEGAL for a GP to prescribe it for COVID-19.
So with that in my simple nature I would ask why did they do this?
If it is to protect Lupus patients - then lets have the information about how many Lupus patients have contracted COVID-19.
My tin-foil hat says that they are doing this on purpose. For Dear John Prine

After taking care of mechanically vented Covid patients for three weeks, this virus is way more lethal than H1N1 and other viruses than I have seen over the past three decades. The news that is rarely heard is that almost all patients that are on the vent and in the ICU have other health problems, most of them significant. Treatment for this is standard care, supportive and not much else, no surprise there, since treatment for viruses is the past have shown little promise. Bad news for those that are really sick is that you have a higher incidence of kidney failure and a small incidence of heart failure. Kidney failure appears to be a direct attack on them and not a result of shock kidney, i.e. low blood pressure. For those that end up on the vent,the mortality rate is higher than I’ve ever seen, still early in the game, but I’m guessing 25-50%. My conclusion so far, the vast majority of people (99% or more)who get Covid recover without hospitalization. The ones that end up in the ICU have other health problems. The majority health problems (diabetic, obesity, HTN, heart and vascular disease, asthma, etc) are caused by our own governments dietary recommendations, i.e., low fat, high carb, processed vegetable oils and our own choice of consumption of empty calorie foods, if you could call them that. So have we been duped both financially and constitutionally in the Covid crisis, I believe so. We have just given more power and debt to those in the government and their corporate partners to enslave us even more. Don’t forget your vaccine card, cause you might not be able to travel or do business without it.

Feeling sick watching TPTB pumping up the stock market, SP futures are up 2.66%. Gold is up by a much more modest amount on the futures (the only place you can “buy” it) 0.47%.
No end to the manipulation.
What have They fixed since 2008?

Much to my surprise, the numbers here in New Zealand and beginning to look promising and some “experts” are saying that we could become the only western developed nation that eliminates the virus. Although I thought we were doing bad with the testing (only allowing testing for people that met some tight criteria) and expected a substantial uptick when the restrictions were largely lifted, the number of cases didn’t increase significantly. We haven’t gone exponential yet and had more people recover than new cases, today.
We still have a couple of weeks to go in lock-down but it’s possible we could see some easing of restrictions at the end of this period, though I could be tempting fate.
However, if we do eliminate it, to keep it out I can’t see us getting back to what most people still wistfully think of as “normal”. If we do get to zero new cases and the few still active cases well contained, then we might have the first self sufficient economy in the world! :slight_smile:

How can we call these deaths corona deaths then ? Without minimising the lethality of the virus and how contagious it is, I suspect that the number of death that could be attributed to the virus alone as principal cause of death is much lower than we think. On top of that even “‘U07.2 COVID-19, virus not identified’ is assigned to a clinical or epidemiological diagnosis of COVID-19 where laboratory confirmation is inconclusive or not available” may be used for mortality coding as cause of death.

If you want any of those blue towels for mask filter material, you better hurry. We got two boxes but some places are sold out or restricting how many you can get.

Have we eliminated influenza A, H1N1, SAR’s, other corona viruses? Millions have been infected Covid and recovered, this virus is here to stay. I don’t know where people get that we can eliminate a virus, help me out.

If the 9/11 responders who had heart attacks after inhaling dust had pre-existing heart disease, did they die from the dust or their pre-existing coronary artery disease?
They are Covid related deaths because of the timing. Same thing for people with asthma, they are all dying at once and would not have died this week without Covid 19.
So yes they are due to Covid imho

This is the story of a person who has been released from the hospital. Lesson 3 struck me as a proper course if you get the virus.

For those who just want to skim or search for the important bits, a company called “Rev” provides a transcript for each briefing. I found it really helpful. Yesterday’s briefing was 2 hours and 13 minutes. Skimming the transcript was about 10 minutes.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how Walmart and Fema were bosom buddies. well just read this.
Gov. Hutchinson announced a pilot program with Walmart and Quest to open a drive-through testing option for first responders in Bentonville

plz and thanks!

Chris, Excellent presentation. Couple thoughts (from a Cardiologist geek): Re Blood type, type O is the lack of A and B proteins; perhaps Zn works because it carries the same charge as Fe ion. Competitive inhibition. Maybe?

Or maybe because type O is a Universal donor - meaning that absent are the particles which make up type A, type B, type AB.


Hello Chris,
I certainly hope the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin treatment works. However if the proof of its success rests on the doctor in NY I have my doubts. I listened to the interview he did with the town officials claiming 100% success. I have my doubts. He feels that early treatment is essential - before the patient needs to go to the hospital or is suffering significant distress.
How does he know if the person coming to his office has COVID-19? He says treatment can’t wait and there is no time for testing. He depends upon his “clinical judgement” to decide whether the person needs the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin or not.
I believe that the doctor is an honest man and believes the person in front of him has COVID-19. But clinical judgment can vary widely depending not only on the doctor and his experience but also on the patient. Is the prospective patient correctly evaluating their own condition and accurately conveying it to the doctor. Is it a person who has COVID-19 or one of the concerned and nervous who imagine they might have it?
I’m no the doctor or the patient so I can’ tell you what their reality is.
If I was dying of COVI-19 I’d certainly take a chance on the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin treatment.
But other than dire circumstances I think I would wait for some more proof on both its effectiveness and possible negative effects.
All the best,

I invite you to explore the ongoing thread called, “Hydroxychloroquine vs The Deep state”. Don’t be afraid of the thread… nobody else will know you are reading it so you won’t be labelled as a conspiracy theorist. In it you will find posts from one of our resident MD’s, Sandpuppy, who goes over some of the research. You will see many of the, “anecdotal” individual and small patient group reviews, of which Zelenko is just one, albeit probably the largest.
Your criticism of the Zelenko data is not wrong… because he ran out of test kits and was in any event having to wait three days to get a result, given his view that early treatment worked better, he stopped worrying about test results at all. Because of this, I have no doubt that he treated a few older and sicker regular flu victims with his hydroxychloroquine/Zinc/Zithro cocktail.
We are in a war. Zelenko is one of the war heros thus far. The war is not just against the virus, but against an entity that wants both Trump, and this drug to fail. It’s up to each of us, if we have a loved one in trouble with Covid-19, to decide whether we push for this treatment. I am trying to arm everyone I care about with the truth. Best wishes to all, Jim