Coronavirus Infections Outside Of China Are Growing Exponentially

In yesterday’s video, we warned that the coming two weeks will be crucial in determining how bad the pandemic will be.

The early results are not encouraging. New cases continue to climb in the rest of Asia – Japan, Korea and Singapore are being hit hardest.

And now we have the first two cases (and two deaths!) reported in Iran.

That's on top of last week's confirmed case in Africa. So now the virus is on every continent save Antarctica.

Also, new research provides the explanation for why those infected a second time by covid-19 are at much higher risk.

Chris breaks down the science in layman’s terms to explain the nature of the danger, but the key takeaway is: while you for sure don’t want to contract covid-19, you DEFINITELY don’t want to get it a second time…

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Interesting how this is seems so evident in the industry. But on all the media and authority sites , you will never here this information put forward. This should be specifically addressed when those scammers of misinformation do interviews stating we will have a vaccine in 12- 18 mos. We have yet to have a vaccine for the cold, SARS, dengue and many other viruses that work by this mechanism. After years of research… But we will have one now?

These thermometers remind me of post 9-11 National Guardsmen guarding the airports with unloaded M-16’s.

Hi Chris, Adam and all,
A YT commenter named"Trip Immigration"on this video urgently requested translations in Japanese:
“Peak prosperity I have a alarming bell to say you.
I’m living in japan and I’m working with nurses and the worse problem now is no one gave training for this disease, include in hospital.
The only say to wash hands and use cirurgic mask… I’m in shock!
The media didn’t inform about airborne or use goggles. And this is the front line.
Big part of staff is totally unaware what’s going on. The politicians here only try to hide the really numbers. The TV only say about ship numbers… Nothing about as human to human.
I’m teaching them but I’m really concerned about this country. Japan will kill himself if we are not inform them in time.
Please find someone to translate your videos for japanese ASAP. We can save lifes.”
I don’t know what it would take to do this, but if feasible, it would be of great benefit to millions of people worldwide that would not otherwise have access to this important, life-saving information.
I know…one more thing to add to your massive, ever expanding “to do” lists. :wink: Thank you!!

Ontario couple have recovered but are still testing positive for coronavirus

Two Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers die from coronavirus

City, county officials join efforts to keep coronavirus evacuees at Lackland, away from local hospitals

Chris, I come to you for what I need and the thing is I’m not getting the full picture from you, of course not because you don’t have the honest numbers to do even better. but, I am getting the trusted analysis from you and this keeps my reactions to this Virus focused. What is so amazing is a natural disaster as huge as Australia’s mass extinction event gets no more ink, that ended when this Virus hit the airwaves. We ARE a strange species. The Virus will end are my thoughts. The longer we keep it on the other side of our borders the better for us when this Virus succumbs to the weather and dies out. I see April as the month we get some signs for this die out. I do not believe the Virus will be a footnote though, I see it rearing its head again, perhaps late this Fall. I have no clue though as I have zero knowledge of the science involved or how this Virus changes over time and I don’t see anything to say anyone else understands either. I understand why the powers that be want’s to control the message and it’s because there is an end and I believe they are right and soon. Why set off panic. It’s a Virus that kills people and at a greater percentage than the flu but we will all become desensitized, not remember anyone who has died as we start commenting on how Gold has risen again and we become the human silly people we have always been. Thank you Chris for helping me understand and to remember that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I mean, not everyone is going to die and the world will get moving again. So far, nothing has broken to badly, it seems it hardly ever does. The worst crisis in our lifetime, the Financial crisis has been fought through and we now head for all time highs! Go figure but, if you’re going to play the game and it has been very profitable then perspective must be maintained. Good luck to all.

Autopsy findings for patients with SARS who died within 2
weeks after the onset of illness showed that the presence of
SARS-CoV was widespread in a number of tissues and organs
[14, 15], and that, in some surviving patients, the virus remained
for prolonged periods (up to 80 days)
SARS Nasopharyngeal Shedding
Many of us are, no doubt, watching Clif High, an extraordinary (and I think, genius) polymath who, like Chris, has been well ahead of the curve on Covid-19. On Feb 5th here (start the video just after the 17 minute mark) he talks about the cytokine storm and how he feels one may be able to protect oneself from what Chris spoke about today: the way antibodies themselves can facilitate virus entry into host cells if people are infected by the virus a second time, whereupon this “mild” disease can turn fatal. Many of Clif’s more recent videos are well worth watching, especially the interview he did yesterday with a Hong Kong medico. Among other things, I have stocked up now on vitB6 and Chaga. Good luck to us all - and huge thanks to Chris and Peak Prosperity.

Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet - but there are a number of articles about the potential hits to industry in the Guardian today:

The nanny state - sheeple relationship has 4 specific aspects:

1. The expectation of the sheeple that the "rightful and legitimate authorities" will care for them. Power and responsibilities are localized in the hands of "the authorities." Sheeple demand and expect that authorities protect them from everything--food supply, violence, information, flood waters, viruses. Everything. 2. Anger / outrage can be directed at those "authorities" when sheeple experience something bad. 3. The authorities (the locus of power and responsibility) direct the sheeple who obey. Police power of the authorities over the sheeple is legitimate and expected. 4. Sheeple demand that the other sheeple obey said "authorities" by social pressures and by reporting neighbors to "authorities" for police enforcement action.
If we do not give responsibility to "the authorities" then we cannot blame them. If we blame them, then we are giving them the power and responsibility. Two sides of the same coin. I expect that police enforcement of quarantine and supply provisioning under quarantine will test this relationship sorely.

So the second report in the video update was conducted with bunch of researchers from wuhan institute of virology and was published in early December 2019 which means they were doing testing with the ADE with Sars/mers viruses and spike proteins sometime in the months preceding…I’m no scientist but would the timing on there testing be almost exact with a potential Coronavirus initial release (up to a few mos before Dec.?) Maybe their testing posed no risk to virus realease but I am not trained enough to determine this.
research paper:
Molecular Mechanism for Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Coronavirus Entry
Yushun Wan,a Jian Shang,a Shihui Sun,b Wanbo Tai,c Jing Chen,d Qibin Geng,a Lei He,b Yuehong Chen,b Jianming Wu,a Zhengli Shi,d Yusen Zhou,b Lanying Du,c Fang Lia
aDepartment of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA bLaboratory of Infection and Immunity, Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Beijing, China
cLindsley F. Kimball Research Institute, New York Blood Center, New York, New York, USA
dWuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Since the other info fell to the wayside 2 articles ago; i’ll remind people here of what i found with some updated info:
The US uses 99% of the worlds supply of Hydrocodone. I think it’s the main opioid in use, though there are more, but this one stands out by the US using up 99% of it’s supply (ergo, any disruption in supply, the US has a problem).
I’ve been trying to track down where it’s made, but i can’t find anything about which manufacturer of which brand produces it where and in what quantities. Not to mention i don’t live in the US so chasing after stuff isn’t an option. Best i can do is what i find online and this is the only manufacturers i’ve seen listed anywhere at all:
There are only 3 manufacturers of the stuff: One in Germany, one in San Francisco, and one in Wuhan.
Maybe this is for retail customers only but it stands to reason if they offer it in small amounts they offer it in big amounts. I just don’t know how much comes from where. But i’m more then willing to bet a significant chunk is made in China and thus; supply disruptions will happen.
But to deepen the problem i decided to do the same with Methadone:
Of the 13 on the list, there’s 7 located in China. Not only that, but the US will have to compete with the rest of the world for the methadone supply as the usage of it in other countries is significant; equal to that of the US in some cases. So the German manufacturer of methadone will not export to the US once Germans can’t get any more.
Luckily; the alternative Buprenorphine is made almost exclusively in the US. However versions of it where only approved for use in opioid withdrawal in october of last year; so i wouldn’t count on this thing being available in mass quantities yet - of people having heard of it for that matter (i didn’t until i started looking into the problem of Opioid supply shortages).
Of course this isn’t the only medicine in short supply pretty soon. There are others more life threatening pharmaceuticals that’ll disappear soon, so you should be prepared. Regardless i consider it the most dangerous threat. Not because of lethality but because to contain this virus at all you need people to stay in doors and avoid contact. If there’s one type of person that will do anything for their next fix, it’s a opium addict. And that’s a trope from the best of times.

At least that’s the impression I’m getting from reading this site. All other concerns have fallen off the charts. The diversity of news and information that was previously available on this site now seems absent. I think I’ve reached peak corona virus information saturation. All this breathlessness is a bit suffocating. Time to take a break. What will be will be.

Wow - this study certainly sets the cat among the pigeons. We all know that Covid-19 uses the same method of infection as SARS. This paper proves that these type viruses definitely target CERTAIN ASIAN POPULATIONS much harder. I have not seen such a detailed, peer-reviewed study on this before.
What does it mean? The virus should NOT be as serious outside Asia. Here is the peer-reviewed paper on it-

“never let a good crisis go to waste.”
Even Jim Quinn @ Burning Platform is a bit jealous of the youtube hits here.

I for one am thrilled to not be reading about the latest political theatre, bitcoin, the stock market or what the Fed said today. However, this Pandemic is a historical event that will affect each and every one of us. This site is THE one place I can come for up-to-date and reliable information. Members contributions have been invaluable. Wicked smart people to be sure. Continuously providing current information is, no doubt a full time job. So instead of criticizing simply go else-where and then come back when you want the latest info. This site is doing an amazing job and complaining isn’t necessary or appreciated. The “other” news is like an 8-track - - it just repeats over and over. Protective Granny!

My degrees are in accounting, not science, so I’m out of my field.
I found this article about a study done on mice.
It looks to me like a high fat diet for four weeks resulted in a threefold increase in ACE2 (liver, not lungs).
I’m curious what you make of it.