Coronavirus: New Data Introduces (Some) Hope

Would like to hear Chris, or Adam have an interview with Michael Osterholm in the coming weeks! He seems like he would be a good person to have in the lineup with what’s going on.

Hey Nordicjack…where in So Fla is your brother?

Thank you, very informative video.

HELP. SOS. PLEASE HELP. If there is anybody from the province of Quebec, Canada or from Canada or that know Canadians, reading this, please help. Our authorities have yet to understand anything regarding the urgency and severity of the crisis staring us in the face. I have been trying for 4 weeks now , since Feb 10., to warn my superiors and whole hierarchy of the danger and the seriousness of our predicament. Since that went nowhere, i then tried the local media. To no avail. Yesterday, since I work in the Quebec parliament, i tried to talk to one of the MPP or MNA as we call them here and again that wen nowhere. I again went to the parliamentary press to give documents concerning the Covid-19 epidemic and my story to journalists whom i had deemed trustworthy but again nothing came of it. The work of Chris Martenson, Ken Stanfield, Liz Specht , were all referenced in those documents. I have been following Chris's work for years. Since 2009 at least. Yesterday, i was taken to the hospital by ambulance since i had many of the designated symptoms of Covid-19 infection. Working in parliament as a tour guide, i have been in close contact visitors from all over the world including China, South Korea, Italy, France, UK, Germany, US and the least goes on for the since day one of this epidemic as Canada as never thought it was a good idea to stop plane loads of tourists arriving from this countries to simply walk in to the country. At most, a self-declaration of symptoms was advised. Not even mandatory. Just advised. Anyhow, yesterday evening, after running all the tests to find something else to explain my condition and finding nothing, ER doctors finally conceded to test for Covid-19. I was sent back home in the middle of the night to await the results. Those can be up to 48 hrs to obtain. As of this writing, I am feeling my condition worsening. It is nos a brutal decline but a steady decline that as occurred over the last 3 days. My breath is getting shallower and shallower. I had lightheadedness, i now have my head spinning and ever more trouble concentrating. And although i still don't cough much it is nonetheless increasing slowly but surely. I just might have to head back to the ER tonight. What do I want from you folks, To stir the pot. To make some noise. To relay this message to friends and family especially if they live in Quebec. I assume, if you are on Chris's youtube channel, it is because you are well aware and understand what is going on, what is the seriousness of our predicament. How we are all in this together as a single humanity and how save for a few exceptions, our various public health authorities have consistently been way behind the curve on this, not to say criminally negligent. Unfortunately, from my own experince up to now, Quebec just might win the prize for the lamest response of them all. Please HELP. My name is Louis Doran. I live in Quebec city, Canada. Good luck to all. I'll see you some day when you visit our parliament. God be with you all. You can of course find me on faceb..k.

Looks like the Chinese and Koreans think it could help with this. Talk to dr - watch the podcast here. Good luck. I love Quebec City ~
Also - if you can get your hands on elderberry extract / Sambucol, it MIGHT help ( but not as much as above I bet). Take a tablespoon a few times / day…takes a few days to work. The sooner the better !!!