Coronavirus: New Data Introduces (Some) Hope

It is up to each person to act and preserve life the best way they can. Live to have no regrets. The seven deadly sins are still deadly. Now might be a good time for a review.

If you are a medical Dr. You do not need permission to diagnose a patient. If you feel your clinical diagnoses is Covid - then that is the diagnosis - you send the cases the thealth dept and you take appropriate containment measures…
Next, we instruct via media videos on the “Authority sites” how to practice hygiene to limit spread. Including not denying that it is spread on surfaces. or it can be transmitted further than 2 meters. And that is can only spread during symptomatic phase.
" The shock is surely larger than 9/11"
“The virus is different from previous shocks such as 9/11 because it has created enormous uncertainty and fear of a sort not experienced before. Even the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor did not produce widespread fear. The United States declared war and got to work building a war machine. Unlike England, the United States did not fear attacks by German bombers. The average citizen could understand the danger of submarine attacks on merchant-ships, but those attacks did not reach those on land. Citizens today, even if very well-informed, do not know how to react to the virus threat. The uncertainty and fear of the unknown is unprecedented in modern America.
That same uncertainty has a grip on the entire world.”

I live in the Seattle area. Not only is it nearly impossible for Washington citizens to get tested but we are now being told by our state health department that we don’t even need it! I copied this from the .gov site this morning.

"Who should get tested?

Not everybody who feels ill needs to be tested, particularly if you have mild illness. Healthcare providers determine who should be tested, based on specific symptoms. While testing is becoming more available, there are still limitations in the ability to quickly collect and process tests. If you are sick with fever, cough or shortness of breath and are in a high risk group, call your healthcare provider to discuss whether you should be tested for COVID-19. For now, if you have mild symptoms (cough, fever), you need to stay home and stay away from people." So, keep in mind that we know there is a community spread in my area and I could have the virus right now. My job does not allow me to work at home. I can't stay home from work for more than three days without a note from my doctor. Yet I can't get tested for Covid 19 because I don't meet the criteria as defined by my health department - even though I have health care, would like to get tested and can afford to get tested. So I can't self quarantine, even if I can afford it, because I will lose my job if I choose to do so without a diagnosis from a doctor and my own state health department is restricting my doctor from allowing me to get tested. King County, Washington, is the home of some very intelligent people. We all know that there are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of infected people in our community who will, today, be passing that virus on to hundreds, possibly thousands, more. We know that the number will climb to tens of thousands in the coming weeks. So why does the governor announce that the only containment step will be to prohibit large gatherings? Why not lock down the entire county to contain the spread? The answer lies on a map. We are in a unique geographical area where a lockdown would cripple the entire country within hours. Not only are we a seaport, but we lie at the northern end of the "I5 pipeline" which is an interstate serving the entire western coast of the US. This pipeline ties the US to Vancouver, Canada, which is another large seaport receiving goods from manufacturers across the Pacific. This pipeline runs through the center of King County and goes down the coast to Southern California. It is the main commercial route serving the West Coast and because of the restrictive nature of the Cascade Mountains, there is no practical alternative route. It is what it is. Seattle can't be locked down. Even if Covid 19 becomes rampant. We do have a relatively young and healthy population, especially among the large high tech firms. Since those workers are able to self isolate, and since many of those workers come from a culture that prefers to care for elderly family members at home, those industries will feel miminum impact. But the rest of us in Seattle will make up the bulk of those tens of thousands who will get sick and many may die. Undiagnosed, of course. Because we don't need testing, right?

NC governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency yesterday, after five new cases developed. The five presumptive positives had attended a tech conference in Boston (case…case…cluster…).
While officials from the NCDHHS urged citizens not to gather in groups, Governor Cooper was quick to say that this did not include the ACC basketball tourney starting in Greensboro this week. The coliseum was packed with over 13,000 fans for two games last night and will probably continue to draw crowds. March madness, indeed.
Costco recon this morning: Pasta and rice almost gone and only house-brand t.p. available. Everything else abundant. I was the sole person there in latex gloves; no masks at all. One compassionate octogenarian with just birdseed in his cart. It’s as if nothing is amiss.

The media keep showing the “oddballs” who are masked in public. But they show NO ONE wearing gloves to protect themselves from hard surfaces such as door knobs, grocery carts, seats.

The media is suppressing news out of Seattle. I followed a reader’s suggestion and have enrolled in a free subscription to the SeattleTimes. I just read their article on Health Care Providers scramble for supplies, supporting the nurse’s memo Chris showed in a video a few days ago. She was from Valley Medical Center. Ten nursing homes have covid19 patients now. Also check out, an alternative newspaper of Seattle.

I wonder how many will leave for India to care for their elderly family members? They can do computer work from anywhere.

How will virus outbreaks shift as northern-hemisphere weather warms and relative humidity increases? This study suggests possible patterns and includes map overlays with serious Crayola cred.

“Even the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor did not produce widespread fear.” I think this statement is bunk. My dad was stationed in Hawaii, a fellow officer went home and shot his German wife in the head. An older friend married a Japanese man in 1980 and her mother, until the end of her life, was sure the guy was going to kill them all in their beds. Fear, for the right people can be very motivating.

Thank you for providing this link on twitter to Dr. Van Schoor. It is very helpful and may convince my retired RN friends to take this seriously.
I just returned from trying to convince the USPS front desk workers to wear gloves and masks. I even offered to bring some. They said USPS is doing nothing to help them. I gave them some reliable websites, in case they want to inform themselves. We are in Idaho and paying attention to what is happening in Seattle. It should be hitting Boise soon, with 4 flights a day from Seattle.

Several comments here seem to imply that if we all just shrug and figure it’s coming anyway, we can go to just business as usual and figure it’ll all rebalance in the end. “Everybody’s got to die sometime.” This is not considering the catastrophic damage to the Health Care workers - doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaners, researchers, etc, who would be decimated just by trying to do their jobs. And the system within which they operate would be brought down, which means a whole lot more deaths or permanent disabilities which wouldn’t otherwise have happened - lives permanently limited, usefulness turned to burden, high misery index. Alternatively, we could exercise some intelligent self-discipline now, flatten the curve, and come out with a society worth salvaging. IMO and all that.

I hope I don’t sound like I am shrugging it off. I just feel helpless. I work with hundreds of people. My husband has stage 4 cancer and goes to a hospital every day for treatment; he also works part time at an international airport.
I am just in partial denial about how much this is gonna be miserable. I cannot begin to fathom. It feels like a strange dream.

Today I called to cancel my spot in a workshop I was to attend tomorrow, and requested my fee be applied towards one in June, when hopefully the immediate crisis from COVID-19 will have passed.
I explained that I just did not feel it would be responsible of me to meet in a group when social isolation may help buy our hospitals more time to prepare for the critical weeks ahead.
COVID-19 confirmation cases remain at just one in my state at the time of this post. I suspect that will change as testing become more common and results roll in. That could even happen today.
So, what was the economic impact of my decision? I may have lost my registration fee. Likely 20 gallons of gas and associated taxes for the round trip to the workshop were not purchased. And, the dog boarding facility lost 2-nights and grooming fees that they would have received had I not cancelled my plans.

Yep Monday there were 7 cases in Pierce County (county just south of Seattle), 14 cases on Tuesday, and bam first official case announced by Thurston County Health Department today, Wednesday. Thurston is next county down I5 corridor from Pierce. Lots of meetings cancelled or switched to calls, but yaaay my book club is still meeting on Thursday (without me).
“We want people to understand that while the risk to the public is increasing, the most important things we can do is encourage people to wash their hands often and well, stay home if they’re sick, and call ahead to their health care provider if they have symptoms and know have been exposed to someone with COVID-19,” said Schelli Slaughter, Director of Thurston County PHSS. Thanks Schelli!
“the governor said he was ordering the cancellation of large church services, sporting events, concerts, festivals and conventions in the three counties”

My heart goes out to you Karen. You have a lot going on. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

So i was on the bus in the Utrecht Region in the Netherlands.
Next to me was a man on the phone which peaked my interested when he mentioned something relation to 3000 soldiers. I continued to listen but the loud bus made it hard. I did hear him mention the 13th infantry brigade of the dutch army which has 3000 active personnel. It also has a medical unit attached to it. This medical unit contains 12 disinfection devices. He also mentioned that servicemen should tell their employers that they could be called into service soon. Probably talking about the 30 natresbataljon which is a 3800 men reserve unit attached to the 13th. Indicating that this unit could be mobilized soon.
Also current situation is that community transmission is happening int the southern province of Brabant, but not in other parts of the country. Public life in Brabant is restricted and quarantine measures are being talked about. The health authorities are now more aggressively testing people in brabant and they have been randomly testing people with flu like symptoms in all of the country since late january. Before the first case even arrived here. Also people in close contact with confirmed cases are being treated as confirmed without being tested to save on tests. Sadly these are not being reported in the official case number. Going with the sad trend that the Dutch government isn’t transparent with this. However if they take aggressive action now they might still be able to bring it back under control. And luckily good journalism by the media here is helping compensate for the lack of communication by the government.
Also here’s a dutch wiki page about the 13th. (I’ve checked the English one but that isn’t complete.)

Hi, Northelkhound, from Eastern Oregon. Some of us, here, want to join your state.
My postmaster showed me the copy of information from her bosses, it follows CDC guidelines. NO masks allowed. She got some counter spray, but I have not yet seen her use it. We are very isolated out here and I think a lot of people think it’s just another government conspiracy.

Hi PP Tribe,
I just joined your community and this is my first post.
I came across this vibrant & very informative community on the 31st January just by googling about this Coronavirus. I must say, thank goodness I found this site. I have been lurking daily ever since. I almost feel like I know the regular commenters here. Much gratitude to all of you for your willingness to help inform the rest of the world. Because of Chris, Adam and the PP community, I was able to prepare for this pandemic ahead of time, when nobody believed me. I started preparing on the 1st February and look where we are now. The global landscape certainly looks so different now.
I live in Switzerland and I must say … the measures that have been implemented here worry me. Up until yesterday, the people I know here still do not take this seriously. They believe everything will remain „business as usual“ … I am the only one among my circle who has made such an effort to prepare. With what’s happening in Italy next-door, you would think people here would start preparing, doing away with non-essential meetings, avoiding gatherings and birthday parties for now… not happening. Not in my circle anyway. I have declined invitations to parties due to social distancing… the rest carry on as per normal. As of today, we have a total of 645 cases throughout the country. That’s just the confirmed cases. That’s far too many and I fear it will get worse in the days to come. We are being told „masks are ineffective“ and many people here believe the narrative that it’s just a „mild flu“. I sincerely hope many Swiss will do a bit more digging and research of their own to uncover the truth & prepare themselves. I know that window is probably almost closed now. By the way, nobody wears masks here. They refuse to. Some friends told me they‘ve all sold out. I did some digging and sent them links of online shops where there were still masks available around mid-Feb. They didn’t buy. So that was really just an excuse. It wasn’t the unavailability that was stopping them. Anyway, that’s that. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Same goes for my cat. But that’s for another day.
I received a text message from a friend of mine and told me to watch this video. It’s a Chinese doctor talking about one particular family in Wuhan and how they protected themselves from SARS-COV-2 with Vitamin C supplementation.
Here’s the link:
If this has already been shared here, my apologies for reposting. I‘m a newbie and still learning the ropes. Knowing vitamin C can help protect me gives me hope. The world needs hope right now.
Shout out to Dtrammel for the very useful links. I have bookmarked them all. To Chris & Adam - you have my deepest gratitude. Stay safe, everyone! I feel that at least, I can weather this storm knowing that you guys are here, tirelessly keeping everyone informed.