Coronavirus Situation Is Quickly Going From Bad To Worse.

Here we go kids, the spin from NZ. The powers that be apparently either don’t know that this virus is airborne or they are betting most of New Zealand doesn’t know. 2 rows in front of the contagious person and 2 rows behind?!! This is a joke. We’re all fadged. Lock it down.

Does the post office open your mail, read it and then black out the bits they don’t like? Your mother might do that but the practice ends once we grow up. Maybe you don’t realize that we are all being silenced one voice at a time.
Alex Jones was banned for example and I never thought he was particularly extreme. Zerohedge has also been permanently banned from Twitter without an opportunity for recourse and they are certainly among the best media sites in America today read by millions of people daily. Chris has recently seen Peak Prosperity demonetized on YouTube depriving him of substantial income for simply offering an objective viewpoint about this current Coronavirus pandemic.
And now, supporters of Donald Trump may be shut down proving there is quite a lot of politics involved where private censorship is concerned.
This is not China where a handful of men at the helm of the Politiburo can unilaterally decide what is or is not permitted to appear on any media platforms throughout their closed country but we seem to be going in the same direction albeit under a slightly different model.
Apparently Alex Jones, Chris and Zerohedge pose such a significant risk to the narratives that they need to be censured, blocked or demonetized to eliminate their messages.
It’s not OK.
Social media have risen to the stature of utilities over the past decade and their subscriber numbers and revenues prove it. I do not believe it’s in the public interests to censure at this level since it opens the door to much more widespread muzzling of the public in the future.
You need to appreciate that even discussing this topic can now be banned. Is that the kind of world we really want? I don’t think any of us would disagree with banning of hate videos like those posted by ISIS in past years or content that is viewed as repulsive by most members of society. One example might be animal cruelty videos which most normal people are disgusted by.
But banning news content? Come on. We need to do better than that because we are now crossing the line into a form of dictatorship of the few over the the objections of the many. This is a very dangerous precedent that the circuit court has ruled on and the public needs to be aware of what rights they just lost. Particularly in light of the fact this new law is effectively global as all these companies reach to four corners of our planet.

Afridev, we caught that as soon as it came out, and have discussed it. Its pure BS but then so are pandemic bonds. Really?

Ethiopian airlines continues flying into 5 destinations inside China despite news stories around the globe confirming a pandemic has taken hold. An Ethiopian Airlines spokesman, Cagnew Fissha explains that they have been told by the Minister of Health in Ethiopia and WHO officials that flying into China is OK and therefore this is not a health issue but rather a business decision.
Unfortunately for the Ethiopuan public they are dead wrong and in spite of widespread media reports that contradict their positions regarding the risks they continue to claim finding zero cases of COVID19 even after flying tens of thousands of Ethiopians and Chinese directly into Addis Ababa over the past months (including Ethiopian students from Wuhan).
For those of you who have never been to Bole Aiport you might be very surprised to know that it is literally in the heart of the capital which is highly unusual for international airports.
As you exit the terminal you do not need to take the typical long taxi ride to a hotel as you literally step out into downtown Addis Ababa and can start walking to your destination or sit down at a local coffee shop on one of the cities main streets. The popular Friendship Center Mall packed with foreigners is barely a 10 minute walk from the main terminal.
So the proximity of a disease vector could not be closer. I have mentioned Ethiopia a couple times now because I find it so disheartening that one of the most at-risk countries in the world with a medical system on the verge of collapse even during good times is being exposed in this way. Ethiopia is literally at the bottom of the list of nations right next to North Korea when it comes to medical provisioning.
My suspicion is that the Abiy government is using this global crisis as a pretext to create a domestic emergency whereby they might further draw on IMF and World Bank resources or see their past loans forgiven. They would default in any case but now they have a good reason nobody can argue against.
It is very cynical. But then the country is extremely poor. Here is Al Jazeeras take from a few days ago.
Edit: Ethiopias hotly contested elections will be on August 29th this year. Electioneering has already begun ensuring the Covid virus will be widespread by the time voting takes place.

Breakthrough: Chloroquine phosphate has shown apparent efficacy in treatment of COVID-19 associated pneumonia in clinical studies. Authors: Gao J, Tian Z, Yang X. Abstract The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) virus is spreading rapidly, and scientists are endeavoring to discover drugs for its efficacious treatment in China. Chloroquine phosphate, an old drug for treatment of malaria, is shown to have apparent efficacy and acceptable safety against COVID-19 associated pneumonia in multicenter clinical trials conducted in China. The drug is recommended to be included in the next version of the Guidelines for the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Pneumonia Caused by COVID-19 issued by the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China for treatment of COVID-19 infection in larger populations in the future.
Don’t confuse hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) (used often for decades-long treatment of rheumatoid diseases) with chloroquine
Be careful with chloroquine phosphate: webmd has a long list of unpleasant side-effects. The problem with vision loss seems to arise with long-term usage. The Chinese article refers to the drug as “cheap and safe that has been used for more than 70 years.” Another possible source of supply: Never would have guessed this one. Allegedly 99% pure, but is it?
For dosage:

I had not seen that article you posted on Pandemic bonds but it certainly helps connect the dots on the mystery of why African nations (impoverished countries that would have benefitted) have seen so few cases of Coronavirus. So now we await July when the bonds come due after which time the WHO will belatedly admit the world is in the grips of pandemic. I just knew there was a money interest at stake and now we have confirmation it’s a half billion dollars of derivatives and bonds on the line. And that’s obviously why this term “pandemic” needs to be suppressed between now and then.

I’ll just post this here. I have recieved a call from my doctor.
They can’t do anything for me because i don’t have a SUSTAINED 38+ temperature which HAS to be recorded RECTALLY. They do not care that i have video evidence of me having fever. They do not care that i can’t get the damn thing in my butt fast enough or that fever dissapears when i move.
I spent 5 minutes yelling at the poor woman but there’s little left i can do. I call the emergency number if i have to. her response? “well that’s on you”. She also wanted to just keep it brief because “she’s got alot of people to call today”.
Appearantly it’s not good enough for her that i use the same thermometers they use at airports and i aimed it at the back of my throat to get a better core temperature, instead of my forehead. Will update when there’s something to report but i feel like i’ll have to yell alot more before anything gets done.
Now watch me test negative after all this is over. That’s just my luck.

The Washington Post has an interesting story about a whistle blower.
The gist: Send health workers to assist arriving possibly infected people without any preventive precautions. Then send them all home.

Austria now has two Covid-2019 infected cases, one of an elderly man in serious condition. YouTuber Survival Lily posts this video in disgust re: teenagers and media ridiculing an obviously lower-income elderly man wearing a face mask and goggles while shopping for emergency supplies for possible lock-down.
Austria’s media ridicule old man who bought emergency supplies while wearing a full respirator
The two Covid cases are located 30 minutes from Lily’s home.

There will be no ICU care if this goes full pandemic. None. Nada. Zip. Niente. Bupkus. Zilch. Zero. We fight for 5 beds/night in a busy trauma center, now, every day. We routinely hold 1-4 ICU admits and 5 or more telemetry admissions all night long in the ER (making ER care that much harder to get too, for those sitting outside trying to get in - and that includes ambulances - sh*t rolls downhill), hoping that some patients either improve (and get downgraded) or else simply move to the morgue, in order to open up beds after morning shift change. Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't. When it's really bad, we go on diversion, dumping all ambulances onto the other hospitals in the area. Until they choke and close too. Once everybody closes, everybody's open again. But there's still no beds, so they sit on a gurney, in the hall, for as long as it takes. Hours, even. Add on 10-20 WuFlu victims/day/all of 2020, at least 1/3 to 1/2 of them needing admission, possibly ICU beds, and ventilator support, times every ER you ever heard of, and you can cancel Christmas. Literally. If you're not at least ICU sick (the only thing worse is Forest Lawn sick, btw) when you come in, you're probably never going to get a hospital bed. The beds we have will be used to try and save those almost dead. Anything less is going to get re-routed to some half-assed minimally-staffed mega-disaster-plex, someplace like Angel Stadium, the Pond, or some other huge parking lot location closed for the duration because of public infection risks. Staffed by who-knows-who. Retirees and kids, if they're lucky. Maybe military and the Notional Guard, if they're screwed into it. Possibly nobody. And run with the same management care, expertise, and diligence that gets you the Post Office, the DMV, and the TSA, 24/7/365. Good times. If this gets that ugly, go long on shroud and bulldozer stocks. Short sports franchises, theme parks, airlines, and resort hotel chains. Think the travel industry starting on 9/12/01.
“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”

For those of you who don’t live in Southern California, Forest Lawn is a cemetery.

Not sure if the radio station I listened to this morning is ahead of the news or just misquoting it. The announcer said Maryland now had 2 cases with the coronavirus and a third person being tested. Below is what I found reported in the Baltimore Sun, however. Maybe confirmation is still lacking?

Gov. Larry Hogan said Thursday that two more Marylanders are being tested for the coronavirus that has sickened more than 80,000 people globally.

Officials expect results in the next two or three days from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, where the samples were sent. The state lab does not yet have the ability to test more quickly here, but officials say they might gain kits and approvals as early as next week.
A third person in Maryland is being questioned to determine whether there is cause for testing. Criteria generally have included travel to infected countries or close contact with an infected person.
Two others in the state have tested negative since the outbreak of the virus, called COVID-19, began earlier this year.
For now, Hogan said, the risk remains low.
He asked Marylanders not to panic but to be prepared for more infections, school closures and event cancellations and to work from home as conditions change. (source)
Why is it that every other country in the world can run dozens, hundreds or thousands of tests a day but the US has a backlog of "2-3 days" and a month after this issue became obvious to anyone with half a brain that most states still can't run test with the thin promise that maybe, just maybe, if they are really good and don't want to test too many people they might possibly be allowed to test a few people..........if there aren't more delays that is. In an effort to jump start trade again maybe the US should send the samples to China for testing! China obviously has a huge testing capacity that is going under utilized now that the outbreak is under control there and case numbers are dropping faster than the stock market. The US Government also knows that China has expertise in tailoring results to whatever suits the government narrative! Globalization in actions... (disclaimer - this last paragraph comes with a heavy dose of sarcasm)

Chris as always you and Adam are much appreciated. One thing I noticed on the video today or I think would be helpful is to add some dates to the data on the countries that are showing up with larger numbers. Like when they had their first case and how it jumped daily until the larger numbers show up. If you were to take South Korea and Italy as an example. To visually see how they start out with low numbers and then suddenly jump might be very helpful when you are trying to explain to people what is going on. Thanks again.

As of Feb. 26, CDC had performed a total of 445 tests. For comparison, the UK, with a population five times smaller than the US, had conducted over 7,000 tests. (source)
So, the UK is testing at just over 80x the rate (per capita) as the US. Almost as if they are seriously trying to combat spread of the virus..... In the meantime, the CDC of the US looks like the Keystone Cops of global heath care. The serious professionals within the CDC must be mortified.  

So, last night I was rounding out some items for my get home bag. Stuff I had before my divorce and thought I had, but don’t anymore.
I’m walking through walmart, and come upon an unattended shopping cart with, plastic sheeting, 5 gallon bucket, 6 bottles of hydrogen peroxide, and a bunch of other things.
Saw the guy looking for stuff, and I remarked to him, “so, preparing for the pandemic.” He just sort of smirked and didn’t say anything. Told him about the toilet seats that fit over the buckets were in the camping section. He said thanks.

Just saw this… surprising that it’s in the news at all.

Beijing reports 40% rise in food prices as coronavirus expands

Between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on 2/28/2020, South Korea tested 10.227 people…
One of the reasons why the US isn’t testing is, that they want to use their own test. In Europe, many hospitals use the Qiagen test, which while still being in final testing, works just fine. The missing testing is more about finding things like how specific and sensitive the test exactly is, and how much virus needs to be in a sample to give a positive result.

My kids HS senior trip was to Italy, and they got back on Monday for the start of classes. She didn’t go. Now one kid from the trip has been quarantined. It’s getting real.

I’m home again. I rode my bicycle to the emergency room. I told them i had several symptoms of Covid and i should get tested. i told them i tested an oral temperature of 38,5C and a rectal temperature of 37.8C.
I have called the house doctor yesterday and today, multiple times. I got through the assistant a few times and through the doctor but both say exactly the same thing:
Because of policy, we cannot test you at this time.
I called the GGD (mental health service) that’s dealing with this shit, calling the help desk because appearantly even the doctors have to. I’ve been shot down twice, a third time they tried connecting me through to somebody, the connection dropped, i got back to the original number, she asked “what is your question” EVEN THOUGH I JUST CALLED HER and because my symptoms didn’t line up, i didn’t get put through a second time. There’s nothing they can do for me.
The emergency room at the hospital told me to call my house doctor. I did, even the emergency line, but even the 2 times i called the emergency line, they told me i didn’t have an emergency and i needed to go through the regular number.
So now i’m home again. I rode home without a mask. If nobody wants to believe me this society can go fucking die as far as i’m concerned. I have gone above and beyond the call of trying to get tested.
So now i’m home. I’ll let you guys know when/if i ever collapse. But that’s it. Game over.
Until the RIVM guidelines change, i cannot for the life of me get a test.
Please, PLEASE somebody let Chris know (dunno where to send this so he gets it for sure). I’m authorizing the release of the full extent of this story. Because the people deserve to know.
AGAIN! i DONT KNOW if i have covid19. What i have noticed: Fatigue, dry throat, dry cough, fever, muscle aches, my lungs feel like they’re fire at times (no clue what thats called), a little bit of diarrhea since today (don’t worry i taped off my building’s vents long ago) that smells just awful; reduced eating desire. I have measured 38,5C at the back of my throat and 37,8c rectally (the forehead measurements are STUPID cause i can’t get them above 36,5C BECAUSE MY FUCKING ROOM IS COLD and i think the heater’s broke. I have posted my blood pressure measurement history in the other article (basically my being-sick diary) as well as the video proving my temperature runs up if i stay still and drops when i move(such as shoving a thermometer up my ass).
All i want is a damned test.