Coronavirus Situation Is Quickly Going From Bad To Worse.


WHO declares rest of the world at 'very high' risk for coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday said that it had raised its risk assessment relating to COVID-19 for the rest of the world to very high from high. China, where the outbreak of the novel coronavirus started, had previously been designated with a very high-risk assessment. There are now more than 83,000 cases of COVID-19 worldwide and at least 2,800 deaths. "What we see at the moment are linked epidemics of COVID-19 in several countries, but most cases can still be traced to known contacts or clusters of cases," Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO's director-general, said during a news conference on Friday. "We do not see evidence as yet that the virus is spreading freely in communities." If that were to be the case, the outbreak would be defined as a pandemic, a definition that WHO has not made.

It really isn’t surprising that the USA’s numbers of infections are so low. Really hope you don’t have the new virus - look after yourself, stay safe, get well soon, and keep in touch with us here on PP!! xxx

The animal is far far smarter than the officials running this virus show. Really!

NOBODY is wearing masks. I was wearing one and everybody looked at my funny. Nobody in the emergency room was wearing masks, no possible way to report without infecting other people, no quarantine zone, no people in hazmat suits. And i walked through practically the entire hospital, cause i entered through the main entrance and had to walk to the emergency room, but i walked in the wrong direction.
Even when i was sitting outside dejectedly and some ambulance personell came up to me and asked me if they could help. I explained everything, ofcourse they couldn’t. At the end i told em to wear masks but i think they laughed about it when they thought i couldn’t hear.
Just to remind everybody - This is the same hospital as the one that contains the first confirmed case of Covid19 in the netherlands. And that guy drove to the hospital too, because nobody can get through the house doctor.
We’re screwed. We are very very screwed. Every dutchy need to prepare for end times NOW!

It will be hard for you to get a baseline the way you are going about this. You will make yourself sick. Pull back briefly and relax. Have you read Sandpuppies posts ? Take a NSAID like ibuprofin or naproxen; go rest; then you can check vitals and how you feel in general, when it wears off you can take your temperature. But erratic readings usually mean the readings are suspect so you cant rely on them or get upset about them. Fevers for this or any other virus dont change every minute. Which points to problems with the readings themselves, equipment, technique or something else going on, which is why you are not getting health care response. Also, aiming a temp readn device to the back of your throat is not a reading that has any meaning to any of the health professionals just a regular reading is what will tell you. And when you relax and take, for example the rectal temperature it is fine, which means your tempurature is fine. Maybe instead of demanding a COv test you should just go into the regular doctor system in your country and ask them what might be causing your symptoms. But if it were me, I wouldnt even do that, (and I get you would worry if you could also be contagious) . The thing is, if it were a virus, the Cov or another, it doesnt matter at this point at the home treatment is the same. You only need medical help if you go to pnumonia. In other words, if you cant get oxygen. See SandPuppies posts for how to determine this, he suggests first thing is the NSAID, ibuprofin, naproxene, etc…
Hot flashes are a real thing, but are not a virus or illness or fever. Examine why you might get hot flashes. I am not aware of what causes male hotflashes, but I bet you can research it. In my household we have had experience with female hot flashes.
Go easy on your local health clinic personell ! They have alot of hard work to do right now
Try to relax and get enough sleep, good food. Do something you enjoy. Drink lots of fluids. Sit out in your garden and get some fresh air. If you are worried you might have the virus, just stay home and treat as you would a virus, which requires stopping the stress, your immune system will not heal you wiht stress

I do not think this means or changes or jeopardizes anything. This is the way it has always been… However, though, google and other social media outlets will continue to censor… which they can, but if they censoring results in eliminating the truth -while promoting the propaganda, it will only seal their own financial fate. this will quickly take care of itself. I say at one point not long in the future people will have had enough with google completely … and that will be their end.

This seems like a big deal if true. Can anyone verify?

Two comments,
One, I wonder if any of the “authorities” who slandered Chris and Adam as “conspiracy theorists” are ready to apologize. That is a rhetorical question since I know it won’t happen.
Two, as a practical matter. If you are going to stock up on food, shop at 9:30 P.M., or a half an hour before your supermarket closes. At that time there are very few people in the store and casual infection rates would drop. Of course, the cashier has interacted with numerous people during the day, so it is a good idea to use the automated checkout line.

Whenever I see a feeding frenzy on MSM, I wonder what they don’t want us to see.
Thanks for posting this one. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the timing for release of the decision was deliberate.
Goes right along with Mike Pence getting to censor the medical community.
Thanks to everyone on this site - keep looking for what they want to hide besides virus stats.

I’ll post my entire history here; then i’ll go to bed, so there isn’t any confusion (and i really need rest).
On febuary 10th i had a visit at a mouth hygienist. I think that’s where i got it, because she was breathing heavy and fast as well as sniffeling; she said she had a cold. The flu incubates for 1 day, the cold for 3-5 days. The moment i got home i popped 2 ibuprofen just to be sure.
7 days later, i start feeling fatigued. I figure it’s just cause i’ve been exhaustively trying to get my friends ready for the end and i do nothing.
8 days later, i get a dry cough while smoking. I’m starting to get worried, but eh… i’m a smoker. Just hydrate more, right?
10 days later, yesterday, i start feeling hot. I take my temperature; but nothing out of the ordinary and i quickly cool down. I wait a little while, until i start feeling hot again. That’s the first measurement of fever. I’m using one of these to measure the back of my throat; as it gives a better core temperature then my forehead which changes with the ambient temp (in my living room it’s 20c and my forehead’s 36,5C when i have a fever - if i then go to my bedroom and crawl beneath the covers with clothes on and even wait for it all to warm up - my forehead’s 34,5C because my bedroom is 15C). obviously you can’t do this with infected people but i’m using my own temp meter of this model:ührungslos-Temperaturmessgerät-Temperaturmesser-Beleuchtung/dp/B01I4TB2IM/ref=dp_ob_title_hi )
I manage to measure 38c at the back of my throat but i wasn’t fast enough to take a picture. So i measure again, within 10 seconds, 37,5c and dropping.
At this point i’ve called the house doctor when they open at 8. I get the assistant. She asks if i’ve been abroad. I say no. She says i’m not eligable for testing. I argue the rules are stupid. She argues it’s policy. This goes back and forth for a while until she gets annoyed, tells me my housedoctor/GP will call me back.
House doctor calls few hours later, asks whats wrong. I explain the entire story again, And she also cites policy. More arguing, in the end she will not budge from policy. But she gives me the GGD helpdesk.
I call them. I talk to them, they refer me to the RIVM website. Site says call your housedoctor. I told em i did but i got refused a test, nothing more they can do. I go to bed out of frustration.
wake up again round 22:30 last night. Feel fine when getting up but that soon ends. From ~midnight onwards symptoms start getting worse. I manage to record the video i’ve posted along with other medical info here:
Yesterday afternoon (after the back n forth with the house doctor) i also recieved a pulse ox meter that was in the mail as well as a blood pressure meter. Readings are in the other article.
House doctor opens at 8, call them again. Assistant puts me through right away, doctor says i have to prove 38C rectally or i won’t be tested. So far at this point rectally i’ve tested 37,0 - 37,2 multiple times, but also 37.5. Not high enough at this point.
I wait a while. I start feeling more shit. Symptoms come and go and my chest burns. Whatever it is though it’s not a severe case, but it is seriously unpleasant.
I’m not sure it’s hazy at this point, but i think i called the GGD one more time. I also called my parents but that’ll stay private ofc ^^
Symptoms get worse. I decide to go to hospital because i need help. Before i go, one last measurement, 37,8C. I call up the emergency line of my housedoctor, and i get told i need to use the normal line cause this isn’t an emergency. So i do.
I ask them to tell the doctor i’ve got 37,8C. The assistant tells me i do not match the symptoms as in the RIVM guidelines so she won’t do anything.
I decide to get on my bike and drive to the hospital with a mask and a bag of stuff just incase they do quarantine me. I walk through the entire damn thing cause i couldn’t find the emergency room from the front entrance. Before leaving home, i had to go to the bathroom, and i had diarrhea as a new symptom. Though that hasn’t recurred yet, so.
Also - Not a damn soul in the entire hospital is wearing any mask. But they sure look at me funny.
I reach the emergency room and >stand in line<. Luckily only one person infront of me. I’m sweating profusely at this point because my mask isn’t ment to filter outgoing air and i’m hot, but whatever. They tell me (no joke) that if i have the symptoms of covid, i should call my house doctor. I told them i did so multiple times but she refuses to test me. They refuse to admit or test me as well on this basis.
After i make a slight fuss and remind them at a high volume that if i have covid and take off the mask, everybody in the room becomes infected, but they don’t really seem to care. A “colleague is called” who hands me a scrap of paper with the help desk for the GGD (oh boy here we go again).
So i go to outside; in the cold and rain in an isolated place so i dont infect anybody. I call the GGD. By some sort of miracle i get put through to somebody else. I explain the entire story again, i get put through to somebody else. During this connecting, something might’ve gone wrong, because i got connected back to the helpdesk i just came from.
I mentioned my symptoms again and that i haven’t been abroad, and i don’t get tested. I call my house doctor again, i can’t even get past the assistant.
EDIT: I forgot to mention i also called 112 (our 911), begged the guy to listen (which he did thank god) and asked him to put me through to somebody who cared. He put me through to the GGD helpdesk i came from and went to after.
I have called my house doctor multiple times. The times i get through the assistant i just get reminded of the rules by the doctor. I’ve burned those bridges too because they say “well we’ve explained the policy to you sir and there’s nothing more we can do now”.
I have used every trick in the book. Calm explanation, throwing data at them, crying, being (very) angry (they don’t like that BUT GOOD GOD WHEN ELSE AM I GONNA GET THE RIGHT TO BE ANGRY), even begging. Seriously, cry begging because i had nowhere else to turn. “i’m sorry sir, that’s policy”.
I even sat down outside the emergency room, couple of ambulance people walk up to me (without masks and i had taken mine off to call on the phone). They ask if they can help me, i respond snarkely, they are offended, i apologize, explain everything again “i’m sorry sir i don’t think we can do anything for you” YES NO SHIT SHERLOCK fucking useless piece of shit. Why do you think i didn’t wanna talk to you in the first place?!.
Gah. Anyway. I ended up going inside to warm up. I sat by the entrance for a while with my mask down cause it’s fucking hot and if nobody listens and everybody laughs at my mask they can just go die. Because really i’ve had it.
Anyway after i warmed up i rode my bike home and that’s it that’s pretty much the entire story. You can read up on the other article to get a live update from when i caught what (with lots more info).
So we’ll just say it again because it doesn’t seem to get through to anybody. I have similar symptoms to covid but i don’t know if i have covid or not that’s why i need a test. I’ve not been abroad, and i cannot say >for sure< that i’ve been in contact with somebody else who’s been abroad.
But the person who supposedly infected me works with a lot of handicapped kids and people. I’m one of them; after all i’m autistic but nobody seems to care about my commnuication disorder either.
I have been asked stupid questions like “Are you sure you’re “normally” occupied with this? that you haven’t been reading too much online?”.
That’s it that’s the whole story. Nobody here is prepared for this thing. Not even in the slightest.
EVEN IF I DON’T HAVE IT! I just don’t know and can’t tell for sure. That is my issue. Not whether i have it or not. Because i cannot say i don’t have it.
I ALSO WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT, not a single person has given me advice or help to fight any of the symptoms. All they can hear is “covid test”.

You got it Barbara. Glad someone else here sees this for what it is. Zerohedge did give the story coverage incidentally. But deeper analysis of this case in the wider media has been very, very thin so far and I imagine it will remain that way.

I say at one point not long in the future people will have had enough with google completely … and that will be their end.
Care to explain how that will happen?

I’d say shop when they first open so that an entire day’s worth of shoppers haven’t passed through leaving their germs behind. Also, you have to touch those self checkouts, so, they will probably cleaner in the morning as well. Hard to avoid germs at the store but I think going in early is at least nominally better than going at the end of the day. Either way, do go when it’s not crowded.

Hi and first off me and my wife (long time respiratory therapist - thank God now retired) want to sincerely thanks Chris and Adam for this site and your daily videos. Also all the contributors!! I was led here by Michael Shedlock (MISH) who I’ve been reading regularly since 2007 after Ron Paul awakened me from my life-long slumber. I work near Sacramento and today the (recently declared in bankruptcy) Sacramento Bee front page was practically all Wuhan Flu although it was downplayed. I’m attaching SacBee pics as it was related to yesterday’s (2/27) Cali update. Same old same old…Governor says (and I quote) “the risk to the public remains low” and he is also interestingly strongly noting the State (as UC Davis did yesterday) only has a small amount of test kits (aka it’s not our fault - and perhaps it’s not). But the duopoly messaging is strong to strategize how to blame the other party in the future (imho). The other dualopoly lead man who says “we’re ready for (and I double quote) ““Anything””…”. American exceptionalism perhaps at it’s zenith as described in the Fourth Turning.
In one of the attached screenshots, the State (with all that it knows and acute awareness of global information, the risk and global pandemic) already messages that State workers will not be able to skip work for the virus beyond their allotted sick days. We’ll see how that turns out as the CA state union is quite powerful…
btw my wife also has a degree in Nutrition (from Sacramento State) and in addition to all the great information from folks on this site wanted to add that staying hydrated daily is very important as a preventative measure. We often don’t realize we’re dehydrated until we REALLY are. Passing along in case it helps anyone…
Thanks again for preparing us and giving us proper perspective. God help us all with what has been unleashed. My wife and I continue to pray for the best outcome possible.
G and V

Tomorrow some more shopping for food.
But sometimes you need to take the edge of it.

Pinch up skin on back of hand. When you let go it should immediately recover to flat with no elevated wrinkle remaining. Medical professional, please confirm.

Pet dog in quarantine in Hong Kong after testing weakly positive for Covid19
Anne, dogs have a type of corona virus that they get. First identified in 2003
Q: What is canine respiratory coronavirus? A: Canine respiratory coronavirus (CRCoV) is a group 2 coronavirus. It is genetically related to the bovine coronavirus (which can cause respiratory infections in cattle) and the human coronavirus that causes the "common cold" in people.1,2 CRCoV is NOT related to the group 1 enteric coronavirus that can cause diarrhea in dogs. Q: Where does CRCoV occur? A: CRCCoV was initially discovered in dogs with acute respiratory infection in England in 2003.1 This virus commonly infects dogs in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Italy, and Japan.3-6 Recent studies have shown that CRCoV is also present in the U.S. and Canada, where about 50% of tested dogs had antibodies to the virus, indicating past infection.6,7 Q: What type of infection does CRCoV cause? A: CRCoV can cause an acute respiratory infection, and is part of the complex of viruses and bacteria associated with canine infectious respiratory disease (CIRD) or "kennel cough". CRCoV infection alone can cause CIRD, but also occurs in co-infections with other canine respiratory pathogens such as parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, distemper virus, herpes virus, influenza virus, Bordetella bronchiseptica, Mycoplasma spp, and Streptococcus zooepidemicus.
If I had to guess, the current rushed test for our virus may be giving a false positive from the dog virus. Or its street contamination. Dogs putting their noses where they shouldn't. From the original article:
A low level of the virus was found in the dog's nasal and oral cavities, and officials now plan to run more tests to see whether the dog is actually sick or whether the test results were skewed by "environmental contamination of the dog's mouth and nose."
I volunteer at a local pet shelter. I need to talk to them about the possibility of a huge influx of abandoned animals if this gets out of control. Not sure what we can do though, we're stretched thin as it is with the normal number of strays.

There is some news out there that says Chloroquine could be an affordable and effective anti-viral drug for Coronavirus. It could be easily obtained from a Canadian pharmacy online which would be way cheaper than getting here in the US but you would need a prescription. Has anyone looked into this?

I have had such poor experience with the american medical community… they only harm you - you are much better off pretending there was no such thing as doctor or hospital. to me they do not exist. Except to be like mechanics… they can peice you back together after a traumatic accident. if you get hit by a bus… please go… if its for illness… dont waste your time… any help they offer is not help you need or want.