Coronavirus: The "Rescue" Is Stealing Your Wealth

As we begin to get a better handle on what happens inside the body when covid-19 infects, it’s clear that early treatment makes a big positive difference.

And we’re learning of effective measures you can take at home before exposure to the virus that can limit your chances of getting it. A cocktail of Vitamin C + Quercetin, Vitamin D3, zinc and melatonin is being increasingly recommended by clinicians (specific dosage available in this video).


Oh…did I shout that? Sorry.

All that the $trillions in rescue bailouts/stimulus are doing is making the wealthy elites and the large corporations whole on their bad bets, while simultaneously making them richer by deforming stock prices even higher.

And what do the rest of us get? Lost jobs. A promise of a measly $1,200 check that few have yet to receive. Shattered prospects.

Those who have pillaged our system are filling their pockets before it collapses. Why the heck are we not fighting back at this more forcefully?

Based on the same monetary concerns Chris raises on in the latter half of this video, I've issued a rare ALERT today, as developments have influenced me to make a material change in my personal portfolio strategy.

Click here to read the ALERT (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access)


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Seems that the advise is to limit inflammation before, during and after C-19. Why was there early advise that using anti-inflammation medication like Ibuprofen?

The EVMS Protocol has 2 main points where it differs from others. The uses of anticoagulation to reduce thrombi formation and use of steroids to quell cytokine storm.
But first, if you disagree with another’s approach, you should say “I disagree and here is why.” Then please provide the specific links to the evidence that has influenced your thinking (including page and paragraph numbers if source article is long) and explain your reasoning. You don’t get to sign up for PP membership, cry “junk science” without any supporting references, and leave.
2. I agree that there is ongoing waves of viral shedding during COVID stage 2. More severe cases (hospitalized, ICU) continue to have viral loads late in the disease.

Viral load with time in hospitalized patient.
And here

Viral load at different stages of the illness over time. (From the Lancet article). So the very sick, can continue to have high viral loads even through stage 2 and 3.
It is in stage 2 disease that pathophysiology of the tissue injury transitions from primarily direct damage from the viral infection itself to autoimmune/thrombotic damage.
However, I personally, am certain that the general shape of the illness is accurately described in this diagram from EVMS Protocol (top of page 2). (Bigger picture in source article.) It is my reading of the intensive care literature and discussion blogs that this viewpoint is currently widely held. The early viral replication pathophysiology is superceded by immune dysregulation.

The early recommendation against using steroids in severe COVID is based on this Literature review published in Lancet Feb 15, 2019.
Basically, they reviewed the history of other viral diseases (influenza, RSV, SARS-Classic and MERS) that found little to no benefit from steroids, and some harm. The harm was from prolonging high viral loads (a very legitimate concern), and some direct adverse effects from steroids (avascular necrosis, diabetes, psychosis). Then they generalized from past experience and recommended “No steroids for COVID-19.”
So this pandemic started out with early recommendations to avoid steroids. Mass Generals protocol, for example, continues to generally recommend “Avoiding steroids.” (Top of page 3, highlighted section.)
Mass General is very involved in experimental use of the newest immunomodulator drugs like IL-6 blockers and Janus Kinase inhibitors. This indicates that they are also view late stage COVID disease as primarily an issue of cytokine storm.
Thrombotic crisis is widely described now also, (For example Brigham and Women’s Hospital Protocol, Chapter 9) and more centers have recently begun to include full anticoagulation if fibrinogen is low or d-dimers high. (Low fibrinogen and elevated d-dimer blood tests indicates the extent of the coagulation system over-activation.) For example, here, the Stoney Brooks anticoagulation protocol rationale is explained at the top of page 1 and anticoagulation protocol on page 2.
The Stoney Brooks center is almost identical to the EVMS anticoagulation protocol with Loveneox (enoxaprin) (see page 2)
So the EVMS Protocol is not the standard-of-care. But it does highlight the shift to focusing on tissue damage mediated by a dysregulated immune system and thrombotic systems and the urgency to reign in this pathophysiology. This change of focus is widespread, even though the uses of steroids specifically is not.
I also worry that in academic medicine, the latest, most sexy and most expensive drugs will get studies and promoted while older drugs will be neglected. (Big Pharm pays Big Medical Centers a fortune to study their drugs.)

We are learning more about this virus and its disease course every day. Already there are major shifts in how we think about it – a blood disorder rather than primarily a pulmonary infection, and treatments that avoid being put on a ventilator. It’s going to be tough to avoid getting it eventually, barring development of a vaccine, but for now I just want to postpone it as long as possible, so that we’re further up the treatment learning curve if and when it’s my turn.

I tried to post a comment with 3 links renamed into cen$or friendly puppies and kittens language. It disappeared into the black hole… this sucks! Perhaps they want us to get frustrated and stop trying to post. Oh wait, silly me, of course that is what they want!! I guess we will have to become more like HB and keep breaking out of their efforts to confine us! I am not sure if that is funny or a truthful new reality…
Am I just imagining this sh*t and need to take my tinfoil hat off?!? Anyone have any thoughts on this issue?

Chris and Adam, I am officially reporting that I absolutely cannot find your daily videos on the day it’s released. From the scant comments this long from posting the 5/8 daily briefing - only 3??, it appears many other people are also having trouble accessing your information.
Here’s a news flash for all those shadowy control freaks: You are NOT in control and you have no idea of the unlimited ripples of unintended consequences you are racking up for yourselves.
From my study of history, I have learned that no matter what condition of life, no matter how bad things get, people will always and every time find work-arounds, so the best laid plans by mice and men…
When you squeeze a balloon, it pops out some where else, automatically.
The idea of thinking we may be able to control others is a grand illusion. Not a single one of us can control our own breath for more than a few minutes. Not a single one of us can control our own bodily gasses. And tell me, how many among us can control our own tongue or genitals?
“And that action performed in ignorance and delusion without consideration of future bondage or consequences, which inflicts injury and is impractical is said to be action in the mode of ignorance.” Bhagavad Gita, As It Is, chapter 18, text 25 (circa 1972).
“Those who are demonic do not know what is to be done and what is not to be done. Neither cleanliness nor proper behavior nor truth is found in them.” BG.16.7
“Following such conclusion, the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.” BG.16.9
On a positive note, I am reading so, so, so many comments on Youtube that are rockin’ and rollin’ the daily briefings. 100’s of 1000’s of people have been helped! And folks are waking up to the incredible censorship plaguing PP; there is much talk about ditching Youtube and going to an un-censored platform.
The Fourth Turning feels like it’s really churning right now.

Once you go down the cynics hole, there is no coming out. It takes practice and restraint to not just jump to the worst conclusion first.
My first thought was cynical, but my second thought was the side effects.
Just wait a little while and someone from PP might rustle up a link.

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“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius

Please check this out. I would love to hear your comments in this information, which parts are true or not?. Much darker from what I though.

It is an interview with Dra. Judy Mikovits

Hi Jan - not sure if I’m thinking of the same post you are, but I think it’s still there. Big dogs and all… :slight_smile:

This morning, for this thread. Three new links from alt media sites. Poof! Disturbing, but I will find a way to keep unearthing and sharing things we need to know.

Strange stuff - 1st post lost to the black hole. Tried again: Message: You said that already.

Quite some time ago, I had that same message “You said that already”. I noticed if I can’t the subject line, it posted. Don’t know of that would work now tho.

Telling me I do not have permission to respond to a PM by Raingarden, after we had already exchanged messages. More weird shit… I fear PP has succeeded in its goal of being highly credible information scouts to the point they have made a lot of people feel ‘uncomfortable’.
PP is the pebble in the pond, creating ever growing waves of awareness. Keep going!
Following the Voice within: pebbles

Oh boy!
It looks like steroids may be getting the hydroxychloroquine/Remdesivir type of treatment! (Old cheap drug with actual benefit is poo-poo’ed while a barely effective but expensive new experimental drug is advanced as “the standard of care.”)
(author is a non-native English speaker and grammar has been improved in the quotes.)
Why an inexpensive anti-inflammatory drug [the corticosteroids] used to treat severe respiratory failure and shown to decrease mortality and dependence on a ventilator goes unused in COVID-19 patients.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, patients’ advocacy organizations are missing. There is no pharmacoeconomic interest promoting the use of an off-patent treatment and recommendations by some American medical organizations are based on an anemic review of the evidence and a biased interpretation of the data. As a result of the WHO’s dogmatic recommendation, thousands of COVID-19 patients are still dying from massive inflammation while doctors are discouraged to use the most potent anti-inflammatory treatment presently available, [steroids like methylprednisolone].
So I tracked down a small group of 10 or so physicians who call themselves Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Working Group. They are outliers, kind of like HCQ prescribers, and do NOT represent the mainstream. But all are intensivists (run ICUs). One of the group, Umberto Meduri, MD, has written a paper criticizing the study which is the basis of the WHO's position of "do not use steroids for COVID."
Overall the WHO offered only a cursory summary of a few selected publications grossly under-representing the available evidence, an approach appallingly inadequate for a critical recommendation that impacts so many lives. (details below) The evidence provided in the March 13 Interim Guidance was limited to a meta-analysis of 1,500 patients, and two observational studies involving 600 patients with H1N1, and 300 patients with MERS pneumonia. While these observational studies reported [that steroids gave] no reduction in mortality after adjustment for baseline confounders and time-dependent covariates, one reported a reduction in viral clearance. This latter finding was part of the justification for the categorical recommendation against steroid use; yet, the study showed that if corticosteroid treatment was longer than 7 days, clearance was not affected. The WHO’s review ignored new data from (i) ten RCTs in non-viral ARDS (1,093 patients) including a significant reduction in interleukin-6 blood levels, (ii) the four largest studies - totaling 9,149 patients with SARS-CoV or H1N1 influenza - reporting a reduction in duration of mechanical ventilation and mortality, (iii) the early positive results from China with COVID-19 patients, and (iv) the experts’ recommendations from the frontlines of China, Korea, and Italy.
And here is the source paper with complete bibliography, sourcing these studies and supporting these conclusions.  

Rationale for Prolonged Corticosteroid Treatment in the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Caused by Coronavirus Disease 2019


Villar, Jesús MD, PhD1–3; Confalonieri, Marco MD4; Pastores, Stephen M. MD, MACP, FCCP, FCCM5; Meduri, G. Umberto MD

Critical Care Explorations: April 2020 - Volume 2 - Issue 4 - p e0111

This is a major high profile (Seattle based) source for health statistics, policy making, etc. Scan down through the time line of the organization late 2016 & early 2017.

The usual suspects it would seem. (Governor Inslee (WA) met with this group on Friday. I’ve been observing a great deal of foot dragging on releasing the lockdown.)

According to Colorado DORA, professional management branch, the home HCQ treatment recommended for consideration by EVMS protocol in the symptomatic section is banned in Colorado with threat of losing medical license and being reported by the pharmacy. So sorry. You get to die.

I happened upon Thailand Medical News website it has links to melatonin studies and a good track record of relevant Covid19 news . Also, an awesome essay on Erin Bromage PhD “know the risks”. As well , a preprint on Mayo Clinic proceedings regarding a $150 ekg availalable on amazon for iPhone to assess and monitor cardiac risk of hydroxychloraquine