Covid-19 A Result of Lab Manipulation? Suspicions Grow...

I take 4000 IU daily.  Dr. Seheult takes 2500 IU daily.  In the attached video, he mentions that knowing how much to take is complicated and to really calibrate you need to get your blood tested after taking a stable amount for a few weeks.  It’s different than, say, Vitamin C because it is fat soluble and your levels don’t respond immediately to a dose.  Best regards, Jim   

I am going to give you the best and cheapest medical advice you will ever get. It won’t cost you one penny.
There is no one size fits all for supplements. If you are not at risk for skin cancer at least 3 days of exposure to the sun on your arms and face for 15 minutes a day is sufficient for most caucasians. Cheap right?
The only way to know how much supplementation you might require (or dietary adjustment) is with a blood test. Vit D is a serious molecule. It not only functions as a vitamin it also functions as a hormone. Hormones rule the universe. The release of one hormone or the excess or deficiency of one triggers a cascade of effects in the endocrine system.
The only medical advice I suggest you get (and you are asking a medical question) is from a medical professional. So my guidance which I have posted a number of times is to get a Spectracell analysis
When you get the results go over them with a medical professional preferably a functional medical practitioner. (you will need a medical person anyway to draw the blood). This will give you a baseline of your micronutrient levels. From there you can adjust diet and supplementation to bring your levels into balance. Then get retested 6 months to a year to see how you are doing. Most insurance will pay for at least part of the test.
Good luck and again there is no charge and my guidance is worth every penny.

Yeah thanks I read the NBC article but not the document.
I would like to know the source. I would also like to know if our intelligence (using the term loosely) community has looked at this. As I stated if this is verifiable then it certainly would raise some eyebrows.
I guess I could go to those sites to look up the data myself but I am not inclined to tech.
Thanks for the info.

I never once compared the IFR of Covid to CFR of the flu. Besides, IFR of flu is something like .06 apparently. But I was always under the impression that US Flu stats are wildly overinflated. To date, the only person that I think maaaybe died of the flu was my 94 year old bedridden grandma that died of pnuemonia. I dont know a single other person that has died of the flu, nor have I even heard from a second party “oh geez that poor cop died of the flu”
I know covid is a serious problem. A 0.7% IFR has the potential to kill and sicken a crap ton of people. I’m just glad that it “only” came in at that number. For my age group, its even less, probably .1

I appreciate your intelligence, and that you say what you see. And that you have a strong enough sense of self to hold your own viewpoint despite flak.

  • Noting assertions that are not facts.
  • Noting appeals to authority.
  • Noting attempts to trigger the social ostracism threat ("if you think that then you are a nut")
  • And reading the work of renegade virologists with non-standard view and bringing them to your podcasts.
Without educators willing to see and say unpopular things, we are lost.

My go to resource for diet and supplement questions is “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” by Phyllis A Balch
She covers virtually everything from water, vitamins, conditions, enzymes, minerals to food and herbs.
I have used it for decades.
I also recommend the work of Datis Kharrazian
He uses non pharmaceutical approaches to a number of issues.

I was relieved and even gratified when Chris started saying “plant a garden”. I had already started a container garden in my front yard, and was wondering if it was an overreaction. Being a “green industry” type for most of the past 30 years, growing something to eat is my natural response to significant social and economic uncertainties. Almost a reflexive thing. (And if, somehow, the economy survives this, I can plant ornamental shrubs and trees in those same containers and sell them.)
Winter rains were keeping me home when I decided to look into the disturbing news out of Wuhan in early February. After a day or two of mulling things over, I told my partner, MJ, “the world has changed forever”. And air travel continued unabated as more horror stories oozed out of China (Epoch Times and Zooming In with Simone Gao were my early sources). The “math” was simple. It will be here. It’s a novel virus, so no one has any immunity. Jet-setters will bring it and wage earners will spread it. Americans will not put up with the sort of lockdown the Chinese have to comply with. Thus, we will get smashed by this bug (unless, maybe, those American flags the protesters were waving actually have anti-viral properties?)
The global train wreck has been playing out in slow motion for maybe seven months now, and the developments keep rolling in. It’s become a strange world.
With few cases in my area, people are not all that keen to stay at home and miss work. So restaurants are opening with no social distancing. Few people wear masks. The certainty of increased infections all around me is unsettling.
And on the economic front–whoa. It seems that, instead of a world-beating juggernaut of an economy, we have a stunned and staggering, lumbering giant who’s been gut-shot and doesn’t yet realize he’s dead where he stands.
There’s so much to keep up with, so much to consider and fret about, that psychological stress can take a toll.
Chris is right to encourage people to get to work in their gardens as a means of allaying some of that stress while hedging against food shortages. It makes sense. It gives a productive focus for one’s concerns.
I am reminded of the last sentence of Voltaire’s “Candide”. When Pangloss was waxing philosophic (again) about things far beyond his or anyone’s ability to control or mollify, Candide said, simply, “Tendons notre jardin”.
“Let’s tend our garden” while this train wreck plays out.
“Candide” is a great read. And Candide’s advice is absolutely on target today.

Sorry to hear you are being attacked personally, but I am not surprised. As to “the degree of obfuscation and illogical arguments being proffered,” I am also not surprised. Think about the implications for US scientists who were involved in Gain-of-Function (GOF) experimentation with SARS-COV-1 and other viruses if COVID-19 is in any way linked back to their labs from Wuhan Institute of Virology or elsewhere? The research and funding links are in the public record, but that does not discount the efficacy of repeating the “natural origin” lie over and over and over again until it is a prima facie fact that serves the interests of those involved.
It is worth remembering that NIH funding for this research was halted in October of 2014 by none other than the current Director of the NIH Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., only to be lifted by the same individual in December of 2017
At the time of the original pause in funding Dr. Collins stated,
“…the U.S. government will undertake a deliberative process to assess the risks and benefits of certain gain-of-function (GOF) experiments with influenza, SARS, and MERS viruses in order to develop a new Federal policy regarding the funding of this research. During this deliberative process, U.S. government agencies will institute a pause on the funding of any new studies involving these experiments. For purposes of the deliberative process and this funding pause, “GOF studies” refers to scientific research that increases the ability of any of these infectious agents to cause disease by enhancing its pathogenicity or by increasing its transmissibility among mammals by respiratory droplets.”
Does any of the above sound familiar?
I truly believe you are doing a remarkable service to all of mankind by employing your inspiring work ethic and intelligence in this quest for truth about the origins of SARS-COV-2. We can only hope you will inspire a few influential people in the process.
Thank you very much.

The British Empire only existed from 1877 until 1948 - anything before 1848 until 1601 was the East India Company which was a corporation completely out of control in every sense of the word, it had to go bankrupt before it could be nationalised and reigned in thereby all the territory it had acquired became the crowns. Britain’s wealth AKA power was not trade nor banking nor territory, these monika’s belonged to all the other empires, Britain’s was in mass production of the high technology goods of the time as the source of the industrial revolution.
Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of INDIA after an 1876 Conservative bill enacted in 1877, the Monarch was already ruler of India(raj) from 1848, there was never a creation of the British Empire. It was a MSM moniker to get taxpayer funding for all those interventions needed to keep control of an Empire in name only, which was effectively a melange of self governing colonies with the odd territory & subservient Iron age monarchy.
Remember the US war of Independence stripped the UK of every territory it had other than Newfoundland. Not much of an empire.

Damn Chris, you brought your A game today!!! I was into your words from the get go, it was easy to hear you had something to say today!!! Love this shit!!! Just drop the Mic and walk away! You slammed it home. Proud of you Brother. I have one point: If Fauci’s department paid to have their work done at Wuhan then it had to conclude the work and give him his money’s worth, correct? Then why hasn’t Fauci commented that he was involved with this Virus a lot sooner than we knew about it? Why hasn’t he owned this more than he has? Am I missing something? Something smells and I would like to know just what Fauci knows? When.

Hi George,
Do not take it personally. The CDC scale you linked to uses CFR. The estimated CFR of Covid-19 is ~7%, making it a category 5 pandemic, the worst kind that is. And as Mohammed Mast indicated, if we factor in the damage that it does to survivors it is potentially worse than that (Although it has been hypothesized that a lot of cardiovascular deaths in the sixties were caused by the Spanish flu! (Source)).
Take care!

This could add credence to the ‘from nature’ argument.
Needs careful looking at. It could be ‘straight down the line’…
If it isn’t, given it looks like even the President and Vice President have abruptly gone quiet on the ‘from a lab’ angle, I’d suggest it’s going to be very hard for any ‘You-Tuber’, no matter how thorough, to persuade vested interests not to continue obfuscating on this.
If it is, it makes it closer to a 50-50 bet nature - lab manipulated. I’d guess at least making it close enough to muddy the waters on the whole thing.
We just may never know.
Frustrating for sure.

The starting point is knowing what your D level is. The best D will come from exposure to direct sun. Don’t let yourself burn, but get as much sun over as much of your body as possible as often as possible.

Seems to my ear that when Dr. Martensen mentions anything which may refute his argument re lab creation of Covid19, his tone is humorous at best and dismissive at worst.

At least two of us will have a zoom meeting to discuss interesting issues that Urbanplanner and others helpfully brought up regarding farming under new conditions expected.
Please join us if you can with the link below.
Topic: farming after the collapse, (and maybe amateur radio digital communications)
Time: May 17, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 755 6150 2844
Password: 006589
best regards

This is a must watch, she has an amazing professional background and a lot to say. HCQ, Lockdown, Vit D, C, Zinc, Vaccine unlikely and not really needed.

We don’t know for certain whether there was an accident that caused the release of one of these gain of function viruses in Wuhan. We do know, however, that China has been doing a lot of cover-up activity to deter others from finding out what actually happened in Wuhan. We also know that Dr. Fauci, a well-known COVID-19 advisor, had his hand in this Chinese research activity. Fauci’s organization, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, provided partial funding for the gain of function experiments on bat coronaviruses in Wuhan. While the intent of the experiments seems to have been for the good of mankind, it would seem that Dr. Fauci’s judgment erred in the direction of allowing too much risk for the world’s population. [7] We are probably kidding ourselves about ever being able to contain the virus that causes COVID-19. We are gradually learning that the virus causing COVID-19 is easily spread, even by people who do not show any symptoms of the disease. The virus can spread long distances through the air. Tests to see if people are ill tend to produce a lot of false negatives; because of this, it is close to impossible to know whether a particular person has the illness or not. China is finding that it cannot really contain the virus that causes COVID-19. A recent South China Morning Post article indicates that roughly 14 million people are to be tested in the Wuhan area in the next ten days to try to control a new outbreak of the virus. [9] A person wonders whether Dr. Fauci and members of the World Health Organization are influenced by the wishes of vaccine and big pharmaceutical companies. The recommendation to try to “flatten the curve” is, in part, an attempt to give vaccine and pharmaceutical makers more time to work on their products. Is this really the best recommendation? Perhaps I am being overly suspicious, but we recently have been dealing with an opioid epidemic which was encouraged by manufacturers of Oxycontin and other opioids. We don’t need another similar experience, this time sponsored by vaccine and other pharmaceutical makers.
She has more interesting observations, as always.

There are now close to eighty “biosafety level-four” sites in operation (or planned) in the world that are built to research dangerous diseases that lack a cure or a vaccine. We in the US have over a dozen. China has two, with one in Wuhan, and with plans to build many more over the next five years. If working with pathogens is dangerous, modifying these pathogens with the purpose of making these diseases more dangerous (e.g., at spreading between humans, at making them more resistant to antibiotics, etc.) is insanity. That is what our friends in China (at the Wuhan lab) were engaging in. They were modifying / experimenting with the coronavirus using gain-of-function technology.
So the question is, was SARS-COV-2 a lab research accident? Was it an accidental leak of virus material from a laboratory or an accidental infection of a human in the course of work in the lab? Clearly Bio lab accidents happen. For example, in 1978 the world’s last known case of smallpox was caused by a leak from a British laboratory. In 2004, SARS slipped out of a lab in Beijing not once but twice. In 2007, a sample of the “foot-and-mouth” disease escaped from a research institute. And let’s be honest we in the US have had our share of accidents. During the period from 2000-2009, the U.S. suffered over 30 laboratory-acquired infections, resulting in four deaths. American labs have accidentally shipped live anthrax, bird flu and Ebola to lower-security facilities in recent years. Clearly leaks from laboratories, including bsl-4 labs, are not unheard of. So it is possible (and maybe likely) that SARS-COV-2 was a Wuhan lab research accident. There is nothing wrong with the proposition that this could have happened.
Michigan governor Whitmer, having had recent assassination threats, has said tomorrow’s protesters maybe arrested if carrying a gun and acting in a threatening manner.
What happens if someone shoots? Given the situation, you won’t be able to tell if law enforcement or protesters do it. If protesters appear to have fired first, expect that police will make this another Kent State. While law enforcement might support Trump, none of them wants to be out where civilians have an ok to shoot at cops. They will fire back.

The level of ignorance I’ve encountered while sharing your information is insane. I never thought to see the general masses with such big blinders on. Anyways Chris, I presented this link in a discussion, and someone presented to me a new study on a virus called RmYN02, claiming sars-cov-2 originated naturally due to the findings in this new virus.
Summary of study below and link
The unprecedented pandemic of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, in China and beyond has had major public health impacts on a global scale [1,2]. Although bats are regarded as the most likely natural hosts for SARS-CoV-2 [3], the origins of the virus remain unclear. Here, we report a novel bat-derived coronavirus, denoted RmYN02, identified from a metagenomics analysis of samples from 227 bats collected from Yunnan Province in China between May and October, 2019. Notably, RmYN02 shares 93.3% nucleotide identity with SARS-CoV-2 at the scale of the complete virus genome and 97.2% identity in the 1ab gene, in which it is the closest relative of SARS-CoV-2 reported to date. In contrast, RmYN02 showed low sequence identity (61.3%) to SARS-CoV-2 in the receptor binding domain (RBD) and might not bind to angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). Critically, and in a similar manner to SARS-CoV-2, RmYN02 was characterized by the insertion of multiple amino acids at the junction site of the S1 and S2 subunits of the spike (S) protein. This provides strong evidence that such insertion events can occur naturally in animal betacoronaviruses.
would love to hear back or see this broken down in one of your videos I’m having some personal doubts but I’m not able to perceive the data as… efficient.
Lol, keep up the great work Chris, thank you for my peace of mind!
Garrett Sunshine