Covid-19: Is Herd Immunity Possible At This Point?

With total covid-19 cases worldwide having punched above 10 million and the US now experiencing 50,000(!) new infections per day, the end to the pandemic looks nowhere in sight.

For those hoping a vaccine will ride to our rescue, we’re stuck in a cycle of good news/bad news as nearly every promising initial announcement is soon followed by a list of setbacks. Complicating the matter is that former covid patients appear to be losing their antibodies quickly – suggesting that lasting immunity may not be a realistic expectation.

Meanwhile, more research data is pointing to the conclusion that the virus did develop, in part, in a lab. With 90% confidence.

Oh boy…

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 Just what I need in my immune system. Can’t wait for to add mercury to my blood stream.

A thousand Chihuahuas glomping onto you while you’re running across a field?
I’m going to have Chihuahua nightmares tonight!

Would you really want Jacinda Arden to be your President? You would have to turn in most of your guns, and ALL of the ones most useful in a civil war or mass civil unrest.
I enjoy listening to you criticize the incompetence, greed and politicization of science and medicine. Or more to the point: the incompetence, greed and politicization of scientists and physicians (“they have names”). Listening to you I’ve started to get the impression that science and medicine are as screwed up as law enforcement (not to mention banking, government, corporations and “”markets””). Since the experts in science and medicine who are failing us are much, much more intelligent than the average cop, I’m guessing a lot of them qualify as “the dumbest smart person I’ve ever met.”
But where are the mobs rioting while screaming “Ban gain of function research!” “Defund Science!” “Defund Medicine!”
You often quote Charlie Munger saying, “Show me the incentive, and I’ll show you the outcome.” So I’m looking forward to your ideas on how to drastically reform the incentives for scientists and doctors like you did for law enforcement. Or maybe you’d rather I do it.

If antibody levels can decline to undetectable in as little as two weeks after infection yet resistance remains from T-cells, is it not possible that herd immunity already exists in some parts of the word and the USA? Specifically, NY, NJ, MA, RI, and CT, unlike other states, all see no new rises in cases in spite of demonstrations, openings, etc. What they have in common is deaths per million around 1000 or greater. Since deaths/M is likely the most robust statistic for covid19, perhaps one could say that herd immunity arrives when the fatality rate reaches 0.1% (maybe lower as treatment methods improve).

The first time I saw the genome of this virus, I knew a vaccine could not be created for it…I knew there would be no such thing as “herd immunity” against it…I knew it was a laboratory creation…I knew from the disinformation being spewed the virus was deliberately released…and told everyone about it.
I tried to inform people this virus would mutate rapidly and that reinfection would be possible as a result; that people could be infected by more than one strain at the same time.
I told people a cure would already exist, and already be on the shelf…while every effort to misdirect outside efforts to fight this virus was instigated to drive efforts along ineffective and meaningless goals.
Why is all this still a surprise after all these months?
When I was part of the Intelligence Community, and was specifically trained about such pathogens, such as what is now called, “HIV,” for example, and other bio-weapons, including how these pathogens are intended to be used (since it was part of my job to keep selected personnel alive), I have first hand knowledge…as I sat with others in government classrooms, in classified areas, and was instructed, in detail, about such viral pathogens.
Short of an effort to avoid nuclear exchange, the only reason to release such pathogens are population control, and the achievement of a political objective, or both.
I had thought there was a chance this pathogen was released accidentally, while the virus was just manifesting in China, but the Confusion Game became immediately obvious…and I now believe this is a “Plandemic” and not accidental.
I wish everyone worthy of Life…Life.

There is no way I will take a vaccine that is funded by Bill Gates. Unfortunately, his money is to be found pretty everywhere when it comes to vaccines. If you want to know why I am saying this, the documentary to which I link below is a MUST WATCH.
Part One: How Bill Gates Monoplized Global Health
Part Two: Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World
Part Three: Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid
Part Four: Meet Bill Gates
I’ve linked to this documentary before, but I now link to it again, because I think it is THAT important. You can also read the Transcript, and check out all the sources and hyperlinks.
For even more context and background, I recommend you check out:
If you want another source than The Corbett Report on this topic (The Great Reset), I recommend Martin Armstrong:

How about “My Stupidity, My Choice”?

Check it out. This is what defunding the police looks like.

Hi, Ision, good to hear from you. It is hard for a rational voice like yours to cut through the confusion fog. I hope when the US Constitution is rewritten, they remove that amendment of the right to breed and wreck the earth.

Weren’t there reports of people in Wuhan who had the virus and kicked it on their own being reinfected later and becoming extremely ill or dying?

Has anyone compiled a list of scientific studies on mask efficacy? Also, what do people plan on feeding chickens if they can’t buy feed anymore?

I don’t have chickens, but have thought about the feed availability issue. What I am researching is growing corn, sunflower seeds and meal worms. All can be done low tech.
Edit: Also, earthworms.

Klaatu: No - Not T-cells from other corona viruses but rather T-cells from covid19 left over after antibodies have diminished below detection thresholds, T-cells specific for covid19 that can resume an antibody response before covid19 can reinfect to the level where symptoms present.

I am new to this site, but regarding antibodies I want to point you to the informational video about the Danish antibody testing. It is developed by our health authorities, hospitals and our largest pharma company Novo Nordisk.
Antibody testing:
PCR testing:
Looking forward to more videos.
Kind regards,

Or the population supplements - if they like it or not, e.g. Fortified cereals. BAME and poor diet seems to be the big risk factor.

In the UK VAP crime rate rose from 1901 to 1998 7708% Rapes by 1743% Robbery 16783% most of which was from 1970, during which time the police were well funded and by and large stopped policing. They were in a time where unlimited EU and Asian immigration happened(so we got their criminals out to make something of themselves in a nation where they were not known), but they knew what was happening with their suspects and did and said nothing about it. If they were working farm animals, the farmer would have put them down. We can do better paying off a local don who would ensure unlicensed criminality would get the full force of injustice.

Special thanks to Chris for being a Science Communicator in a politicized environment that throws roadblocks against him at every turn.
By virtue of what I am learning on Peak Prosperity, I am able to have some positive impact on my local community. So hats off to Chris and to other enlightened contributors on PP who struggle to discern and communicate the truth every day.
“Science is but an image of the truth” Francis Bacon

My grandfather, who was a college professor probably would qualify as a “stupid smart person.” He died long before I was born, but I probably carry the taint, against which I do struggle when I remember. He was well known for building a huge, beautiful farm house, before digging the well. It was the view, I guess.
That warning being given, my speculation, proved or not in some distant future, is, that antibody production depends on Vitamin D status. Most of the “long haul” case reports never mention any supplements or immune boosting they were doing before infection. This is partially the fault of our crappy medical system. All my own opinion.
Edit: evidently, vitamin C plays a large role in level of antibodies in the serum.

So …if there is minimal or no antibody buildup, the only herd immunity can be from the members of the herd that are immune by virtue of their own chemistry before, during and after they are exposed to Covid. The only thing that changes the Math is the death of part of the population. The immune part of the population in the equation is a constant.
That brings us back to prophylaxis. A healthy lifestyle and the correct supplements. And a plan B to get some HCQ if you can …and be an advocate for the New studies that show HCQ positive so that the public will wake up and be as vocal as the conspirators.

Ision very interested to read more of your posts. However, when I tried to search by username your posts don’t show up? I believe your most recent post is spot on. Am interested to read more.