COVID Conspiracies, Iranian Drones, and Office Losses: A World of Woe

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In the realm of health and medicine, Dr. Peter Canaday, a former radiologist with the Taranaki District Health Board, has been found guilty of professional misconduct for spreading Covid-19 and vaccine misinformation. The charges stemmed from a radio interview and two online presentations in 2021, where he made unfounded claims about the vaccine’s link to sterility, miscarriages, and deaths. The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal concluded that Canaday’s conduct was likely to undermine public confidence in the Pfizer vaccine and discredit the medical profession.

Meanwhile, over 100 candidates for public office and numerous current officeholders in 35 states have publicly called for the immediate discontinuation of COVID-19 vaccines due to safety concerns. Led by Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, president of Americans for Health Freedom (AHF), the group claims that over 17,000 physicians support their cause. The declaration accuses vaccine manufacturers of withholding safety and efficacy information and calls for legal consequences.

In international news, a recent drone strike on a US troop base in Jordan has raised questions about the effectiveness of the US air defense system and electronic warfare capabilities. The attack, which the US government attributes to Iran-backed militant groups, has revealed vulnerabilities in US forces’ detection and neutralization capabilities. The strategic significance of the attack is underscored by the deployment of an Iranian naval drone carrier in the Gulf of Oman, suggesting that Iran is prepared to close the Strait of Hormuz if the US retaliates.

On the domestic front, the state of New York is considering a plan to hire around 4,000 migrants and asylum seekers for jobs that are allegedly hard to recruit for. The proposal aims to create “transitional” titles with requirements more in line with the candidates’ qualifications. Once in these jobs, the workers would receive training and support to help them gain the necessary skills to be eligible for permanent roles.

In the economic sphere, Starwood Capital CEO Barry Sternlicht predicts losses on office properties hitting $1 trillion due to the lasting legacy of remote work from the pandemic. Sternlicht criticized the Federal Reserve for leaving a “serious mess” in the real estate market. The US office market marked its fifth straight quarter of negative net absorption of office space in the last quarter of 2021, with the overall office vacancy rate rising to a 30-year high of 18.6%.

Lastly, a shift towards community-focused institutions and the decline of individual privilege is being observed, drawing parallels to historical periods of decreased inequality. The text introduces demography expert Neil Howe and discusses the cyclical nature of crises occurring every 80 years. The text also discusses concerns about the increasing alignment of nations into powerful groups, the high level of national government debt in the US, and the potential for inflation to address the debt.


Billionaire Starwood CEO Warns of $1 Trillion Losses in Ailing Office Market

The ailing office market is headed for $1 trillion of losses, billionaire and Starwood Capital CEO Barry Sternlicht said.

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Generational Expert Neil Howe Discusses the Impending Crisis and the Shift in Values and Wealth Distribution

I think what’s important to think about is the full range of generational experiences that leads to each group born in every quadrant of that cycle. That’s what we look at. Life looks very differently to a Gen Xer who’s raised his kids during an awakening than it does to a member of the silent generation who raised kids during the Great Depression and World War II. They see life in fundamentally different ways as they grow older.

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“Exploring Government Surveillance, Digital Currencies, and the Decline of the US as a Global Power”

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New York Considers Hiring Migrants Over Legal Residents in Job Proposal

These individuals are able to perform many of the core duties of the positions that state agencies seek to fill.

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Over 100 Candidates and Elected Officials Call for Investigation into COVID-19 Vaccines

We declare, and the data confirms that COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy injections must end.

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US Troop Base in Jordan Attacked by Drones, Raises Concerns Over Defense Systems and Regional Conflict

This is a major embarrassment and a message for the US and its allies… The implications of all of this are enormous. Now, even the smallest maritime country, at a relatively low cost, can project force and inflict harm on the traditionally dominant actors.

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Doctor Found Guilty of Professional Misconduct for Spreading Covid-19 and Vaccine Falsehoods

The tribunal decision found aspects of the charge against Canaday were ‘not individually proven to be professional misconduct, but when considered cumulatively could amount to professional misconduct’.

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So for those of you thinking of escaping down here, in New Zealand this is how it runs now: We can’t prove that you’ve done anything wrong (because you haven’t) but you’ve done what we don’t approve of, so we’re finding you guilty anyway.
Dr Canaday is a hero.

Just got back from a 5day visit to friends across the Rockies. The gals went to school together, friend being a recently retire CC nurse/manager, cancer clinic, ER, etc.
We had never really discussed the whole Convid debacle, both my wife and I had been in agreement that if we were always in warrior mode, our friend circle would evaporate. Sometimes it’s best to keep the channels of communications open, and win long term battles by millions of tiny increments instead….
So, the topic finally came up, related to the 2 year anniversary of the Truckers Convoy, with a celebration truck roll in Calgary. Friends mocked it. I mentioned that Trudeau’s emergency act declaration had recently been declared illegal in Federal Court of Canada……crickets……but they hate Trudeau too, go figure.
Conversation pivoted to the jabs, of course, at that point. They said how the jabs had saved millions from dying, upon which I rolled my eyes. Retorted to them that those most at risk were the elderly, inform and already ill…….crickets…….but “it was our duty to take the shots to protect everyone else”. Another eyeroll…….and masks work, that’s why we wear them in the hospitals…….oh …boy………
I then pointed out, that I have captured screen grabs of the official BC government CDC website, with the official data used to create the infamous DONUT CHARTS, which, in June of 2022, discredited the whole jab agenda, as 90% of those in ICU, and deaths were vaccinated up to 3 times. Talk about inconvenient truths. Well, the BCgovernment erased the website and data from the Internet. Stated that to them clearly, official government site.
A retort? “So, you found a website that stated something, I can find a website to support anything on the internet”. Eyeroll. Then I said, I agree with you, I hate random websites, there’s a lot of crap out there. But, THIS was the BC Government’s own website.
Then said nurse stated, that this was a great achievement in immunotherapy and had been studied for over a decade. Didn’t have the heart to tell her it was actually genetic therapy, not immuno, but, she’s a “health professional”.
They are truly indoctrinated, and, never question their health superiors either. Very well conditioned to taking orders and never questioning authority.
She looks likes she’s aged overnight too another anecdotal effect of the jabs. They’ve taken only 3 jabs, they didn’t really explain why they stopped, if the jabs saved humanity from ruin! But, this wasn’t an argument either, we just stated positions and thoughts without insult, taking the high road. Though my wife was getting a bit hot, getting fired by BC government for being a Refusenik is a pretty good reason for still getting fired up, is a fair reason, which our guest did patronize her for too, SMH.
Anyways, we wait to see if this is the visit that distances us, we expect it, and don’t regret it. Thoughts for others to see how the other side is still locked in their delusions to this day.


Here’s one Donut chart sample, that BC government conveniently deleted just weeks after this capture. Note their current website makes no mention of Inconvenient Truths.
I’ve sent this to the usual big media reporters here inBC, TV and print, but of course, they don’t answer or mention this whatsoever, their paymasters and grifters in government would not take kindly to being outed for fraud and murder.
It now looks like a 404 page, how convenient.

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No, it was not.

Gene therapy works by introducing genetic material into a person’s cells to replace missing or malfunctioning genes, or to make a beneficial protein.

This particular mRNA injection was designed to induce the body to produce a protein that was intentionally harmful, with the hope that the shock would prepare the immune system for an even bigger shock.

More accurately, this can be called gene shock therapy.

That’s fair. It certainly is not immunotherapy, which, is what my misinformed, highly experienced critical care nurse friend claimed, shockingly.
We can agree it’s a bioweapon!


It certainly is capable of causing a lot of harm. Was it intended to create harm? I think that intent can be inferred from the persistence in drawing attention away from the harm.

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I have stopped biting my tongue as well, for all the harm caused by the malignant public health zealots has not disappeared, and the insults and offence not apologized for. I don’t seek conflict, now I do not surrender to it. I usually ask if there ‘is any evidence they will accept’, or ‘you can see the accelerated aging in the facial skin of the jabbed’, or “has the government ever lied to you before”. Mostly they don’t want to know.


cognitive dissonance is a strong emotion


Meanwhile in New York…

Down the block from the unsanitary migrant camp, doctors and nurses are forced to wear the face diaper again :clown_face:

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Yes it is. It’s a potential earth shattering paradigm shift, but, most people react by absolute dismissal, since, their world view portrays the other possibility as nonsense and tinfoil hatter territory.
If they’re not friends, hammer away. If they are friends, and they haven’t kicked you out of their house, it’s gotta be a civil discussion.
It’s all about planting seeds of doubt with that subset of true believers. They will always remember their friends saying those contrarying things. Seeds take a long time to grow into full bloom.

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I’m pretty sure the ““vaccine”” manufacturer’s own SEC filings only ever refer to their mRNA jabs as gene therapies.

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They cannot be considered gene therapies in the traditional sense understood before Warp Speed. The key difference was that they did not aim to correct any issues using introduced genetic material. Rather, their purpose was to induce autoimmune responses, hoping to prime the immune system to combat viral infections.

However, this autoimmune response ended up confusing the immune system, leading to the discontinuation of the NK cell strategy in favor of a response similar to non-neutralizing IgG4.

To clarify, my assumption is that the PNNAbs GVB refers to are essentially a supercharged version of IgG4.

I tried to explain it here:

And here:

It looks like the narrative is slowly shifting here in Oz.

The article I’ve linked below contains a few juicy morsels of truth in a bowl of maintain-the-narrative. In fact, the first two bullet points at the head of the article spell it out for you.

  • In short: Immunology experts say contracting COVID multiple times is a sign there could be a problem with the immune system.
  • Researchers have found the more times you’re infected the higher chance you have of developing long COVID or other chronic health conditions.

But then lapse straight back into the narrative that the injections are ‘safe and effective’

  • Those at risk are urged to be up to date with their booster vaccinations.

Reading between the lines, it appears that the powers that be have given their blessing to a change in the narrative, but still cloaked in the “CV19 kills people and the only way to stay safe is to get jabbed and boosted” story.

Maybe there is hope yet??



Ive also noted some changes in reporting recently. Like this vaccine injury on 9 news. Maybe a slow pivot will be less angry mob inducing.

Sort of like the progression of how the vaccine stopped transmission, likely stopped transmission, did not stop transmission but less likely to end up in hospital etc. I remember people arguing that we knew all along that the vaccine did not stop transmission. It’s like they totally forgot the these vaccines were originally marketed as stopping transmission and if you pointed it out, well they replied like you were stupid as everyone knows that’s not how vaccines work…


I agree with you on the slow-change of the narrative. The original message was “The jab will totally protect you from catching CV19 and this will end the pandemic.” We’ve all seen how that panned out.

I read somewhere that the average person can only hold 5 ± 2 thoughts in their head at any one time, and hence any new thought will push one of the older ones out.

Feed the masses enough distractions (“climate change”, “Ukraine war”, “football”) and all those old thoughts will be forgotten soon enough.


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