Crash Course 2.0 - CHAPTER 2: MONEY, WEALTH and BANKING

Understanding the characteristics of money, its role as our social glue and trust-at-a-distance, and especially where it comes from are absolutely vital things to know.

Which is probably why they are almost never taught anywhere within the educational system nor in our mainstream press.

Most importantly, everybody should be tracking how much money is being created ‘in their name’ by the Fed and for what purposes.

When you do, and you compare those amounts of ever-accumulating debt against what the future economy could reasonably provide, it’s completely obvious that there’s a huge maw of a gap between the claims (debt) and the stuff (GDP).

How will that gap be resolved? Does anybody know? Is there a plan besides a loosely defined “Great Reset” and maybe a CBDC roll-out?

Well, since we’re not even having the conversation publicly, we have to assume the answer is “no,” there isn’t a plan.

Which means you need a plan. Because this all ends in a massive wealth transfer as already seen all throughout human history.

You will either be on the right side or the wrong side of that wealth transfer. Either a beneficiary or a victim of future circumstances.

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WTF? I subscribe to this. Why am I seeing ads!!!

Ads? What ads?
We’re using Rumble, and they typically don’t try to serve ads over my material (and I don’t see any…). Can you provide a screenshot?

Simple Is Best For The Video - A Bit Of Nuance For After

In a money system, you get “wealthy” by creating more value than you consume.
Chris shows how overall debt compares to GDP.
Here’s the nuance - have you considered that much of the “value” represented in GDP is government spending? How much value is actually created by that spending? Would it surprise you to find out that about 1/3 of the GDP is actually government spending? Also, once you take into consideration unfunded liabilities (unbudgeted promises), it gets worse. Imagine for a moment, you tell your kids that you will buy each of them a nice house. Now, imagine that you don’t actually budget for this, but house prices are going up and up over time. That’s an unfunded liability. Our government has many of these.
With these nuances in mind, how many of us still think net GDP which represents the creation of value is actually going up over time?
When it suddenly snaps, I think we’re going to see that there will be new fiat to slide in for the old one. Anyone unprepared is going to just be suddenly a lot poorer than they expected.
As Chris mentions, money is a social contract. I think we’re going to see a lot more games with the social contract as the common person is squeezed to socialize the losses of the elites and their friends.


The video played on Rumble for me, not Odysee. After it was over, the autoplay went to an Ad and then the Kim Iversen program came on. No biggie, I just hit pause. Great presentation, BTW!


If you watch the video on the PP website it won’t show ads, but if you click the Rumble logo and watch on the Rumble website, there are sometimes ads. Not a big deal :slight_smile:

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Global Value Of Us Dollars?

I was talking with some family members about our monetary system recently and one point was made that I’d love to hear your thoughts on: namely that the US Dollar is still a strong, valued currency globally so that even though it’s expanding exponentially, it isn’t like Zimbabwe or Weimar or Venezuela currencies because of that globally recognized value.

Not Being Invited Back

In Alberta, we’ve just had a journalist arrested for trespassing at an NDP leaders press conference (we are in the midst of an election). They have upped the anti.


Not true. Watched on the PP website and it started with an ad.

Interesting… I watched on PP website (or so I thought) but I did click the icon to enlarge to full screen. I didn’t realize that takes me to the Rumble site (?)

Maybe this is also what I did. Not sure. Didn’t click to enlarge the screen, though. Just clicked on Play directly from the PP site. Started with an ad for an emergency sleeping bag.

I watched the version on YouTube, and there was an ad at the beginning. It’s my own fault for not watching it on Rumble or Odyssey. Love all the great work, and just shared the Crash Course videos with some friends who know something is wrong, but aren’t quite getting the big picture yet. Thank you Chris for such an understandable explanation of the monetary system!

I watched the YouTube version and a single ad came up at the start. No big deal.

Not Convinced That Interest Implies Increasing Money Supply

I’m not convinced that interest obligations imply the need for an increasing money supply.
My counter-example is that the currency paid by a debtor as an interest payment goes to the banksters who then spend that currency in the economy which can then be used to pay interest again. So with sufficient velocity, isn’t it possible to pay off the interest with any amount of money supply?

When Money Is Broken

This is a poem I wrote for a book that I’ve written about understanding blockchain through Bitcoin.
Title: When Money is Broken
Like what I have shared before this, I hope this one will make you believe,
And the lesson I hope you’ll find here, will spark a change we can all achieve.
Though this I confess I must warn you, before you do decide to proceed,
For this story of a mom and her daughter, is an unfortunate story indeed.
Lily lived together with her mom, but she rarely gets time to see her,
Her mom does everything for her daughter, to provide for and to shelter.
Her mom had more than one job, she saved what she can from her pay,
In hopes she can provide for her daughter, a better future for her one day.
One fortune they were lucky to have, a peaceful neighbourhood where they had lived,
Where the people were kind and thankful, for any blessings they may have received.
Young Lily was indeed someone special, she did everything that she was told,
What time she didn’t spend with her studies, she had spent to keep a tidy household.
Lily thought she could do so much more, helping her neighbours and the local stores,
They would gladly pay her what they can, as she helped out with all of their chores.
Every penny they kept, every dime; they sure tried to save whenever they can,
Though they barely have enough to spare, saving money was part of their plan.
What’s cruel is this reality, a hard life where they had wrongly believed,
But instead they had all been lied to, a life where they had all been deceived.
No matter how much they had saved, none of it was ever enough,
For the prices kept rising and rising, this life could indeed be quite rough.
The eggs, the bread, the vegies, and the milk,
Medicine, and power, and things of that ilk.
What they had were just necessities, keeping together was sure a great feat,
Sometimes what they had to look forward to, was that they only had enough to eat.
Prices still kept on rising and rising, soon many things came right out of reach,
They started cutting back their spending, and the lord they sure did beseech.
The truth is sure hard to swallow, for it wasn’t all of their fault,
The system is working against them, it was truly an all-out assault.
You see the money they had always been using, in itself it sure isn’t real,
When the leaders need money for spending, they just printed and that was the deal.
Oh, if indeed all of us knew this, yet this secret has been quietly kept,
What we used to think of as money, it is truly all nothing but debt.
The more they did the printing, the less Lily can surely buy,
It was truly far from uncommon; every night poor Lily would cry.
It is theft what they truly are doing, they are stealing from all of our labour,
They say the money they print will help you, but we don’t need this kind of a favour.
For when money itself is limitless, when you can always print out more,
While the quantity of all of the stuff, stayed the same at every store.
All that money will only be looking, for the stuff that everyone needs,
What is to come sure isn’t too pretty, we all know where this surely leads.
This is where I shift the story, and tell you what’s needed instead,
What we need is a store of value, so we can finally get ahead.
One that truly cannot be devalued, one where trust can never be broken,
One where scarcity is indeed built in, and the rules had already been spoken.
When we can save in something honest, when we can save in something true,
Then our labour will truly be meaningful, if indeed we only knew.
But before that day approaches, more labour will still be stolen,
More bellies will still go empty, and more hearts will still be broken.
This lesson sure isn’t easy, we all need to climb out of this trap,
We must find this store of value; and we must all learn how to adapt.
The (usury must) end. 


Photo Of Real Wealth

Rendering lard today from mangalitsa hogs that we raised and butchered!

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Thank You!

I just wanted to thank you for producing your book in a video format. Somehow I seem to be able to digest information much better when watching it and hearing it explained.
Thanks again for everything you do!

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What if the banksters choose to buy back their own stock? Or buy long-term Treasuries? Doesn’t that mean that part of the interest they receive back gets sidelined in the asset markets instead of circulating?