Crashing Currencies and 217 Jabs for 1 Man!

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The global economy is facing a series of challenges, from currency crashes to potential food crises and rising costs. The Egyptian pound has taken a significant hit, with a devaluation of over 38% and an increase in interest rates to attract more loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This move, influenced by a major investment from the UAE, aims to address inflation and secure foreign exchange liquidity. However, the devaluation has led to a sharp drop in the pound’s value against the dollar, raising concerns about potential unrest amidst existing tensions and opposition to the government.

Meanwhile, European governments are preparing for a potential food crisis, conducting wargames to consider factors such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, weather events, and anti-EU protests disrupting supply chains. The need to manage food reserves and stockpiles is being discussed, with concerns raised about who will control these reserves in a crisis. This comes as the cost of food is rising globally due to tightening supplies. A massive fire in Texas has destroyed livestock and crops, and the U.S. cattle herd is at its smallest since 1951, leading to expected increases in beef prices. Farmers are struggling due to green policies and extreme weather events, such as a blizzard with 190 mph winds in California.

In health news, a 62-year-old man in Germany has received 217 COVID-19 vaccinations over 29 months for personal reasons. Despite concerns about hypervaccination, researchers found that his immune responses were similar to those who had received fewer doses, with some aspects showing stronger protection. His antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 were higher due to quantity, not potency. The study concluded that hypervaccination did not have adverse effects on the man’s immune system, but it is not recommended as a strategy to enhance immunity.

Turning to the United States, the Financial Report of the United States Government estimates that Social Security and Medicare are underfunded by $175.3 trillion. This massive deficit poses a significant challenge for the federal government, with potential benefit cuts looming in the near future. The report highlights the need for increased borrowing, higher taxes, reduced benefits, or a combination of these to bridge the funding gap. The unfunded liabilities for Medicare and Social Security are projected to reach $175.3 trillion, with Medicare Part B being the largest liability.

In the realm of civil liberties, there are concerns about the freedom of speech being under attack. In Washington state, a new law would allow individuals to report “bias incidents” and potentially receive up to $2,000 for non-criminal incidents. Similar efforts to expand hate crime laws have been seen in New York and Michigan. In Canada, a new law proposed by Justin Trudeau would allow authorities to take actions against individuals based on a “fear of hate” before any hate crime has been committed.

Finally, the U.S. shale oil industry is facing challenges as production declines and costs rise, leading to concerns about profitability. Major acquisitions by Exxon and Chevron are seen as attempts to distract from these issues. Experts predict a peak in U.S. oil production, with the Permian Basin reaching its limit. As production declines, companies may focus on maximizing profits through stock buybacks and dividends. The future of the U.S. oil industry is uncertain, with implications for both the economy and the environment.


Exxon and Chevron Megadeals Highlight Challenges Facing U.S. Shale Industry

“We’ve just sort of reached a point of maturity in U.S. shale. Wells aren’t getting better incrementally. In fact, they’re probably getting worse.” Dane Gregoris, Enervus managing director

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The freedom to say whatever we want is one of the most fundamental rights in a free society.

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$175,300,000,000,000 is the most important financial number in the world.

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Man in Germany Receives 217 COVID-19 Vaccinations Without Ill Effects

Wait, how many? — It conflicts with concerns of repeat boosters, but authors warn against hypervaccination.

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Texas Faces Largest Wildfire in State History, Threatening Livelihoods and Food Supply

“Farmers are going out of business every day,” said John Boyd Jr., founder of the Black Farmers of America.

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Europe Prepares for Potential Food Crisis Through Wargaming

Expect a level of chaos. You may be confused at times and not have enough information.

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Egyptian Pound Plummets as Government Initiates Drastic Devaluation and Interest Rate Hike

The Egyptian pound crashed Wednesday as the government initiated a devaluation of more than 38%, while also hiking interest rates, in order to attract billions more in loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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Reporting “hate crimes” (I disagree with you or the establishment) for cash (maybe CBDC credits). Does this perhaps conjure up images of Nazi Germany 80 or 90 years ago? What could possibly go wrong with that idea, short of genocide? Since I’m old now, perhaps they’ll show leniency and “offer” me the MAID option.

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