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Hi all,
Tonight I'm making chicken stock for the first time.  I realize this may be more of a regular cooking topic, and old hat to many, as opposed to a cutting-edge prep strategy, but I still wanted to ask for input.

I'm following this chicken stock recipe (the first hit on google…marvel at my deep research)  I'm using method #1, the chicken carcass/old bones method, although now that I think about it, yesterday I threw out the leg/thigh, and wing bones after a BBQ, and we probably could have used those too since all the bones are being boiled for several hours. 

The only thing I did differently was to use a few slices of leek, since we have one in the veggie drawer right now.

If anyone has any advice on making soup stocks - whether chicken, beef, veggie, or otherwise, I'd be grateful to hear it.