D614G: A New, More Serious Covid-19 Mutation To Worry About

I took the approach that Chris did perhaps. They are so wrong, that it didnt warrant thorough review, because it was obviously not near. I recall calculating the mortality rate for NY state about a month ago. And as I recall it surpassed already the mortality rate of the flu even if we accounted for everyone in NY to have already had covid. and there were no more to die or could die. And we know that to be far from the truth… So, These people who are trying to convince us still that this has a death rate maybe the same as - or 3-4 times the flu, by using the theory that a lot more people have actually been infected. The point Chris was making , which i 150% agree with , is if you take the current mortality rate and compare it to the flu you are already at the numbers these idiots suggest, and that is assuming everyone (100%) in the population has already had to come to the assumption they have. In fact you , would likely need about 200% of the population and we are far from done.

Just maybe something good will come from the Pandemic and subsequent collapse of the US economy. It has long been my dream fantasy that the US will break into separate nations, each weak enough that it can’t dream of controlling a Global Empire. Personally I have always considered myself a citizen of Cascadia first, and a subject of the USA only by the force of coercion, not loyalty. I’ve lived in Oregon, Washington, and British Colombia and have much more in common with people from those regions than I do with New Yackers, Texans, or Confederates.

nordicjack, I agree with the general thrust but using the wrong number, and continuing to do so throughout the examination of why that can’t be right, dilutes the message because, clearly, what Chris mentioned about some countries already surpassing that mortality rate was simply incorrect when applied to the correct IFR estimate. That is, if he’d used the correct estimate, then what he said wouldn’t have applied.
Chris does some great analysis here but he should recognize when he messes it up. So far, I don’t recall his ever doing that and, IIRC, that can diminish his analysis.

This is just another example of nutrition before supplements. If you get nutrition right, it’s questionable whether you need supplements. If you don’t get nutrition right, it’s questionable how much supplements will help.
The WFPB community only recommends B12 supplements. Before Covid-19, that was my routine.
Recently, I’ve been taking zinc and D3 as well.

Quite right, ABMath, good nutrition gives you all you need (apart from vitamin D, so sunshine is also needed). Only bad nutrition requires supplementation. Not sure about zinc; presumably, there are plenty of foods which contain sufficient zinc.

You wrote:

If I, with no training in epidemiology , could correctly understand the disease mechanism back in March, how is it that armies of experts can fail to let their research and public pronouncements reflect this fundamental fact?
I am almost 70. I had to learn the hard way that just because someone has an "advanced degree" or a "license to practice" or the like, that does not necessarily mean that they know what they are doing. Some of them do know what they are doing. But a good percentage are hit and miss - handling some matters well and bungling others. And some of them are totally blinded by "consensus" beliefs which later turn out to be completely wrong. And others can, and will, relentlessly blunder their way into doing horrific damage to their patients. I know that from my own experience. I am actually very fortunate that I am still alive. Now, at my age, doctors don't understand why I don't just "take their advice" - when I disagree with that advice. But if they had been burned the way I had been burned - they would understand completely. In the end, these professions are just human institutions and that brings with it everything you would expect - the good and the bad.

We have gone down this path numerous times before. But here we go again.
Let’s start here.
“Well while there is of course regional variation, various studies have shown New Zealand soils to be deficient in selenium, iodine, zinc, chromium and boron – all minerals essential for the functioning of the human body”

The fact is if the minerals are not in your soil they will not be in your food. This is a basic fact of agronomy. This is why organic farmers/gardeners are always adding soil amendments.
Plants cannot manufacture minerals. It is ludicrous to think you can get all the nutrition you need w/o supplementation. That is unless you grow your own food and add all the minerals necessary. That is why I use Azomite in my garden. https://azomite.com/
Commercial farming operations fertilize with NPK. They do not add compost or minerals back to the soil. Decades of large scale farming have seriously depleted the soil and thus our food supply. Weston A Price documented this almost 100 years ago.
Now we can add in the fact that we are currently under assault from large amounts of EMF and tens of thousands of toxic chemicals which only 100 years ago we were not exposed to. Thus our bodies need all the help they can get. This especially true if you do not grow your own food or live in a place like New Zealand where the soil is deficient in critical minerals (ZINC and SELENIUM to protect against SC2)

Divisive generalizations do not a better person make. Ultimately we are in a spiritual battle. When men’s (and women’s) hearts become hardened and controlled by money, greed, power, pride, and political agenda’s, we are certain for failure. There are answers for the problems we face today. The New Testament would be a good place to start. Our Country was founded upon Godly principles. When we as a nation and people stray far from those principles we are destined for doom.

That is exactly right, I couldn’t agree with you more.
Recently (Chris will appreciate this), a pathologist at the local VA got convicted and sentenced to 22 years for messing up a diagnosis. The patient died. Other pathologists went back and found he had screwed up the diagnoses of 30 other patients. He had been getting loaded and was using a drug that escaped the drug tests.
Go back in time and a very good friend of mine was in the same hospital and was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. It is a disease which primarily affects black people. They prescribed steroids and he got progressively worse. He was sent to the VA somewhere else and was found to have histoplasmosis which is a fungus you get from birds. (anywhere there are a lot of poultry farms you will find a lot of cases) The absolute worst thing you can do is give steroids to someone with histoplasmosis. It is like throwing gas on a fire. He is no longer with us.
My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and we went to see the surgeon. He went over the pathology report with us and I had to point out to him that it was Her/neu 2 negative. He either completely missed it or did not read the report. that is a pretty critical piece of info in breast cancer diagnosis.
Bottom line you need to do your own research.

We are bioelectric beings. Biophysics (what happens when we are exposed to natural v. manmade light over the course of 24 hours) trumps biochemistry (what we eat). Nutrition is important just not as much. Doctors don’t understand biophysics so they rarely go there.

“The proof is in the results”
If one buries their head in religion there is no need to look at results. As in the comparison between two health care systems challenged by the same threat, one that results in 17,500 deaths and one with 85 deaths.

This will miraculously disappear. Seems like trump is doing a 180 , someone who wanted HCQ. Now it seems he doesnt want testing. Testing should be cheap enough to get anyway. But not in this country. We are headed for disaster at light speed.
If you dont test , you cant have any cases. The problem will end with no one knowing what is really going on and who is sick and how many, until their mother, father, sister, daughter etc. goes to the hospital and finds they are turned away… and the bodies start to stink up the homes.

This was posted by a friend of mine on FB. The level some humans will sink to is disheartening to say the least.

Man Threatened With Screw Driver For Wearing A Mask In Mariposa, Near Yosemite National Park
From friend's of ours, Donovan and Christie Peterson who live in Mariposa, the town where I currently live near Yosemite National Park in California. This happened in Mariposa this morning, at Coast Hardware. Perhaps a video footage camera they have in the store will identify this individual.
As an Australian (from Sydney) currently living in California, okay, we had people fight over toilet paper but in the U.S, threatening an individual with a screw driver in the town where I currently live.
Christie Peterson
30 mins ·
My husband just returned from Coast Hardware where a customer (who was not wearing a mask) started berating him for wearing a mask. When my husband told him he was being discourteous, the man threatened him with a long screw driver. No one at Coast intervened or said anything and no one there (besides my husband)were wearing masks either. He is quite shaken and we have decided we will no longer shop there.
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That is really incredible.
Some people are just very difficult to understand.


Chris may already have covered this, but some questions remain:
Is it true that antibodies are generated by getting COVID19? Do they disappear in a couple of months, as one China study seems to indicate? If so, can any vaccine confer any lasting immunity, or can herd immunity even exist? If you are doomed to get COVID19 anyway, what is the best strategy to get it with minimal impact? Thanks.

Quite right, Mohamed, we can only eat what is in the soil. So, to avoid unsustainable supplements, grow your own and try to get the correct minerals into the soil, then recycle (compost everything that comes out the other end and food “waste”).

My apologies Thors if I misunderstood or misinterpreted your response to my comment. I see no good that comes from a pandemic. (#21) The failing of the American economy would further suffering and misery of the American people. I’m not sure what you are referring to when you state:
“The proof is in the results”
If one buries their head in religion there is no need to look at results. As in the comparison between two health care systems challenged by the same threat, one that results in 17,500 deaths and one with 85 deaths."
My comment had nothing to do with health care systems. My comment had to do with the moral, ethical, and spiritual decline in our country. I am sorry that you do not consider yourself an American. With that, I wish you health, happiness, and peace.

Hi Douglas, hope you are well. It is clear that people do build antibodies however there appears to be variances as to the duration or length of immunity given by those antibodies. Further studies will clarify this. As to vaccine(s) efficacy, only time will tell. In Chris’ latest video on YouTube he shows what supplements he takes routinely. That would be Quercetin, Zinc, NAC, D3, Vitamin C, Selenium, and if he feels something"coming on" Elderberry syrup. There is pretty clear evidence (except to the media, big pharma, Lancet, FDA etc. etc. etc.) that the HCQ/azyth/zinc protocol works when taken early in the disease. I have spoken to my doctor about this and he would be willing to prescribe IF the powers to be don’t prevent it. Yes the way our “government” has dealt with this is surreal, and there seems to be no end to the insanity. Rod Serling could have made an entire series of shows based on Covid.
Edit to add that there was talk of both Pepcid(Famotidine) and Melatonin having positive aspects in Covid. If I remember correctly, several months back, a pharmacist commented on this forum she would take Monolaurin as a supplement. I think we’re gonna need larger or multiple pill dispensers. :slight_smile: Take care and stay safe.

In Chris’s latest video, Chris does mention the correct statistic that the 0.04% IFR refers to. But he just mentioned it without saying anything about how he got that wrong in his first video. It’s a shame because Gail the Actuary has mentioned the paper in her latest essay but seems to be accepting it as a reasonable estimate - I would have liked to have pointed her to the rebuttal in Chris’s video but can’t do that now; will have to figure out a rebuttal myself. Which is fine but it could have been easier!