D614G: A New, More Serious Covid-19 Mutation To Worry About

Continuing its Keystone Cops manner of dealing with covid-19, the US appears to be caught flat-footed by the resurgence of infections happening across many southern and western states right now.

Yes, people are tired of being cooped indoors and wearing masks. Summer is here and they want to get outside, spend time with loved ones, and get back some normalcy of life.

But the Honey Badger virus ‘don’t care’. Covid-19 sees our loosening restrictions as a welcome invitation and is burrowing in with enthusiasm.

Making matters worse for us human hosts, a new strain of the virus – the D614G mutation – has been identified. It appears to be more contagious and serious than most previous strains.

So, for those who do not want to catch covid-19, now is not the time to start letting down your guard. We are not through the woods by a long shot yet:

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This seems to provide credible insights as to the why.

Is this how it ends? Governors ordering blocking at borders to travelers from risky regions?
In Game Theory’s Prisoners’ Dilemma, if the prisoners cooperate, everyone gets off easy. If not, they serve long sentences. It’s starting to look like…
The virus does not come from rats or fleas, from mosquitos or contaminated water. It comes from people, almost always directly person-to-person, nearly instantly.
99 people cooperate, and one super-spreader breaks the social compact and infects a dozen, probably unknowingly. “If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.”
Over and over again.
At some hypothetical baseline, this whole thing could have been over in two weeks, if everyone had cooperated. (Including officials, who instead ran the wrong way about masks, until the virus had seeded itself well enough.)
Within any one region able to isolate, this could still be encouraged/enforced to drive the r-naught low enough, in any two or more week interval going forward. Only human behavior defeats this, not the hand of some deity. (I’ll have to check whether the Greeks had a God of Stupidity.)
Two weeks. How tellingly is that a measure for human stupidity and incompetence at being social beings? So now it’s going to become endemic, because there won’t be another shutdown, and politics has intruded via a millenarian cult of personality that represents all of USA’s “exceptional” arrogance rolled into one brand of covidiots.
Governors and mayors who “get control of” their region, having an R-naught just under 1, will have to ask it they can permit their own citizen-cooperators to be menaced from outside defectors. “Let them stew in their own juices… as long as it takes.”
Combine this with the fiscal cliff the Fed/Treasury have driven over, with the unlikelihood of a central government ever being able to rescue state and municipal budgets, and you can hear the “we’re on our own here” message beginning to form.
Serious cash flow problems, and reductions of pensions, salaries, and services are going to be the news tsunami occupying the next stage. How can it be otherwise?
The private economy will come down to, can workers work and can shoppers shop? Who will want to, or be able to, go where they used to go? Effectively, the lockdown continues at some crippling level.
Unemployment upending the thin veneer of prosperity that millions of bullshit jobs covered for. If you are not willing to pay him/her out of your own pocket, does he/she really have a job? (Just like the phony zero interest rates, while the looters bust out of the bank with your savings. Is any of that the real lending. of real money? Huh? Wha?)
“Where will we be when the summer’s gone? We had some good times, now they’re gone.” – Jim Morrison

This was a sobering report! It raised a question from a video you did a while ago that said there was a possibility that it could mutate to become more infective and less lethal (which would be good!) So it sounds like it has done the “more infective” part. But does the possibility still exist for it to become less lethal? Or is this looking like its heading in the direction of more infective and more lethal?
Between that and the exit strategy podcast, I am realizing I need to up my long game. I’ve been so focused on me and my 78-year-old mom surviving the first wave, I haven’t been able to focus on all of the strategizing I need and want to do so that things will work well in the long-term. You start from where you are. But as Maya Angelou says, “Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better”
Thanks again, Chris and Adam, for all you do keeping us informed, inspired, and motivated!

This virus is definitely is becoming very transmissible, if it wasn’t already. I have seen several articles were dozens of people of a single pub/restaurant sitting have contracted Covid… If you can walk into a restaurant and infect more than dozen people, either this is from contaminated food. or this thing is super sticky…
Meanwhile , in florida, it appears all is well because they have dropped the death rate. Nope… you have dropped the average age of infection, cases from 65 to 35. Basically they have thrown caution to the wind to open things because young people can go back to work. its not a problem. just protect the elderly. This will end in a big fail as more and more people get this, you wont be able to protect the elderly. AND ultimately the are only looking at deaths as if, none of the “recovered” people wont have any long-lasting damage and issues.

I am going to speculate it has to do something with the declining age of infection as this spreads more. It seems the kids ( 20 somethings ) dont care much for regulations and social restrictions. So as we have become restricted… especially the more responsible and vulnerable groups, those getting it now are a different demographic - So, if they run first and set the forest on fire, you will see a decline in death rate , then an increase… as they spread it to outlying protecting groups.

Chris, I have to object to your promotion of the Haseltine line that our current situation is like the pre-antibiotic era. You can only say this if you write off the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, and there is no reason that I can see to do this. Yes, the truth is suppressed and also access to the drug, but this is separate from the question of efficacy. Within the last two days data out of China showed how HCQ (and CQ) effectively blocks entry via the ACE2 receptor.
Do you have reason to question the truth of this statement?
If we all had the Zelenko protocol medications on our shelf, and were ready to take them at the first sign of sickness (or positive test result), we would avoid ~ 90% of the hospitalization and death that would otherwise ensue.
It’s not like the positive HCQ data has stopped coming in… it drips in every day. Almost the entire history of these drips can be found on this website, in the forum thread entitled, “hydroxychloroquine vs. the Globalist Deep State”. Yesterday we showed a paper from China published two days ago that shows dose dependent in-vitro suppression of viral entry by HCQ/CQ - the reference for those interested can be seen in the aforementioned forum thread;

Hydroxychloroquine works;

I’m not a Dr. but can speak from direct personal experience. A few years ago my Doctor put me on a blood thinner. Over the course of 6 months on this medication my normal cheery and easy going self was being replaced with an easily angered grouch. I would sometimes feel angry for no reason at all. I knew it was weird but could not do anything to get back to normal. I decided to look up the known possible side effects of my medications. Yup, anger issues was one listed. My overall health had much improved, but it took me another 6 months to get my Doctor to agree to end that prescription. Within a month the anger was gone. The unfortunate young gentleman in Israel my be experiencing this issue. Overall, I have found Doctors to spend little of their time educating their patients about side effects, which virtually all pharmaceuticals have.

This is Amerika

I can’t speak to the veracity of the data but:
Maybe less is more?
Why are young girls getting an HPV vaccination at a drastically inappropriate age? To my knowledge the vaccine hasn’t proved to prevent a single cancer. But, I went apocalyptic when they wanted to proscribe the vaccine for my son.

He is Koalemos ( koeô êleos) sort of the new king of the world, the Romans equivalent was the Lord of Misrule from saturnalia(who was sacrificed), in England and Scotland was an office appointed by lot and was last known as a character in twelfth night, which like the god of winds (Aeolus) who only helped Odysseus (kind of) to ensure his name was never forgotten, as long as there is shakespeare we will always have minor gods.

HCQ only works as prophylaxis with the right dose of Zinc at the same time you take it, which means you have to cut out Phytates, you will not know this unless you are specifically advised by someone in the professions who have been told by media state and CDC that HQC is not good for you, despite all the evidence. Unless of course you already know HCQ needed to be paired with Zinc and had thought to query the internet with the right phrased question before Google censored it. I can positively state that the 7th Day Adventist regimes of Vegetarianism, making up and qualifying their own science with their own schools and Drs then every person having Phytates in their breakfast from Kellogs is not going to do your health any good, but you will certainly find a Dr tied to the cult who will tell you otherwise, similarly the entire health establishment has been compromised.

In my last Spectracell analysis I was only deficient in one mineral. That was copper.
Vegetarianism is not in itself a cause of mineral deficiency due to phytates. Too much phytate can cause problems but is not common. It is important to eat a well balanced diet. Also eating garlic and onions can minimize mineraly binding due to phytates.
Once again my advice is to get a micronutrient test such as Spectracell.

To reduce the anti-nutrient effects of phytic acid in foods, try the following:

  • Soak, sprout, ferment, and cook plant foods.
  • Consume vitamin C-rich foods with meals that contain phytic acid. Dense source of vitamin C include guava, bell pepper, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, papaya, broccoli, sweet potato, pineapple, cauliflower, kale, lemon juice, and parsley.
  • Use vinegar in salad dressings and cooking to enhance mineral absorption and offset phytic acid.
  • Supplement with phytase enzymes if necessary.
  • Eat mineral fortified foods if necessary
  • Supplement minerals if there is still a shortfall in your diet.
  • If you’re eating a plant-based diet and have confirmed nutrient deficiencies, and you’ve tried all the above strategies with no success, adding small amounts of animal foods on occasion might boost stores of necessary minerals in your body.

Well boy howdy. This recent video on Medcram kinda puts the Vit D issue in a whole new light.
You can pop Vit D sups all day long but if you wash them down with your favorite soft drink which is loaded with HFCS it won’t do you any good. I had no idea that Fructose interfered with the bioavailability of Vit D. It does not matter whether you get your Vit D from the sun or a pill, you do fructose and it is not going to work.
This is a very important piece of info and may relate to why Amerika is leading the world in SC2 cases. We consume more HFCS than any place else on the planet. It turns out that Fructose intake might be a comorbidity
This is important for me since I found out through my Spectracell analysis that I have fructose sensitivity. I eat mostly berries for fruit now

In early March I suggested to my personal physician that the effective treatment of the Corvid19 virus would prove to be reduction of its ability to bind to the ACE2 protein receptor. Events have proven me correct. At the same time I was being treated by a chiropractor for a shoulder injury. His response to the same idea was “its all political.” He was correct as well.
If I, with no training in epidemiology , could correctly understand the disease mechanism back in March, how is it that armies of experts can fail to let their research and public pronouncements reflect this fundamental fact? The answer is basic to the criminal organization we call a health care system in the USA. Health care in the USA serves two purposes: 1-Maximise the cost to society and to individuals and transfer wealth to the owners and drug pushers of the system. 2- Extract as much remaining wealth as possible from patients in the later stages of life so they die penniless. An effective treatment protocol that costs only $20 is completely unacceptable to a criminal profit maximization system. Hence the war on Hydroxychloroquine and the goal of developing vaccines that don’t work but can be patented and sold for $1500 a shot every year.
And finally, the proof is in the results:
Population: 11,326,616
Deaths from CORVID19: 85
From the period starting June 1-9 there have been zero new infections rendering the country officially Corvid virus free alongside New Zealand.

Cuba is a very impoverished county with a medium income of less than $1,000 per year. Yet it has:
Twice the # of doctors per capita of any other country in the world.
Spends twice the percentage of GDP on health care.
An extensive public health system developed from long experience recovering from hurricanes and combating viral tropical diseases.
An arsenal of potential CORVID19 antiviral drugs developed and tested from experience. Joint pharmaceutical ventures and non-adversarial relationship with China.
Only a handful of expensive intubators available in the whole country.
The ability to mobilize tens of thousands of medical technicians to personally knock on doors and monitor anyone who showed the preliminary signs of Corvid19 infection.

New York City:
Population: 8,336,817
Coronovirus19 deaths: 17,591
1/3 of patients admitted to hospitals in New York were intubated. Of those 75-90% died. Hospitals received $37,000 per patient if they intubated a patient, but only $13,000 if they didn’t.
Follow the Money.
I rest my case.

Now just imagine.
Suppose the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, CNN and their ilk tried as hard as Adam and Chris to deliver accurate and useful information.
Seriously, if those organization did that, a lot of America’s problems would suddenly seem solvable.

The paper by Ioannides from which Chris read the abstract and then proceeded to tear its IFR estimate apart had this in the abstract:

Seroprevalence estimates ranged from 0.1% to 47%. Infection fatality rates ranged from 0.02% to 0.86% (median 0.26%) and corrected values ranged from 0.02% to 0.78% (median 0.25%). Among people <70 years old, infection fatality rates ranged from 0.00% to 0.26% with median of 0.05% (corrected, 0.00-0.23% with median of 0.04%).
For some reason, Chris then ignored the stated corrected estimated IFR of 0.25% and, instead, took the estimated IFR for infected people younger than 70 years of 0.04% to completely rubbish. Now, both estimates are almost certainly rubbish but why Chris used the wrong figure is very strange to me. This is similar to a few other videos recently in which he's misconstrued some article or paper and to his frequent implications that NZ had mandatory mask wearing. Very disappointing and detracts from his usual great work.