Deadly Vaccination Surprises and Defense Scandals

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In a recent revelation from the UK, data indicates a concerning trend in COVID-19 related fatalities, with the vaccinated population experiencing a significantly higher number of deaths compared to their unvaccinated counterparts. Between January and May 2023, 95% of COVID-19 deaths were among the vaccinated, particularly those who had received four doses. This pattern raises questions about the vaccines’ long-term impacts, especially since the vaccinated have consistently shown higher death rates in every age group since July 2021. The Office for National Statistics highlighted that the majority of these deaths were among the elderly, with figures notably high among those aged 80 to 89.

Relatedly, concerns have been raised about the potential link between components used in mRNA vaccines and cancer growth. A study suggests that synthetic pseudo urines, employed to enhance vaccine stability and longevity, may suppress the immune system in a way that could promote cancer cell growth. This revelation does not assert that vaccines cause cancer but underscores the need for further research into the vaccines’ long-term effects on immune system dynamics and cancer susceptibility.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the integrity of war efforts against Russian advances is under scrutiny. Reports have emerged of substantial funds, earmarked for fortifications, being siphoned off to non-existent companies. This misallocation of resources has coincided with a Russian offensive in the northern region, exposing a glaring lack of preparedness attributed to either negligence or corruption. The diversion of 7 billion hryvnias intended for defense infrastructure has been labeled a “betrayal” by a regional commander, pointing to a significant oversight and documentation gap in the management of funds allocated for Ukraine’s defense, as highlighted by the Government Accountability Office.

On the energy side, significant breakthroughs in energy storage and production are poised to redefine investment landscapes. Developments in hydrogen storage, thermonuclear fusion, and enhanced geothermal systems represent major strides toward sustainable energy solutions. A novel approach to hydrogen storage using nanoporous magnesium borohydride promises efficient energy storage under atmospheric pressure, potentially revolutionizing hydrogen’s role in the energy sector. Additionally, advancements in thermonuclear fusion have achieved a milestone by generating more energy than consumed in the reaction, marking a significant step toward limitless clean energy. Enhanced geothermal systems, benefiting from drilling technologies adapted from the fracking industry, show promise for widespread, cost-effective clean energy production. These breakthroughs, while still in varying stages of commercial readiness, highlight the dynamic nature of technological progress and its potential to address global energy challenges.


Shocking Data Reveals High Number of Deaths Among Vaccinated Population in England

But it’s the fact that these deaths aren’t among the one-dose and two-dose vaccinated population that is truly horrifying. The vast majority are among those vaccinated four times, with this population accounting for 80 percent of all COVID-19 deaths, and 83 percent of all COVID-19 deaths among the vaccinated.

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Ukraine Border Defense Funds Diverted to Fake Companies in Massive “Betrayal” as Russian Forces Advance

There was no first line of defence. We saw it. The Russians just walked in. They just walked in, without any mined fields.

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Misconceptions and Potential Risks of Synthetic Pseudo Uridines in mRNA Vaccines: A Review

We’re not here to necessarily point fingers and blame anyone because at this point there’s a problem. We’re more interested in figuring out if there is a problem, how do we solve that problem?

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Breakthroughs in Energy: Hydrogen Storage, Nuclear Fusion, and Enhanced Geothermal

Our innovative material represents a paradigm shift in the realm of hydrogen storage, offering a compelling alternative to traditional approaches.

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A “fully vaccinated” friend of mine just died after his third bout with Covid.

The whole thing is absolutely sickening.


Excellent news: we can do both! We know there is a problem so of course we must fix it. And every parent who lost a child can kick the chair out from under the noosed bastards who intentionally did this, immediately after their conviction in a court of law. Human beings are happily ambidextrous that way.

College buddy just called today to invite me to a DUAL funeral… guess his mom died a couple weeks back, then his dad just died friday and his dad at least was great physical condition… both late 60’s early 70’s … now i dont know their vax status or cause … but I do know my buddy is vaxxed along with his 2 teenage sons who were born with contentive heart failure… so odds are his older parents were vaxed as well :frowning: