Decoding Omicron

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Warning, it will destroy illusions about much more than just vaccines.
I would like to ask if you have read RFK Jr's book yet? I am hoping that you have an open enough mind to consider what I see as being irrefutable, credible, well researched information. The kind that tends to wake people up, compelling them to question everything they thought they knew to be true. Some people want to see credible evidence to try to ascertain the truth, and will read it, even though it may make them feel deeply uncomfortable. Others are unwilling to do this largely because the truth represents a threat to dearly held belief systems, which causes great discomfort. The truth can be brutal! But it is the truth that sets us free.    

Suggesting that those who say “the virus has never been isolated” are saying a “‘wild’ virus has never been isolated” is giving too much credit. I think that they are saying exactly what they are thinking, that it is all made up. With all the lies and group-think we are surrounded with, who can blame them?
Wild or not there is a new disease that does occasionally have devastating effects. There is also a of virus that has been found in samples from lots of noses and sequenced to reveal a rather suspicious genetic lineage.


The thing that I have the hardest time with is unraveling some of the competing theories that seem to be mutually exclusive. We cannot have both a hoax virus AND the need to Ivermectin and the likes of FLCCC. I would love to see @chrismartenson do his magic and compile a list of all of the swirling theories and identify the ones that can co exist and the ones that cannot both occupy the same space and give is educated opinions.


It’s important to go with the data. Use that to review the many competing theories.
When we have official lies, theories flourish to explain them. Many people likely believe in some of them - but they can’t all be true. There are too many inconsistencies and contradictions between them.
So we shouldn’t create or adopt more theories than necessary to explain things. We should use Occam’s and Hanson’s razors.
Also, a useful counterintelligence tool is creating wild theories. It confuses the opposition as they go down rabbit hole after rabbit hole. It also discredits them which slows down the spread of information to new people.
We can separate the theories into evidentiary categories: what is proven and not controversial; what is possible; what is tentative; what is impossible; etc. The other category to include is what is arbitrary: what is asserted without evidence.
As always the burden of proof is with he who asserts the theory.


I had covid. I also took care of dozens of patients with covid, who tested positive on a rapid antigen test. A couple days later, a different family member or close friend would come in with similar symptoms and also test positive. It was the familiar pattern of a moderately contagious, but usually mild, viral illness.

The virus exists. It's the latest iteration of SARS I and MERS (these also were never found in nature). We know who made SARS-CoV-2, and when, and where, and why. They didn't even TRY to cover their tracks. They patented the PRRA furin site, et al. They patented the vaccine BEFORE the pandemic (see David Martin, PhD). I bet the variants were made by the same people, but prob. in different labs. We know who's benefitting from its release. And we know who's suffering, as wealth and power get more and more concentrated. The Fed keeps printing money, till we get to 'full employment,' but that's another obvious lie.

Every other country is reporting the majority of hospitalized patients were/are vaccinated. The US has deliberately poisoned its data through the secretive HHS Protect data center (run by Palantir), and by constantly changing the definition of who's "vaccinated". Have CDC, Fauci, MSM ever told the truth, or been transparent, on anything re covid? No. Its an agenda, a psy-op. Drs. and RNs who speak the truth get fired.


The whole question of 'does the virus exist' reminds me of the missing 28 pages from the 9/11 report:

Known as the “28 pages,” the secret document was part of a 2002 Congressional Joint Inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks and has been classified since the report’s completion, despite repeated calls for its release. The document, which the administration finally delivered to Congress earlier Friday [7/15/16].



The Corbett Report exposed it as a rabbit hole, or a trap, laid by the intel community. It's how they operate. To keep everyone focused on the wrong questions.

https: //

  ........ What are the right questions? Why do they want to thin the herd? Why now? How do we survive, and make govt work for us, not against us? Whats coming next? Hyperinflation? Starvation? Controlled demolition of the US economy? Strangle the supply chains?    

hypothetical discussion:

Bill Gates: "Can we do smallpox now? Can we? Please? Pretty please?"

Fauci: "You ruined it, going on MSM with your smallpox this, smallpox that. If we release it now, it'd be too obvious."

Kissinger: "I vote for B.1.1.529. And mass starvation is always good."

Netanyahu: "I agree with nerd boy. We need something more deadly. Do we have a 9.1.1 variant?"

Cheney: "Variants don't matter. We proved that under Reagan. All the Constitutional republics are in their final throes."

  (pardon my gallows humor, this is all so sick, and so absurd. I hope more people wake up soon, so we can end this worldwide Milgram experiment.)

When ever the protest start they roll out a another variant.


I’m seeing most commenters asking questions. You can’t get more open-minded than that.


My husband is also a redneck engineer.

Only infection has ever conferred critical and fatal outcome protection with coronaviruses through history. There are no exceptions. Not only have all previous attempts ended in failure several have resulted in vaccine-enhanced disease ripping through the vaccinated test subjects on re-challenge with several of those trials ending in the death of all or nearly all test subjects – which were fortunately animals and not humans. This time around we have performed a mass experiment with zero evidence over a period of years to demonstrate that what has happened 100% of the time in the past will not happen again.
It appears we’re losing that bet – a loss that, on the basis of history, we had every reason to believe would happen and yet instead of every single firm manufacturing this crap being an instant zero several are being rewarded. What the hell sort of rampant, outrageous stupidity is that?
While the data is not yet in there is reason to believe, given the mutations described in this newest “variant”, that the vaccinated may be ****ed as the mutations may confer full evasion and yet the binding antibodies you get from being jabbed are still there. If that pans out here comes the exact same thing that has repeatedlyhappened with coronavirus vaccine attempts except this time we were dumb enough to mass-vaccinate humans rather than a handful of cats.


will not happen, that would be “racist”
Another proof how WHO is CCP controled


Was just going to post this, when previous was posted. I’ll post anyway, since I explain the details.

One reason Omicron might be real and intentionally designed is to give vaccinated ADE who get it. The perfect virus for that. Antibody dependent enhancement. Same as with the Spanish Flu for people exposed previously to Russian Flu.

The ADE concept has s simple. A person with antibodies to a virus that don’t bind to the virus ‘ binding attachment site doesn’t stop the virus from infecting them. If they have antibodies that bind to the virus in other places than the neutralizing site, the white blood cells attach to those antibodies and eat the virus, which infects them. The infected white blood cells release cytokines to recruit help. The cytokines make the blood vessels leaky to make it easy for more help. In the lungs that causes fluid. In organs it causes an over reactive immune response that racks havoc on the body and the person dies from the overaction. Young adults in the war in 1918 who had been exposed to the Russian Flu, made a non neutralizing response to the Spanish Flu and were dead in a few days. It would be the perfect way of turning the vaccine into part one of a two step process. Much slicker than to have the vaccine killing too many people while they’re trying to get maximal numbers jabbed.

Dr Scott Atlas’s book “A Plague Upon Our House…”. An excellent tome about his experience with advising the White House on the virus response and his incredulity about incompetence and pollicization of the whole deal. Also a good video on Epoch TV:


Both my primary physician and my cardiologist have been pushing me to get the jab. When I question them about the stats from Israel and the UK they say you can’t believe them, that we should listen to the CDC and other U.S. officials. Unfortunately, I think it is becoming clear that our system is completely dysfunctional in this regard. I’ve tried to be a “critical thinker” throughout this whole debacle and I have a tendency to listen to authoritative persons who have nothing more to gain than trying to impart serious information when it’s obvious we’re not getting what we need from our government and our health system.


There are so many mutations in omicron that it makes me wonder if if they are not natural. Is it just time for another lab-tweaked version to continue amping up fear?


It is hard to believe that - just as the population was pushing back against tyranny - that the virus decided to mutate 20 or more times.
Either the new strain is engineered or the new strain does not exist at all.


It is not good to be a resident of New York State these days. Gov. Hochul is taking right over where Cuomo left off. -: (
From Gateway Pundit:

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) declared a state of emergency due to the new “Omicron” Covid variant spreading in Africa. The declaration goes into effect on December 3 and gives the Health Department the power to limit “non-essential” procedures (will likely be enforced through the lens of equity) at hospitals. “We continue to see warning signs of spikes this upcoming winter, and while the new Omicron variant has yet to be detected in New York State, it’s coming,” Hochul said.

The 4 cases in Botswana were detected in 4 fully-vaccinated individuals.
What does that say about the “efficacy” of these vaccines?


The question of if the virus exists or not is functionally pointless, the precautionary principle says that we have to assume it does exist, and then take those precautions against it that make sense, so I have no particular problem wearing a mask, and taking vitamin d, b, c, and some zinc, because they all make sense. If I was over 60 then I would take the vaccine because there seems to be a mathematical advantage to taking it, and below 60 with no co-morbidities, there seems to be a mathematical advantage to not taking it.
I have no real way of determining if it is a hoax; if it is real and the vaccine is a hoax; or if it is real and the vaccine is real. So I apply the precautionary principle and take reasonable common-sense actions.


From Alex Berenson’s substack today

New York declares a health-care state of emergency over a Covid variant that doesn’t exist in the state

Now this is a lie so brazen even Andrew Cuomo might hesitate to tell it. New York’s new and unimproved governor, Kathy Hochul, last seen telling you to Get Vaxxed For Jesus (I kid you not), has now declared a “state of emergency” that will allow Health Department bureaucrats to block “non-urgent” medical procedures at hospitals. Because who needs a colonoscopy, anyway? Hochul says the Xi - I mean Omicron, definitely not Xi! - variant is behind the emergency. -------- The terrifying variant is:
1. not currently found in the state of New York 2. only has 4 known cases 3. These 4 cases were described as "mild" 4. But a universal news blitz is in play to whip up global fear.
[Did it work on you?? Please report in!] ---- The Long Island branch Emergency Department of Sinai Hospital System has been closed due to lack of nursing staff as of 48 hours ago. Many nurses were fired over vaccine refusal and now staffing is short. But no, that is not the reason for limiting hospital access. \sarc