Defeat the Mandates March on D.C.

I’m sure Tony has self-financed a large and magnificent statue of himself, to be revealed immediately after he declares an end to the pandemic, which was only possible due to his tireless, selfless, and unrelenting promotion of the life-saving vaccines.
This message was brought to you by Pfizer.


We’ve already seen Team Elite™ wish to portray this event as a purely anti-vaxxer march.
That’s obviously lame. And I don’t think it’s going to work. So the question is how do they go about trashing this in the days to come? Wondering how to go about defeating the opposition in these days to come.
Open to all ideas.


that is an easy question. any reporting will be “the anti vaxxer loonies” led by rfk. jr.
but the coverage will be minimal and it will get swallowed up in the news cycle and be gone in 48 hours


How did the media spin this?

One hundred people showed up. When the benefits of being vaccinated were carefully explained to them, half of them got vaccinated on the spot. The rest of them were incarcerated after engaging in unprovoked acts of violence.
Actually, on the Google News Feed, it is not showing up at all. I did a deeper search on Google and found this from Forbes:
The Centers for Countering Digital Hate in May found that 65% of anti-vaccine content on Facebook and Twitter are attributable to just twelve individuals, deemed the “Disinformation Dozen,” with Kennedy being one of the twelve. RFK Jr., Lara Logan Speaking At Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest In D.C.
Most of the rest of the article was a classic hit piece slandering the more well known participants.  


On the highwire there were trolls that posted LGBT porn and racist comments. They were summarily removed.


Here in Canada Ive noticed “mixed” headlines about protests generally. First up is yesterdays headline that had me in a rage:
“Public outrage over the unvaccinated is driving a crisis in bioethics”
See what they did there? The likes of the CBC drove the public into a state of outrage at the unvaccinated. Now they are concerned that its hard to have real conversations about bio-ethics. What great stewards of science.
OTOH, this headline is way more honest:
Anti-vaccine mandate and lockdown rallies held in Canada, Europe
“Protesters in Canada and Europe marched against COVID-19 vaccine passports and restrictions.”
Thats actually a pretty honest headline coverage at least. The protesters are clearly stated as being against mandates and the scale of the protests is broached as a subject.
So there is hope. The MSM has to at least acknowledge some of this to avoid becoming a living joke


I was scribbling down quotes… there is some really, really good stuff there. For instance, across the doctors who spoke, I could imagine a set of 30 - 60 second clips that support themes;
Keriarty and Cole both alluded to Nazi history… Many including Kory spoke to America’s history of self-governance and Freedom. Kory invoked Live free or Die and his passion comes through in spades. Again, short, well edited, hard hitting theme clips that feature actual working doctors… most people in the mass don’t understand that there exist this cohort of 17,000 dissident doctors… we can help humanize the 17,000.


I thought the speakers did a great job, but was disappointed with the size of the crowd. I thought RFK Jr was going to speak.


That was me! :slight_smile:


There’s no doubt that our homie the Omi is there and no doubt that some will walk away with it. I would guess that in the disturbed minds of those suffering menticide, their number 1 hope is that everyone there gets sick and dies. So it reminds me of the pool scene from Caddyshack. Omicron being the suspected doodie floating around the party and everyone freaking out with the elite members requiring everything be “cleaned, sterilized and disinfected”. The question is would it be better for anyone who does happen to encounter the floating culprit to keep quiet and silently let it pass so the loudmouth media doesn’t have any sweet sugar to consume and cause a wild ferment, or is it better to be like Bill Murray, take a big ol bite and proclaim, “It’s no big deal!”?



Hope you heard him!


This is pretty much a moral defeat. It is time to get serious. This will not work, the fear is too great. When people lose their jobs for being at a political event or worse yet are arrested, you can see why anything that is anti-establishment is pretty much off limits to people who are already debt slaves.
We have to let them go, we can no longer help them. It is time to move off grid and have zero contact or relations with society. Other option is for the 20% to go to war and save the idiots, but I am at a point they are no longer worth saving.
If I cant convince my own family, how the how are you going to convince idiots or people who are raking in cash to do whatever. Time to stop wasting time with protests. or speeches.
I say we form our own medical board, the citizens medical association. one governed by the people. disavow the FDA , form our own safety review committee. have all as charitable organization, no big pharma payments. We license our own doctors. we basically break into two factions one of old school federal control and a new on of ethical non controlled normal medical rational. Where citizens and their personal doctors are the only ones that make appropriate decisions. And we publish the drugs we approve or disapprove and let those who want to join us and our doctors, which we license. And we simply petition some states to accept our standards as an alternative. All we need is one normal state to put it to vote… and pass it. and then medicine in the US is forever divided.


Crowd looked pretty big to me on NTD TV.


Passionate Muslim and Jewish religious leaders, but no rep from Christian mainline churches. As a Roman Catholic, very disappointed in the RC episcopacy and the pope. It appears that the leadership of the mainline Christian denominations are simply now arms of the state.


I was expecting a much larger crowd.
While I found the diversity of religions and viewpoints on display very much pointing to “broad appeal” the turnout was a lot less than I hoped for, or that we saw in many other countries.
For example today:


The DC Park Police no longer provide crowd estimates but based on a number of large scale events I’ve attended there (I live close to DC) I’d say about 10K, maybe 15K tops. That’s considered fairly small. The media will ignore or minimize it. Assuredly they will make note of the small turnout, if they mention it at all. To be effective one must do the hard work of local organization and local initiatives such as yellow sign campaigns (meeting and linking with others of like mind) and targeting state legislatures. The battle for medical freedom is going to be a long one. This particular vaccine is only the beginning. Please read the latest post from Dr. Malone this morning on his substack. It is horrifying in its implications and made me want to crawl into a cave. We will lose our very humanity as we have traditionally understood it unless we organize to fight what’s coming.


oh brett was being brave sitting in portland monitoring the situation.


Perhaps the turnout was less because the Supreme Court struck down part of the mandate?


5 minutes after they cut the podium/speaker power, a Bald Eagle flew by right outside my window.
It’s either a deep meaningful omen, or just that there’s a hungry eagle going to check out a carcass at the local farm.
Maybe our national symbol neck deep, gorging itself on a nasty old bloated rotting carcass IS the deep meaningful omen.