Democracy is Dead! (Public Release)

Note: This is a scouting report that I put out last week. Enough people requested that I make it public that - voila! - here it is. If you are not a subscriber, I put out lots and lots of content and read and participate in our subscriber-only forums every day. If you’re a subscriber and think you’ve already seen or heard this report, that’s because you have.

It can no longer be denied – democracy in the US has died.

Or, it’s been killed.

Either way, it’s dead.

With the success of so-called progressives in the Colorado court system responding to a suit filed by a Soros-funded activist organization whose leader works directly for the Biden administration in getting Trump tossed off the state’s upcoming presidential election ballot, democracy is well and truly over.

Maybe it has been for a while, but now it’s official.

Underneath all this there’s a worse problem brewing we need to talk about: collectivists.

The people ascribing to this philosophy, if we can call it that, are quite destructive. They seem not to grasp cause and effect, or how incentives shape behaviors, or pretty much anything about how reality doesn’t care at all about anybody’s personal fantasies.


Unless we see this clearly, and then work to stop the process, this path we’re on ends with mass atrocities. Collectivism – whether we call it communism or national socialism or wrap it up in such words as ‘diversity, equity and inclusion” - is rooted in the desire for power.

The words never match the outcomes. But that’s unimportant to the collectivists. What matters are the ideas and the ideology which are used as litmus tests to determine if you should be allowed to have friends, a job, and eventually your life.

They are true believers.

They are also insane and dangerous.


So what does all this mean? Tune in to find out.

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I’m on the same page and agree with just about everything presented here - especially on the federal reserve, rigging elections and the dems accusing the other side of pretty much everything they’re doing.
But, to suggesting that all what is being called “collectivism” is bad and must be opposed is a bit much.
Referring to all welfare as “coercive redistribution of wealth”.
Welfare, is a large category - could be anything from public health insurnace, disability, food stamps, mandatory employment insurance premiums etc.
Reality is that anyone could get unlucky and have a job loss and or get sick.
It’s not a “us vs them”.
When living in a country with surplus wealth, part of the social contract is paying for a social safety net - and in turn, having it available “just in case”. The ideal is to not need it, to self-insure
Part of that social contract is that individuals receiving assistance do everything within their own means to get better, become self sufficient again and not abuse the system.
…why? It’s immoral to allow people to live on the streets, starve and or not be able to get essential health care because they don’t have the money.
Charity is great but is unreliable and insufficient; just ask anyone who has had to use a food-bank.
Food-bank is a emergency top off at best.
A social safety net is not inherently inflationary; it becomes inflationary when it is funded by deficits and or there is too much social spending and far too high taxes as a result.
When things are managed poorly and the people in charge behave very badly (as is the case with leftists/democrats now) , the public goes the other away.
People form their political views based on experiences.
Live in a far left/communist country and become very conservative, anti-welfare, anti-tax - being blind to the problems with the right.
On the other hand, I used to be extremely left wing 20 years ago and blind to the problems with the left (extreme collectivism?) because I saw the problems with corporatism - for example like mandating corporations maximize profit from shareholders at all costs. Seeing the republicans in the us with support of democrats launch the “war on terror”.
Still being in school and having the bad mike-harris Ontario government deprive schools of sufficient money to even buy textbooks and screwing over teachers to give tax-cuts. (…and still running budget deficits despite the spending cuts)
I’ve been cured of “far leftism” - getting older fixed that up.
Extreme libertarians want zero safety net, extreme collectivists/socialists want a high universal income with no string attached - and both are crazy ideas.
Along the same lines, extreme pro-lifers want all abortion banned no matter what, the other side want abortion on demand up to day of birth with zero restrictions.
The majority are usually somewhere in the middle when it comes to any issue and taking extreme sides is part of the tribalism discussed on a recent great podcast with chris and bret weinstein.
Just to note, it is hard to take Edward Griffin seriously when he was claiming cancer is a nutritional deficiency disease, invented “vitamin B17” and put out propaganda trying to get people to eat cyanide containing pits to cure it.
…I’m distrustful of the medical establishment and surely some alternative treatment and prevention methods have merits, but there are limits.


Maine Now Too!

Yikes. This is getting bad quickly.
If anybody can point me to the court documents showing that Trump was charged with insurrection, had a chance to mount a defense, and was found guilty, that would be great.
Alternatively, I am going to have to assume this is collectivists showing their true selves. If they feel something is true, then it’s true. Laws be damned. This is a super slippery slope and we’re now well and truly upon it.



For me the “cancer” started in my subconscious when Kennedy and his brother were assassinated and with the Vietnam war. But I was young and in my professional education and later in my practice. Still I was dumbfounded and depressed to see so many citizens waving the flag while supporting a war that murdered an estimated 3-4 million people, most being civilians. I stoped voting because I felt that the politicians of both parties were too much alike and not truly representing the people. There were so many little things that raised a red flag. For example, in the Obama massive health care bill were so many discrepancies having no relation to health care. For example, “No one shall be allowed to take out or into the country more than 2 ounces of gold without prior consent”? Or the fact that this plan did not really give the poor any real meaningful healthcare and raised the insurance premiums to the point that many working families could not afford insurance. Meanwhile Hillary stated that she would cap medication costs if elected, yet she received huge funds from big pharma. Before the elections some medications went up 5,000 %. There was scandal after scandal and corruption everywhere one “lifted the carpet”. Financial, government and corporate. Then the wars in the Middle East My late wife and I decided to leave the country we had loved and where indebted to. There are so many warning signs in life, sometimes guided by intuition and sometimes by logic and sometime by facts. That democracy was dying or dead was clear. Wether or not it is partly due to many citizens being braindead or brainwashed is irrelative. There is an old saying, “The fish begins to stink in the head”! We actually started preparing overseas for dark times to come over 30 years ago, slowly step by step.


What To Do?

Like Chris said get all your preps in order. Pantry…backup energy….water…personal protection. But most importantly get out of the cities. If you are on the fence about moving to a safer …rural location, do it now. 2024 looks to be the year of conflict.
The Obamas are seeding your mind for a cyber attack and maybe war. and telling you clearly in their movie that if you go into the woods ( don’t leave the city is their message) that a tick will bite you and your teeth will fall out and deer will become ravenous coyotes….
The elite are building bunkers……what could go wrong?



How ironic that the dummicrats in “leadership” positions, who constantly espouse democracy as being their highest priority, are the very ones tearing it down at every opportunity. Meanwhile the weepublicans can’t seem to find their backbones cuz they’re too busy padding their bank accounts. Mr. Griffin had it nailed long ago, that’s for sure.

Please Just Stop.

The United States is not, and does not have, a democracy. Never had. The United States has a Constitutional Republic, with some – SOME – democratic privileges that have ALL been revoked. Just to be clear. In a democracy the people vote and vote all the time. They are the deciders. In a republic the people vote once (if at all if it counts) for a “representative” who decides for them. What our fully dysfunctional government claims to be saving the world for is a fiction. Democracy does not exist. Anywhere.



What kind of name is that? ?
Out of curiosity I looked.

There Is A Way To Fiz This Without War Or Protesting.

There is hope for Democracy, well, Direct Representative Democracy.
To me, it’s not about WHO we send to DC, it’s about how they intend to make their decisions when they get there; and they need to be connected to the people before making those decisions.
Don’t like my idea, fine, tell me how we can control them, how do we say stop when they’ve gone too far?
That’s it, just tell me another option for controlling them other than directly connecting the voters to the decision making process.
There is no other way, and for the FIRST time in human history, we have the technology to run our government as the voters see fit.
We either control them, or they control us,
Chris, you would make a great Congressman!!!
Don Endriss

I know what she was thinking right as she signed the ruling, “I’m going to be famous”.

It Was A Riot - Only Evil Planners Came Up With “insurrection” On Jan 7

I found what Jim Rickards said in the link very insightful. He made good points one by one as a constitutional lawyer. It made complete sense.