Dismantling the Illusion: How Information Control Shapes Reality

Originally published at: Dismantling the Illusion: How Information Control Shapes Reality – Peak Prosperity

So, what’s the big deal with data nowadays? Well, it’s like we’ve struck oil in our backyards, but instead of crude, it’s zeroes and ones flowing through the fiber-optic pipelines. It’s the new gold rush, and there’s a mad scramble for control. This isn’t just about who gets the biggest slice of the digital pie—it’s about baking an entirely new societal hierarchy. And here’s the kicker: as we increasingly lean on AI for everything from deciding which shoes to buy to diagnosing our sniffles, we’re inadvertently weaving a web of dependency. Are we nurturing a generation of tech-savvy savants or sleepwalking into becoming AI’s unquestioning sidekicks? Let’s unravel this tangled ball of yarn together and see where the threads lead us.

Whitney Webb and myself delve deeper into how this narrative might impact society at large or explore specific strategies for individuals and organizations to navigate this shift. Are you ready to join us as we decode the matrix of modern-day feudalism?


A sophisticated view of psyops.

I just ran across this 4 minute video on Twitter that could be an illustration of how information control shapes reality or maybe not, but it surely is confusing to me to see what it reveals. Please let me know what you think. https://twitter.com/TestDummy04/status/1751316255649173688?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

Brilliant and Thankyou both. I would like to talk (off record) to you both I have insights from the 80’s to recent that may fill in some of the blanks.

Well I dropped off at 30 minutes so I guess thats progress, as last time she lost me after 5 minutes.

The endless rattling off of facts, the hopping around the topic and complete lack of me being able to find consistency make this really a waste of my time to try and listen.

I will wait for the executive summary.

Whitney is spot on about what is going on, and has gone on, but I think she overestimates the competence of those in charge. They are too affluent, decadent, putting unqualified friends into decision positions, and busy indulging their pleasures to be effective. Look at their record 1) they can’t win a war 2) they tried to take Trump out with a pandemic and destroyed the economy 3) they want to herd us into cities where we can be controlled with the fictional “sustainability problem” argument (New York State has been reverting to forest land since 1850) but Covid caused a diaspora from the cities 4) they tried to take out cryptocurrency friendly banks and precipitated a banking crisis 5) Larry Fink completely nullified the SEC attempt to destroy Bitcoin and it goes on and on. Everything they try has backfired. Not a reason to relax vigilance though but we have them on the ropes. The combination of 1) Internet 2) Encryption and 3) Crypto currencies and 4) great stuff yet to come will bring this agenda down, probably for the first time in human history that the entire controlling class has lost control (previous collapses allowed the elite to run to safe countries and continue operating, but this one won’t)


I have never heard anyone speak and say so much in a monologue before. Wow, she didn’t even pause to draw breath, amazing brain function!


When I saw this this morning, it made my whole day!! Chris Martenson and Whitney Webb together again. I can’t wait to listen. You both are amazing at connecting the dots.


I just saw this. Debating having a beer with this even though I hardly ever drink alcohol. Whitney does that to me.


Tech neo-feudal serfdom sounds like a goal of Zuck the fuck.


I have to be in the right mood/headspace for a W/W interview, but when I am - she’s intense to listen to.
Great interaction and info in this one, I’m sure I didn’t get it all but it was a good interview.
(I can always listen again…and I probably will).
I’ve recently decided I need to get after myself for being technically lazy, and built a new computer, loaded a “non-standard” O/S and have been configuring things so it’ll work like I need it to.
The AI topic really hit home for me as it’s pertinent to what I’m involved with right now.
There’s a lot of techies here already who know a lot more than I do, but even the little bit I’ve had to stuff into my brain lately to get through this project has shed some light on how deep the surveillance state has burrowed into our everyday lives.
Complicated and unnerving to be sure, but it’s worth knowing even if it’s a challenge.
So…uh, that’s a little too much about me, I’ll give the interview another listen.
After an appropriate break.


I think you need to cover the cultural revolution carried out by the chinese communist party. I no longer think that it can’t happen here in the USA.

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Thank you, Chris, for setting up this interview. Whitney is amazing.


Matrix is the right word! As in the 1999 movie. The sheer unreality of – to use Jim Kunstler’s phrase – the trip that’s being laid on us is breathtaking. Another work of dystopian fiction that kept coming to mind while listening was Brave New World. It’s looking like '24 and '25 will be the crucial time at which we either shut this thing down, or are enslaved by it for the next millennium.

A rich, challenging listen. Thanks. I’m going to give it another listen sometime in the next few days.


Love this viewpoint! The power structure of modern society breeds pessimism. I’m guilty of that pessimism myself. Technology is putting power into the plebs’ hands. The once-open internet seems to be releasing itself from the FAANG’s grip. This site, substack, nostr, and FOSS in general are liberating forces, among many others. The cypherpunks won freedom of encryption in the 90s. With these two factors in place, no wonder cryptocurrencies keep getting painted in a bad light. They desperately want to limit adoption. Or at least keep in within the confines of Wall Street. Don’t let them trick you, these are indeed powerful freedom tools. Onward

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Thanks Chris, for setting up the interview with Whitney Webb.

I find her brilliant, intense and oh so enlightening as to the history and interconnections of the social web we are all caught in (i.e. reality), rather than the mythic story we are taught.


I was just thinking Chris should have more women on:)


I’ve thought that for a long time. It’s very blokey here :slight_smile:


The ultra-right is pretending to be ultra-left in order to make anyone who opposes them appear like a right-wing extremist. Quite Machiavellian, isn’t it?


I found Chris comments on X (twitter) interesting. The AI I have found there is pretty advanced and enmeshed in conversations. I only came there to support the fight against censorship. I may be leaving shortly.