Disrupting the Data

Yes Dave, I am following Dr Shetty already a while and I find it just impressive
He gives me a hint of the mental capacity that our ancestors had… and that the majority of our great modern society is actuality sliding back to “technician level”.


for decades, right up until Dec 2019, the billionaires told us they wanted to drastically reduce the world population.

then Covid hit; Jan 2020 was a watershed. Someone pointed out (at Davos?) that 'maybe we should stop talking about culling the herd ... during the pandemic.' The unelected rulers rewrote their mission statement: 'from now on, we will try and save as many worthless eaters as possible, by injecting them with something DARPA made that says vaccine on the label.'

They created a giant lifeboat, and everyone MUST get in, at gunpoint. It's the opposite of Malthus, and The Limits to Growth. Injecting half or 2/3rds just isn't enough. 'For Earth to survive we need to save every last human. Are you 95 years old? Well, get the shot, damnit! Then the booster. The world needs you, and everyone else, to build back better!'

  pardon my sarcasm, but this is clown world


MSM "fact" checkers say Covid isnt about depopulation

https://sciencebasedmedicine .org/depopulation-by-covid-19-vaccines/


all cause mortality



If this is as bad as it looks - one thing that seems to fit with what Ive been seeing in the corporate world and heard on some other blogs is the idea of; “Vaccine as a Service”
Hopefully Im just being overly cynical - but if this follows the modern “digital” corporate approach you try to lock your client base into ongoing second rate “services” as opposed to proven solutions / products.
In this case its likely the problem is artificially created. The vaccines perhaps do notionally do what they say on the tin, however over time subvert your natural immune system to make you reliant on constant boosters - or suffer from increased morbidity’s…
This allows locked in revenue streams for the corporate entities, then more control by governments and authorities. Of course at some stage boosters will not be government funded and youll have to pay for your 6 monthly shot, the price of which will always go up. Prehaps each new generation of vaccine / booster will add more features - just like Windows OS - but its not a one off purchase - you have to subscribe.
If you get really dystopian then it gets linked to your social credit score…or you submitting to whatever mandate is fashionable at the time…
Over decades maybe less you eventually will have most of your populations under this scheme…
And you can simply cut-off the booster to those who are non-compliant / problem children…
Of course to keep this going we are going to need new strains and keep the fear at maximal levels to keep people hooked for the first stage.
This first round of vaccines might even be not so bad - as initially you just want to condition the population - get them used to lining up on a regular basis then apply the screws when the time is ripe…
A year ago i would have been incapable of even thinking like this but after what Ive seen in the last 12 months…


Reading these two links joined a lot of the dots for me.


I could never have imagined myself thinking what Dr Chetty was saying was realistic, that was in the past and now the evidence points towards the theory. It feels really uncomfortable believing that what Dr Chetty is saying is the truth but I believe it in my heart. Do we all feel that way? How has this thing been orchestrated?


Over 6000 patients treated with ZERO COVID-19 deaths - Dr Shankara Chetty, South Africa

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTHyp5uAzCc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2JV3GKV0FY  


Jesus said

Bring forth that which is within you. If you bring forth that which is in you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not have that which is within you, what you do not have will destroy you. Source: The Gospel of Thomas, the Nag Hamadi Texts.
"Pagan" Thomas Sheridan says that they have no internal dialogue. Others have termed them NPCs, none playable characters. How about this; the exercise is designed to eliminate the NPCs from the planet. They self-select for the Greatest Cull of all human history. And then the rest of us will be replaced by the new and improved Hubrids. A small remnant is kept, much like we have allowed chimps to survive after "they" cross-bred chimps with pigs to produce Us. Ref: Dr. Eugene McCarthy, hybridologist. macroevolution.net

The NYT reached a new low today in journalistic smoke and mirrors. An article on the front page acknowledged India has made amazing progress reigning in the virus however not a single speculative idea on why this might have occurred. No mention of the massive disparity in states that instituted a prophylactic program and Kerala which did not. They also assume India has a massive undercounting problem similar to the west’s overcounting. The message was loud and clear India is only 25 % vaccinated and unless they fall in line ASAP a horrible winter awaits. MSM is in a death cycle from which there is no escape.




Could you please post a copiable link to this video? thanks.


The interview with David Collum emphasized a crucial problem. It is not just that the media is lying, it is not just that “result driven studies” are being offered up as “proof” of narratives by government agencies, it is not just that journals like the Lancet are not longer trustworthy - now, we don’t even know if the base data all these institutions rely upon is reliable.
The only good news about all of this is that a system that has become this dysfunctional cannot last. To the extent that is “good news,” that is the best news we have at this point.


Steve Kirsch published full data set (can Chris look at it??) and also said this about phase 3
“There is a pretty good chance that the vaccines don’t really work at all and never did. We know the Pfizer Phase 3 trials were gamed in many ways. There is no doubt that the vaccines elevate antibodies, but it seems that it is quite possible that the immunity they confer is actually the result of killing off (or excluding as in the case of the trials) people with weaker immune systems. The people who are left are thus more resistant to the virus. Mathew Crawford will be coming out shortly with an analysis that makes a compelling case for this novel hypothesis.”


At this point Aliens wouldn’t surprise me.


If it’s true that he’s suffering from GBS it’ll be weeks before anyone hears from him, if ever, pending outcome.
They definitely won’t announce his vaccine injury!
I’ll say it…“Poetic Justice”.


My apologies, Arthur. I have procured all three of Jacob’s books yet haven’t got to them yet. (I’m currently digging through Richard Heinberg’s new book, Power.)
I still feel that the Jacob’s “Hubrids” narrative is too orthodox and “human” to be truly alien.
Over a decade ago, I was watching an interview with a man who was talking about Norman Bergrun’s Ringmakers of Saturn. Through his discourse he affirmed that ETs were real, but that these EMVs (electromagnetic vehicles) were not them. He called them “the hands of God” and remarked that even the ETs were in awe of such things.
Then he he said something that I’ll never forget. (I even downloaded the interview) I’m paraphrasing here mostly:

When certain plans (global depopulation) that are being developed right now become initiated, this experiment will end. "The petri dish is starting to smell, that sort of thing...you're viewed as not being fully manifested."
In no uncertain terms he made it clear: Earth is God's business. When the elites of this Earth start playing God, the EMVs will unleash a solar wind that would decimate this "experiment". This stuck with me, his phrasing of it. I mean this stuff was way out there from my research, but something told me to keep it. As it turns out now, this stuff is tame compared to some of the conclusions I have reached. I have a question, Arthur. If this was some system whereby extraterrestrials manipulated the aristocracies in an effort of colonization, why has it taken so long? Vallee has catalogued UFO/UAP events that date back into antiquity. Even the original Loch Ness Monster sighting was simply an orb that flew out of the water and off into space. Why would it take millennia to engineer a species? The two big promethean concepts for me are agriculture and hydrocarbons. Things seemed to change drastically after these developments. What is the ultimate goal of colonizing a planet that by most accounts has been exploited and whose life support systems is in decline? They Live (1988) - The Power Elite Scene
Our projections show that by the year 2025, not only America, but the entire planet, will be under the protection and the dominion of this power alliance. The gains have been substantial. Both for ourselves, and for you, the human power elite.

Here’s a recent article by Pepe Escobar on Afghanistan. I STRONGLY suggest him as an interview subject. I used to hear him quite often on other sites. He’s very entertaining and is quite knowledgeable about world affairs, especially China.


I know I’m not Arthur, but I think the whole “resource” thing is due to the Oligarchy (“whomever”) keeping control over the globe by denying us free energy. Axis of control: first, the British Navy, and then, the US Navy - via threatened denial of coal and now, oil.
Currently, power & fuel generation is centralized.
Any entity that really resists doesn’t get power, or fuel. No Civilization For You!
But if the Plebes (and the Plebe-nations) had free energy - the US Navy no longer matters, and the Oligarchy’s global resource/dominance game just stops working. All the third world countries become energy self-sufficient. Individuals or groups can really go off grid without any fuss at all. No more power companies. No more gas stations. Can you imagine?
Space travel becomes possible. And not absurdly-expensive-elite space travel like Bezos does. Much more economical space travel. Then we can mine the asteroids. Economically.
So the whole "peak resources"thing ends, if we have free energy. As does the need for depopulation. As does the control. Free energy = global civilization. Free energy raises the standard of living of Africa, so they no longer feel the need for 5 children so that 3 survive to care for them in their old age. Population controls itself that way.
But when free energy comes, elite control ends. And they really, really don’t want the control to end. Its been in place since…Rockefeller, at least. They all love slaves.
That’s my model for what’s going on. We’re at a choice point: release free energy tech, and lose control - or keep suppressing it, oil peaks, and depopulation is their answer to the manufactured “resources problem.”
What does this have to do with aliens? I’m sure they’re in there somewhere in the mix. Especially if we start going to the asteroids. Or maybe its something else.
But I think free energy is the key - aliens, or no aliens.
Free energy = loss of control by Oligarchy.


In worse than the disease on page 63 of the article (page 26 of the linked pdf)

Seneff lays out the mechanism in the section "Potential for Permanent Incorporation of Spike Protein Gene into human DNA “

Humans carry their own reverse transcriptase, which it seems the spike protein can upregulate its expression, thus no need for coinfection with a retrovirus. . See the article for details:



Great content, but frustrating to listen to at times. Dave constantly cut Chris off mid point and many times, Chris’ point was never circled back to. Dave-please, stop interrupting!