Dollar's Decline: BRICS Challenge & Saudi Oil Shift

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President Donald Trump’s legal team has once again filed a motion to dismiss the Florida classified documents case, citing alleged evidence tampering by the Department of Justice. Trump’s attorneys argue that key evidence was altered or manipulated after its seizure from Mar-a-Lago, undermining the defense’s case. This follows a previous admission by Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office regarding the mishandling of evidence. Despite multiple attempts, all motions to dismiss the case have been unsuccessful thus far.

In Ohio, a pharmacist named Mike Yoha delivered an emotional testimony before the State Senate, recounting his experience with Guillain-Barré syndrome after being coerced into receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Yoha’s testimony supports Ohio House Bill 319, the “Conscientious Right to Refuse Act,” which aims to end employment discrimination based on vaccine status. The bill seeks to protect individuals’ rights to decline medical interventions without facing job loss or other forms of discrimination.

The US dollar is encountering significant challenges due to recent geopolitical developments. The BRICS nations have introduced a new payment system that could diminish the dollar’s dominance in international transactions. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has opted not to renew its long-standing agreement to sell oil exclusively in US dollars, choosing instead to trade with other currencies. This decision, coupled with Saudi Arabia’s participation in China’s central bank digital currency project, further erodes the dollar’s role in global oil trade. US sanctions have inadvertently driven countries like Russia and China to reduce their reliance on the dollar, with Russia’s dollar transactions dropping significantly and China offloading US Treasury bonds in favor of gold. The BRICS nations are advocating for a financial system that amplifies the voices of developing countries and reduces dependence on the US dollar, signaling a shift towards a multipolar world.

Meanwhile, the Collapse Life podcast, hosted by Zara Sethna, delves into the implications of natural asset companies (NACs) on rural communities. Guest Margaret Byfield, Executive Director of American Stewards of Liberty, explains that NACs, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, aim to monetize natural processes like pollination and photosynthesis. This initiative could halt productive activities such as oil and gas extraction, posing a threat to rural economies. Byfield also discusses the 30×30 agenda, an international effort to protect 30% of the world’s lands and oceans by 2030, which the Biden administration supports. This agenda could lead to increased restrictions on land use, with potential national security risks if foreign entities manage US lands. Despite public opposition leading to the withdrawal of a related SEC rule, the federal government continues to pursue natural capital accounts, which could result in new taxes and land use restrictions. Byfield advocates for private property management as the best way to maintain land productivity and urges continued vigilance against these agendas.


Trump’s Legal Team Pushes for Dismissal of Florida Docs Case, Citing Evidence Tampering

Trump’s legal team tried again.

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Pharmacist’s Tearful Testimony Highlights Urgency of Ohio’s “Conscientious Right to Refuse Act”

“I was a father, a husband, a pharmacist, and a healthy person prior to being coerced into receiving the COVID vaccine … I would never have taken the vaccine voluntarily,” declared Mike Yoha, his voice trembling with emotion.

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Saudi Arabia Ends 50-Year Oil-For-Dollars Pact: A New Era for Global Trade and the US Dollar

The first event was the announcement of a new BRICS payment system that will, in fact, challenge the status of the US dollar in international transactions.

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Natural Asset Companies: The New Threat to Rural America’s Land and Liberty

It is shocking, and it seems contradictory.

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Surely the 30% of Oceans part of the 30-30 plan would be a doddle, or is there a catch. Usually is with these things.