Dr. Simon Goddek - Vit D, Censorship and the Journey - Part 1

Yes I too have experienced this exact syndrome (I work in IT.) I am one who will speak up but it certainly does my “career” no good. Of course you have to pick your battles like most things in life. For me it isn’t hard to speak truth because it is part of my nature. Others think first of the “political” impact of what they are saying. Now I have trained myself to put myself in the shoes of the hearer first. Then if what I am going to say could hurt someone with different mindset (often people hear the idea as a personal criticism when you think you are just being reasonable) and I figure the situation demands it, I try to think of a different way to approach it. But I totally relate.

Fascinating Conversation

Loved this video. Looking forward to part two.

I am glad you were able to pursuade your wife. In my case my local pharmacy had told me the vaccine was the J and J, I already knew I didn’t want the Moderna because of the unproven technology - and when I turned up they said it was the Moderna. At that time appointments were hard to get so I went along with it, and had the 2nd one also. With the second one I developed a bad case of tinnitus that is still with me off and on. Luckily that is all at least so far. But of course I regret it.

yes this use of IM is now a new convention in the workplace.

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