Dr. Simon Goddek - Vit D, Censorship and the Journey - Part 1

Welcome to another fascinating week on “Off the Cuff”. This time we’re taking a slightly different approach and splitting our show into two parts (one public, one for members), as there’s just so much ground to cover with our esteemed guest, Dr. Simon Goddek. He’s a man whose journey mirrors those of many within our tribe and is emblematic of the resilience and unyielding quest for truth that we so value.

Dr. Goddek’s intellectual contributions in the field of health are extensive, with a plethora of papers penned on a variety of topics, including the crucial role of Vitamins B and D. He found himself on a collision course with the establishment when he critically reviewed the Drosten Papers, which form the foundation of the PCR testing protocols. His commitment to asking questions and seeking answers led to the unfortunate loss of not one but two jobs, but his spirit was not deterred. Faced with economic constraints, he moved to Brazil, built a homestead in the rural jungle with animals, solar, and greenhouses along with his wife, and began a new chapter.

His narrative unfolded on social media, where he engaged in spirited debates with figures like Peter Hotez, calling out hypocrisy where he saw it. His paper on Vitamin D resulted in his Twitter account being suspended, a blow to his platform but not his resolve. He launched Sunfluencer, a business aimed at getting essential nutrients such as Vit D and Zinc into the hands of those who need them. In fact, if you are in the market, you should take a look for yourself by clicking here.

Despite a lost lawsuit against Twitter and all the setbacks, Dr. Goddek’s journey has been marked by unwavering resilience, and I’m excited to dive deeper into his story in this two-part episode of “Off the Cuff.” Stay tuned, it’s going to be a ride worth taking.

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Tragedy And Hope

So great to hear more from Dr. Simon Goddek. Thank you for this interview!
You mentioned the work Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley and that it is very lengthy.
Tragedy and Hope 101 by Joe Plummer is a shorter “cliff notes” version which has all the nuggets and gives you a much more condensed overview, readable in a few hours. https://amzn.to/2RU5wEA
Also good is “The Anglo American Establishment” by Quigley, this is also a condensed version of T&H which expands and provides much more juicy detail. https://amzn.to/2IZWX7d
More good info here at the Freedom Vault offered by Richard Grove, free through my affiliate link: https://www.universityofreason.com/a/2147506649/xDb8Ue2K


Part Ii Link Keeps Asking For Login Over And Over

No part II?

Hi Matt’s, Can you give it another shot for me? I went in and made sure the access controls were correct and tested, worked for me, but want to be sure.

Not So Much A Left Right Continuum

I’m condensing the problem more as:
There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that like to tell others how to live, and those that don’t like being told how to live.


Thanks bunches for those links!


You’re welcome! Enjoy exploring, i have learned so much there.

Dutch University

Maybe I missed it, but what Dutch university was it?

Sad People.

I am a product manager at a software company. There have been several occasions where I had conversations with people beforehand about some problem. Or that we had once agreed and worked out something, which then someone did not comply with.
Then when there is a larger meeting and there is someone from management or the CEO who then contradicts that, that follows a discussion in which I am completely alone. Even when I say, “Dear people, we’ve discussed this. Can I maybe get some support from someone??”, even then everyone ducks below the surface and keeps quiet.
This kind of cowardice exists everywhere and at every level. Saving one’s own skin. I have accepted by now that you don’t have friends anywhere. When it suits them, they just drop supporters hard and preferably they let you pick the chestnuts out of the fire (Dutch phrase? :-)) and let you take the hit.
I can’t even get mad at them anymore. Because of this, I see a kind of frame around their character to where their real value extends. That frame is a given. They cannot make that frame bigger, or step outside that frame. It is what it is. If I blamed them for this, there would be no one left to laugh with at the coffee machine. Working somewhere else doesn’t make sense either because there are the same kind of people there. So it’s not just journalists, professors or doctors who exhibit this behavior. It has nothing to do with intelligence or level. It is everywhere.
Taking responsibility and accepting consequences for something you think is correct and right is given to very few people. 99.9% of people are just too cowardly.


Those can be the same people. Take Klaus Schwab as an example. He doesn’t like being told what to do, but he’s always excited to tell the rest of the world what to do.

  1. People who don’t want others to tell them what to do, and don’t want to tell others what to do.
  2. People who don’t want others telling them what to do, but know the best way to have everyone else live.
  3. People who like being told what to do because it’s easier than taking responsibility for their own choices, and don’t wish to tell others what to do.
  4. People who like being told what to do, but are adamant about everyone else following the rules too.
    I think we currently have an over abundance of 2, 3, and 4 types. I also think it was the 1 types that created this nation.
    It doesn’t take a huge number of the type 1 people to make things change if they can convince the 3 and 4 types to push back against the type 2 people.

@Hans, that certainly matches the experiences that I’ve had in working in engineering with software & tech companies. I’ve encountered far too many people who are “non-confrontational” to say the least. Especially in meetings, where they DO NOT speak up on something when a normal human being should speak up!
The other thing that is prevalent in modern technical realms is what I call “Tech-Induced Autism”. It’s a very contagious psychological condition that I myself have had to deal with. This struck me personally about 14 years ago when I worked hand in hand with the CEO & CTO of a tech company in a very high stress environment. They were identical twin brothers and very deeply infected with this condition. So much so, that I would have to IM the CTO to discuss something, even though our desks were an arms length apart from each other in an open air office space!!! They rubbed off on me, and I despise them for it.


Wageningen WUR afaik.

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@Hans, I experienced similar “syndromes” in others when serving in the military, where in some cases a matter of life or death was on the line. I attributed it to a fear of falling from grace with the higher ups. In today’s terms, it might be explained as a quest for “likes.” Needless to say, I finished my short two year stint and went into business as a General Contractor. Derivative= Contract,where every term of agreement is spelled out in black and white, and wet signed.

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It might as well have been the University of Amsterdam (UvA). They aren’t fairing any better than WUR. They too threatened to fire a professor for being outspoken against current narratives and critical about things. Basically for doing his job as a scientist, teaching, posing hypotheses, analyzing things, picking them apart and raising red flags, open dialogue etc. I’m not sure where we are in that story right now, whether he still works for the UvA or by now terminated.



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Do Anyone In Pp Taking Rain Samples?

Additional existential threat: https://youtu.be/zm261O9BRB0

The Topic Is Excruciating For Me.

I was lucky enough to have a deep distrust of the government. My mother died from cancer induced by government releases from Hanford in Washington state.
People like you and Dr Goddek were the sources that I could find who explained the idea behind mRNA and the dangers that it represented. I was able to talk my wife out of taking an mRNA vaccine. This was hard and she was concerned about seeing her grandchildren. The people who push this vaccine are evil and used the nastiest methods to try to enforce their profit and self enhancement motives on us, the people.
You deserve gratitude and praise for the risky route you took.


I’m so sorry for your loss.
I remain confused and concerned about the ‘who’ and the ‘how’ behind the decision of 100% of the vaccine companies to organize their attempts around the FULL spike protein, which we now know is toxic.
It’s impossible to believe that they all independently came to this idea.
At least several, if not all of them, would have first (or in parallel) tried shorter antigenic sequences as those would have been simpler to produce, more stable at higher temperatures, and offering fewer complications probably.
I cannot find a reason for this besides that it was a directive.


The pandemic proved there is a global epidemic of cowardice. So many knew better but chose to go the route of the coward to the detriment of humankind.