Drought Preparations and Actions

A good discussion of steps and measures to begin implementing for those folks being hit by worsening drought conditions. 


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A great start, but I think it could have gone furthur…we should always treat water like the precious resource that it is even when there is no drought. Try to think in a permaculture mindset of using everything at least twice before it leaves your property…
I place a 5 gallon plastic bucket under the shower and as the water gets warm, collect it.  I then later carry that water outside and water my potted plants.

I rarely use the bathtub, preferring a short shower, but if I do, I have a system of siphoning the water out the window using a garden hose to water any “downhill” plants (so gravity helps the siphon flow)

We also have the main bathroom shower, sink and bath effluent plumbed to a gray water bog watering system.  Two 40 gallon surge tanks submerged in a pit backfilled with wood chips and water loving plants planted on the perimeter (avocado and bay). has worked great for 9 years now and I have never checked/uncovered it. (maybe it is time I did so.)

Same thing with washing dishes, I have two plastic tubs in my large single bowl kitchen sinks. One for hot sudsy wash and one hot for rinse.  But it takes about a tubful of running water to get hot, so I collect that, turn the faucet to fill the second tub as I walk out the back door and use the first tub to water plants near the door.   Likewise, when I am done with the dishes I drain the tubs on other plants.

I don’t view it as a hardship. I think of it as part of building steps/exercise into my day.  It is how our ancestors stayed fit.