EasyPrep Food Storage - Special Discount

35% Special Discount for PeakProsperity.com Readers

The ReadyStore is offering Peak Prosperity readers a special 35% discount on EasyPrep food storage packages.

Establishing a deep pantry and having extra long term food storage available is vital and a necessary step in building resilience into your life and ensuring you have adequate food energy for emergencies and difficult times.  The EasyPrep food storage bucket system makes this task simple and relatively cost effective.  With a variety of different foods to choose from, this special offer with help jumpstart your long term food preps and bring you better food security. 

Food storage made easy
EasyPrep food storage is simple: 1 person + 1 bucket = 1 month of food.

Storage friendly
With a shelf life of 25 years and packaged in a stack-able bucket, the EasyPrep line will store efficiently.

Convenience in an emergency
Each entree is packaged into a zip-lock mylar pouch that can be directly cooked in. Just add water, seal for 10 minutes and you will have a delicious meal ready to eat.

Always be ready
Whether you shelter in place or need to be on the go these buckets are convenient for each situation. Something you couldn't always say with traditional food storage.

To take advantage of this special offer, visit the following link and use Discount Code: EASYPREP. Offer valid till October 5th, 2014.


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I love The Ready Store and purchase regularly, but I am disappointed by this particular product being set forth as a one-month, one-person bucket. The specs say it has a few-odd calories over 31,000. I am a fairly small female, and if I were only eating 1,000 calories a day, I wouldn't be good for much. Totally agree that long-term storage buckets are fantastic! I just think that it's only right to be detail oriented – one of the things we love about Chris's and Adam's detailed analyses of the issues they present, along with the many wonderful contributors to PP. The discount is also much appreciated, but while a person would stay alive, for a 200-pound man, or a 115-pound woman, the Easy Prep bucket is not enough to truly provide a month of full nutrition for one person.
If I'm looking at something incorrectly, please feel free to set me straight! Thank you for all you do to keep us educated and informed about so many topics.

Food storage should be treated not only like an emergency food supply but also as a mobile source. It is for your own convenience like during travel or whenever you are relocating. Early preparation is essential to ensure you stock up what you really need for the timespan that you will require the food for. Remember to also do some research on which types of food items can last longer and for the time period you need. You do not wish to stock up something that rots even before you have the chance to consume them.