Embalmers Find Bizarre Clots

There’s nothing quite like a shocking bit of evidence to turn a case.

Shortly after the Covid vaccines were introduced, embalmers reported finding not only many more clots in the deceased but strange clots. Long, tough, fibrous, pale clots that some liken to calamari.

Embalmers with hundreds of collective years of experience between them have said such clots, while not entirely unheard of, were quite rare in the past and were constrained to a limited set of areas in the body.

But now? These clots are being pulled out of veins and arteries all over the body.

Moreover, the blood that drains is being described as “dirty,” implying that microclots are gluing red blood cells together into rafts.

In this interview with embalmers Richard Hirschman and Anna Marie Brassfield Foster (both in the film “Died Suddenly”), we hear all about these clots and when they first arrived on the scene in larger numbers.

As well, Tom Haviland conducted a nationwide poll of embalmers and sent me the results to share with everyone.

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A Friend Is Going On A Trip - Dr. Said Get The Booster, Pharmacist Friend Said No, Pathologist Friend Said Absolutely Not To Get

A good friend of mine who I trust with my life (because she saved it once already), is a retired nurse. She is going on a trip this weekend and her Dr. told her she should get the booster shot. Her Pharmacist friend said not to get it and her friend who is a Pathologist said absolutely don’t get the shot. The Pathologist said that she is seeing people of all age ranges with more clots, lots of micro clots, and strange cancers. The pathologist told my friend she hasn’t seen anything like this before. She said that she isn’t the only one seeing the clots, micro clots and weird cancers. The pathologist believe the vaccines are causing the deaths.


Finally! We are getting perilously (deliciously) close to a breakout of common knowledge.
Those are the signs right there. Thank you for relating them.


It’s Reached The Babylon Bee

Do you think it’s reached the Public Knowledge stage, yet?


Ed Dowd

Ed Dowd is hearing rumors that the crumbling Brandon Administration is considering blaming the excess deaths on long Covid and climate change. ?


Where Are These Clots In Imaging?

I’m curious, shouldn’t we also be seeing these in the imaging world, In the Interventional labs where clots are removed? Maybe we aren’t looking at the type of clot, just that someone has one. I would imagine they would respond differently to TPA or other clot busting meds.



As a retired RN, if someone showed those clots to me, I would think it was the actual vessel. It doesn’t look like a normal clot to me.
My mother in law received the Moderna Injection, 2 doses. She had a hypertensive crisis after her second dose. It was very hard to control. Her doctor blamed it on anxiety and prescribed a psych drug. She is a happy go luckey person with no history of anxiety. I was shocked when I heard that. During the same year, she had a clot removed from her carotid which was affecting her vision in one eye. She had just had an ultra sound a year or so before and they didn’t see it then.
They may be seeing more clots in imaging and not making the connection.


“They may be seeing more clots in imaging and not making the connection.”
My personal opinion is that they don’t want to make the connection. If they make the connection that all of this crap with people dying suddenly, cancer cases on the rise etc is due to the vaccines and boosters shots. TPTB will have a raging and possibly violent citizenry storming the castle gates with pitchforks and torches. At that point the Plebs might just lose it thinking those in charge are purposely trying to kill them. All confidence in government and in the system would be lost. They are trying to avoid it by doubling and tripling down on their lies.
Martin Armstrong said that Der Klaus Schwab will not attend his WEF conference in Davos. Apparently he took the vaccine and is now sick. So at least there’s some good news there.



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Heck, people are already starting to figure out somethings up. Most recently an NFL player and not the one who died twice from cardiac arrest said, it was the vaccines that caused a young high school basketball player to collapse on the court.
My trust in the medical community is at an all time low. Some hospitals won’t even admit you if you are not vaccinated or boosted. My primary care physician unexpectedly decided to retire out of the blue saying he decided to start enjoying new hobbies. He was in his early to mid 50’s. He was pro vax and boosters. Is it possible he was injured by those vaccines and booster shots? I will never know but it would not surprise me at all.
Yesterday ZeroHedge posted an article where Elon Musk exposed via Twitter files that there was a collusion between the government and Big Pharma and that they were supposed to silence any talk about alternative treatments or low cost medicines. Meanwhile Pfizer and BioNTech made over $75 Billion in revenue last year while Moderna made off with $18 Billion. Moderna plans to increase the price of one dose to $400. What a nice business model especially when you have ZERO liability.
This is why Martin Armstrong has commented that his forecast calls for a global war to breakout in 2023-24. This is how you distract the masses from what’s being done to them.


“her doctor blamed it on anxiety and prescribed a psych drug” ? (and what are the side effects of THAT drug?) Run!


What About Data Regarding Deceased That Were Cremated?

I was wondering about all the deceased that were cremated — I assume embalming is not performed on bodies prior to cremation?? In my own experience, over the last decade I’ve attended more memorial services for families that have chosen creation than ones where the body is preserved — especially among the younger generation. Might explain underreporting.


Why Doctors Will Not Accept That Shots Harm

My posting of links showing harms from the Covid Vaccines have been met with great hostility from the Emergency Physicians Facebook group.
Not just disagreement, Not at all. But vicious name calling and personal attacks on me, the study’s authors or the journals.
Such emotional intensity!!
I believe that I have come to understand why.
If the COVID mRNA vaccinations cause harm this means:
–That the physician him or herself is personally at risk of a medical catastrophe.
–That the physician’s families are at risk.
–That the physician made a grave error in professional judgment. Doctors feel shame when their actions lead to harm.
One of the doctors posted his own personal story full of grief that his 7 year old son was having trouble walking. He had developed transverse myelitis (an inflamed section of the spinal cord). He was a soccer player and young athlete. The doctor parents of the young boy are devastated.
Was it the dad’s error in medical judgement to vaccinate their son the reason for this disability?
Guilt, shame, fear.
No way on Earth is a doctor going to surrender easily to realizing that the vaccines cause harm.


“One of the doctors posted his own personal story full of grief that his 7 year old son was having trouble walking. He had developed transverse myelitis (an inflamed section of the spinal cord)”
That was one of the unexplained side effects in the AstraZeneca trial studies in the UK. It was quickly swept under the rug. Onto your point about the hostility towards you from your collogues. They can’t admit this shit is harming and killing people. They are on the side of of Big Pharma. There was a ZeroHedge article that said Elon Musk exposed Twitter files that said hospitals were being paid to use Remdesivir treatments, sometimes in the tens of thousands per patients. It did not matter whether it killed the patient or not.
They all have to keep the lying going now because if the public figures it out, they could erupt violently, thinking those in authority along with the medical community are purposely trying to kill them.


My impression is that the doctors sincerely believe that they are doing the right thing in promoting the vaccine and Remdesivir.


Yeah some do but as Chris has pointed out on several occasions, Remdesivir has a track record of doing more harm than good. OTOH, Ivermectin and HCQ has a track record of doing more good than harm.


Sand puppy, I feel their pain. There is was a whole gestalt of emotions and pseudo science that misdirected their behavior.
Sadly, it is easier to misdirect one than prove to them they were misdirected.
Not typing well as I performed a fine phalangectomy while castrating bull calves.
Just the nail and tip of my left index. Numb now as the…


I believe they thought they were doing and still believe the right thing.


Yes, exactly. But doctors cannot remain in denial forever. As the tide rises on common knowledge (of the health damage) doctors are going to come increasingly under pressure. They can not remain ignorant for ever.
Only one or two percent of the general population are psychopathic and I guess that holds for doctors too. The vast majority of doctors do care deeply about their patients and their profession.
It will be absolutely momentous when we reach the tipping point where enough doctors understand the data and turn on the medical councils and professional enforcers.
Perhaps I’m being overly hopeful but I feel that doctors hold the key to this Covid misadventure - if not the whole Great Reset. Because when liars are exposed as liars and when trust is completely destroyed then we have an entirely different ballgame


Believe shouldn’t factor into it, but I understand it’s hard to be an independent thinker when you need to see 6+ patients per hour to stay employed.
That being said, I’m certain these doctors were also told to “push” the jabs by the organizations they work for.
You either believe in the system you are a part of or it’s hard to go to work every day.