Euphoria: Tracking The Many Bubbles

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In today’s episode of Finance U Paul Kiker and I discuss the many apparent bubbles and what happens when they burst.

Sadly, the vast majority of people are unaware of the fact that they are living through another set of Federal Reserve/central banker bubbles. Made sadder because they also have no plans in place for how to evade the worst effects of their eventual bursting.

The insanity is global – the chipmaker Nvidia is now more highly valued by the world than the world’s largest oil company Saudi Aramco. This is nuts.

To make sense of this insanity, it helps to drill down and observe that the German stock market has also been powering to new highs despite Germany (1) being in a recession, (2) starved for affordable energy, and (3) in the midst of a very large banking bust due to souring commercial real estate loans.

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Great discussion there guys. These times require prudent consideration.

Now, momentum. Is that like how fast the roulette wheel can be spun?

Here’s an interesting chart (inspired by the cast) looking at SPX divided by first CPI, and then PPI. They track together, right up until “something funny” happens in the late-80s. Whatever could it be?

Even so, SPX “adjusted for PPI inflation” still seems pretty overbought.


If you want a German perspective, interview the blogger Eugyppius. Kunstler did in January.