Europe's Greenlash & Silver's Looming "Rug-Pull" Crisis

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The precious metals market is under scrutiny as concerns rise over potential disruptions, particularly in silver. Analysts suggest that a large holder of physical silver might execute a “rug-pull,” disadvantaging holders of “paper silver.” This scenario, while speculative, highlights the importance of understanding the dynamics between physical and paper assets. The EFP (Exchange for Physical) market, which involves holding physical silver while shorting its paper derivative, is a key area of focus. The distinction between paper and physical assets is crucial, as illustrated by examples from the stock market, such as the hard-to-borrow (HTB) stocks like GameStop. The discussion extends to other commodities, emphasizing the relevance of these dynamics in the precious metals market.

In Europe, recent elections have seen significant gains for right-wing populists and substantial losses for the European Greens, who lost 18 of their 72 seats. Green support in Germany and France has notably declined, attributed to a backlash against green policies, termed “greenlash.” Concerns about the cost of living and opposition to green regulations, such as the 2035 ban on combustion engine cars, have shifted the political balance. This trend mirrors sentiments in the U.S., where Trump is campaigning against Biden on climate and energy issues. Polls indicate that the majority of voters prioritize economic concerns over climate change, suggesting a potential shift in political strategies to address these priorities.

The global and U.S. economies face significant challenges due to unsustainable debt levels. Analysts argue that the U.S. dollar is at risk of losing value due to excessive debt, lack of productivity, and poor leadership. The Federal Reserve’s stance on inflation and interest rates is also under scrutiny, with economic indicators suggesting stagflation. The global debt nearing $400 trillion, with the U.S. alone approaching $35 trillion in public debt, poses major concerns for economic stability. The discussion highlights the importance of preserving wealth, particularly through investments in safe haven assets like gold, given the current economic uncertainties.

In international relations, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia have shown support for Russia amidst its invasion of Ukraine, rejecting a peace declaration at the Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland. The summit, attended by representatives from over 90 countries, concluded with a declaration advocating for territorial integrity and the end of nuclear threats. However, several countries, including Mexico, Brazil, and India, did not sign, aligning with Russia. This stance underscores Latin America’s division over Ukraine, influenced by internal conflicts and weak democracies. Despite the rejection by 80 democracies, the region’s largest nations appeared fragmented in addressing the global threat posed by Russia.


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We’ll connect a few dots and conclude there is a real chance that a large holder of physical silver will execute a rug-pull and the holders of “paper silver” are on the losing end of this great taking.

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Just watched a recent interview with Adam Rozencwajg

I find him very knowledgeable but he just glossed over silver potential. All he said was that it tends to lag gold and dismissed the reddit crowd squeeze (rightfully, for all I know). No mention of solar panels, the price ratio between the two metals or the market manipulation…