Excalibur Dehydrators and Accessories

We are bringing back the Excalibur Dehydrator Offer to help you save while getting ready to preserve and put away your garden bounty. Spring gardens will be put in place soon and now is a good time to prep for putting food up.

A dehydrator is a valuable addition to food preparedness and storage strategies. It's a great tool that enables you to preserve food from your garden or the store while minimizing nutrient loss. Extend your food supply, save money, and enjoy tasty, healthy treats -- what's not to like?

There are also a number of Excalibur accessories that can make processing food easier and give you better results.  Take note of the stainless steel trays and the apple peeler/corer.  Really great additions to have. 

Specifically, PrepareDirect is offering us:

  • 5% off the PrepareDirect.com's Excalibur Sale Pricing
  • Includes free shipping on orders over $99 (within the Lower 48 States)

Click here to take advantage of this offer and use coupon code PeakDry5, exclusive to PeakProsperity.com readers. This offer runs through February 28, 2013.

You may have seen the Excalibur Dehydrator mentioned and recommended in the What Should I Do? guide (which we strongly recommend you brush up on if it has been a while since you've last read it).  Chris and the PeakProsperity Staff use their dehydrators on a regular basis, not only to preserve garden produce but also for making yogurts and other fermented foods where a constant temperature is needed. 

Click here to take advantage of this offer, exclusive to PeakProsperity.com readers.

Full disclosure: Based on our existing relationship with PrepareDirect, PeakProsperity.com will receive a small commission if you purchase through this special offer. This will not impact the price you pay (in fact, as the offer states, you're getting an exclusive price discount not available to the public-at-large). The proceeds we received will be immediately invested to fund new features and functionality for this site.

We’d also love to hear any feedback based on your first-hand experience with the products and vendors that we recommend through these special offers (and elsewhere on this site). Our goal is to ensure that we’re doing our utmost to offer the best guidance for utility, value, and service.

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