Expert Virologist: Here's Everything You Need To Understand About Coronavirus

I have dreaded hearing pets could get this. This just gets worse and worse.
For those who have time, this is a lovely interview with a corona doc in Wales who treats and had Covid 19. He makes a point that the average age they see is below 50 unclear as to why. The interview brings it back to the humans involved in this drama in a kind way.

As he has said, his entire ICU us people under 50. This surprised him , as its not consistent with what was coming out of wuhan. Something is terribly wrong with the information we have been provided. All the empirical testimony Ihave seen , not just this one, is consistent but not with what we have been told
I know that at least 3 broward county sheriff officers have died from this. And all under 40. As of the death rate for under 40, this would be about 2 times the flu CFR. for 3 to die you would have to have 3000 officers in broward county to have this death rate AND all would have to have been infected. Those numbers are statistical impossibilities not even close to and consistent with what we have been told.

My daughter’s an RN, who is training in PPE use, right now. She says N95s are probably good for 1/2 dozen sterilization/ reuse cycles. She says the valve will become clogged.
She should take a close look at the valve Les. It's a small disc or flap of some sort of thin rubber. Breath out, flap goes open. Breath in, flap gets pulled shut. Not sure how you clog up something so simple. If it did seem sticky, a bit of water should clean it. Now I can see that repeated exposures to heat might make it a bit brittle, resulting in a crack or tear.

I am curious if this really is a case of Covid19 infecting the tiger…or case of Feline coronavirus (FCoV) and some really, really bad (and inaccurate) reporting and passing along bad information on social media. I am trying to get to the truth and the facts, but it is so twisted now. If I was a betting man in Vegas…and I am…I’m putting my money on it being FCov and NOT Covid19. If it turns out to be, the cost will be very, very high to domestic animals…and it didn’t have to be that way.

I manage my multiple sclerosis with selenium, quercetin, and Cytokine Suppress. I have it because of a reaction to a mercury-containing tetanus booster which paralyzed both my arms for several days, brachial plexus neuropathy. I am very leery of taking pharmaceutical drugs: none is benign. I recognize that they have a place, but my first attempts at treating anything are always with herbs, vitamins, and homeopathy, which I have seen work miracles. My first thought when I realized that coronavirus was coming here was to look online for a nosode, which I found. And I bought all the herbs for Dr. Stephen Buhner’s three coronavirus formulas , which I read about here. The tinctures will be ready in two weeks. His book Herbal Antivirals is proving hard to get, but I bought and am reading his Herbal Antibiotics, which is brilliant, he is extremely knowledgeable about treating antibiotic-resistant infections. Most doctors object out of the uninformed programming they have undergone.

Got this today in my inbox (spam folder, not sure why, its clearly legit)

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I'll have to figure out what to do with my $100,000.

Hi. The origin is still in question. I would not throw the bat houses out yet. They are great for mosquitoes which may be useful during this if gardening or worse mosquitoes get effected.
Here’s a great article I found so far… Link below…Article Note “However, the coronavirus isolated from pangolin is similar at 99 percent in a specific region of the S protein, which corresponds to the 74 amino acids involved in the ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2) receptor binding domain, the one that allows the virus to enter human cells to infect them.
By contrast, the virus RaTG13 isolated from bat R. affinis is highly divergent in this specific region (only 77 percent of similarity). This means that the coronavirus isolated from pangolin is capable of entering human cells whereas the one isolated from bat R. affinis is not.
In addition, these genomic comparisons suggest that the SARS-Cov-2 virus is the result of a recombination between two different viruses, one close to RaTG13 and the other closer to the pangolin virus. In other words, it is a chimera between two pre-existing viruses.”
The team found that coronavirus RNA isolated from those pangolins encodes spike proteins that are closely related to those of SARS-CoV-2 (Nature 2020, DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2169-0). That doesn’t prove that the new coronavirus passed through pangolins. But to prevent another virus making the same leap, markets shouldn’t sell pangolins, the researchers say.

Here’s another article.

I agree, we absolutely should not blame the bats. The poor things do their best to hide out in caves, and live their lives.
But sometimes curious people come along, capture them with nets, take them off to labs, extract their blood, and then…well, sometimes accidents happen.
And instead of dealing straightforwardly with the accident, some other people spend their efforts trying to cover it up instead.
And that’s why I really don’t blame the bats at all.

Even Tom Cotton spoke out on it’s possible origin & the lying media attacked him. I lean more toward this possibility. I hope it was an accident & not intentional, but I am suspicious.

My wife is from a country in the former Soviet Union… She just told me her parents there are limited to 4 KM radius and masks required when out.
This makes a lot of sense. Besides the mask, it really limits outbreak areas by a intermediate quarantine area.

I know you would bet its Feline Coronavirus. However, being in the NYC and being that Cats are very susceptible to Covid 19, I think its probably Covid 19. But the test may be sensitive to both.

Yes, my cousin who is an MD said that azythromax ( Zpak ) and hydroxychloriquine is working. I wonder though, if you wait too long to prescribe it will be too late? so does everyone get this from the start - or the time they are severe? or what?

Don Hamilton discusses coronavirus in dogs in Homeopathic Care for Dogs and Cats, and says coronavirus is very mild in dogs. He says it’s a case of a vaccine in search of a disease.

Since NordicJack mentioned silver, I’ll just add a couple anecdotal data points. Bearing in mind there are three reactions when one mentions colloidal/ionic silver (1. What’s that?, 2. Enthusiastic support and 3. An “oh brother” eye roll), I was agnostic on the subject until recently. I was introduced to ionic silver (inhaled with the help of a nebulizer) when I had an incipient sinus infection that wanted to fester but which I was keeping at a standstill with neti pot treatment. A friend had a nebulizer and I did a few treatments over a couple days (each less than a minute, inhaling mist into sinuses and lungs). Wiped the problem right out.
Others in my circle have treated sore throat and possible COVID-19 with similar results. Whatever’s trying to get started, silver seems to knock it out. All this is in the last several months. Placebo? Wonder medicine? I really don’t care. If a placebo is tricking my body into getting rid of sickness, placebo me up, y’all! But it’s clean, safe (no side effects) and cheap. None of which are generally true of allopathic medicine.
YMMV. DYODD. This is not medical advice. May fortune smile upon us all!
VIVA – Sager

The way you administered your ionic silver, I would expect it to work as you found. Contrary to the FDA levying action against 7 silver companies for making claims in fighting the virus, there are studies that prove that ionic silver has antiviral and antimicrobial effects in vitro. The question is whether this action is similar in the body. Ionic silver is turned into silver chloride in the stomach, which is bound and useless for any medicinal use. However, a external application where it does not need to pass through the gut, has been pretty well proven. One could argue inhaling this in a mist would essentially be a topical application on the lung tissue, that is affected by the virus. Thereby, it could actually work as it would in vitro. ( as proven ) Actually, I think it would be worth taking. whats the worse that would happen?? you turn blue?

I got kind of lost when Chris asked her if a larger inoculum would make it less likely that the immune system could fight off the disease. Either I spaced out when she answered or there wasn‘t a clear answer to the question. I believe the discussion immediately veered off to the subject of masks. I was hoping to have that question answered directly without considering masks straight away. After all, if a patient is just beginning to be infectious, it could be that a bystander would be less vulnerable, ceteris paribus. That issue resolved, one could then discuss whether masks are effective. But at this point, I feel as confused as before on the size of inoculum question.

Hi, what do you think of this? it seems interesting.

I’ve had similar results using colloidal/ionic silver. At first, my wife bought a quart of 10 PPM (parts per million) colloidal silver for $32 ($1 per ounce.) She got it to deal with an abscess in one of her horses. It worked and saved me a Vet bill. We used it for a few other animal infection issues and then tried it on ourselves when we came down with colds.
When the bottle ran dry, she wanted to buy another. I started looking into making it myself. It is easy to make with .9999+ silver, distilled water, and a very low amperage DC power source. I found a used commercially produced colloidal silver / electrically isolated silver (CS/EIS) generator and bought it. That was over 6 years ago. I figure I can make a gallon of 10 PPM CS/EIS for less than 2 bucks.
There aren’t any medical studies to show it works. Studies take money. Who in their right mind would pay to study something that won’t return a dime? Big Pharma can always say that there isn’t any evidence to support silver’s claims. Of course, if you don’t bother looking, you’ll never find any. There are also issues associated with overusing silver (Argyria - blue skin syndrome.) Big Pharma quickly point out those potential issues, but nobody will study the dosage needed to develop these conditions. Why should they try to establish limits of silver consumption when there aren’t documented medical uses for it? The logic appears circular to me.
Here’s a thread on peak prosperity that really just links to an external site: I was curious and read all the posts there. Most of the posts are focused on the finer points of making CS/EIS. There are interesting articles interspersed concerning the usage of CS/EIS. Here’s a 2 minute video that was linked in one of those posts showing bacterial growth in a 2’ X 4’ Petri dish banded with increasing doses of antibiotics laced agar.
Spoiler alert. Given enough time, life will learn to overcome any poison. Big Pharma knows this. That’s why they have to come up with new classes of antibiotics when the microbes develop resistance to their drugs. The medical-industrial-complex is expensive to operate. They can’t tolerate using cheap, off-patent drugs … or easily made CS/EIS … to cure a new virus. There’s no money to be made from that. Hmmm.
Lots of folks put their trust in the medical establishment. That’s fine as long as it works for them. What happens when the economy slides off the rails and the medical treatments disappear or become too expensive to use? Imagine if your employer shut down and your job and health insurance disappeared overnight. Then, imagine coming down with a severe case of Covid-19. Perhaps the hospitals will be generous and treat you for free. Perhaps they won’t.
Do you remember when N95 masks, toilet paper, and shelf stable foods were readily available for purchase? Shoot, that was just a few months ago. The world is looking like a totally different place now. What’s the future going to bring? Are you completely convinced that Big Pharma will be around (and looking out for your best interests) when you need them most? You might as well investigate CS/EIS now … while the opportunity exists.