Explosive Markets: Exploring the Fed Shocker with Paul Kiker

In today’s episode of Paul Kiker and I dive into the aftermath of the recent Federal Reserve meeting. And it was a doozy!

The Fed threw us a curveball. Their dovish pivot wasn’t just a minor adjustment; it was a seismic shift that sent shockwaves through the markets. The Dow soared to an unprecedented high, and even the Nasdaq, not one to be left behind, either matched or surpassed its peak this morning.

What’s more, even the German DAX, in the heart of its industrial transformation, hit record highs. This isn’t just market movement; it’s a historic moment, signaling a new era where following the Fed isn’t just advisable – it’s essential.

Join Paul and I as we dissect these developments, peering beyond the superficial market reactions to understand the deeper implications of the Fed’s actions. We’ll look at how this impacts not just the big players but also the average person trying to navigate these turbulent financial waters. It’s more important than ever to stay informed and agile in this rapidly changing economic environment.

Tune in…

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Asymmetrical Warfare?

It looks like the US Federal Reserve has now capitulated to save the banking system, and it will now resume reckless money printing, which will likely drown the economy in Inflation?
China is opting for Deflation?
Meanwhile, the War in Gaza will be a huge recruiting bonanza for the terr….orists?
This, together with the ability of cheap, decentralized drone systems to defeat expensive, outdated US weapon systems will give the anarchists a huge advantage in asymmetric warfare?
They’ll overwhelm and bankrupt the US Empire?


The Fed Capitulated

We saw what inflation did when The Fed was fighting the inflation war (it has raged globally for the past several years, as the seeds have been sown for decades). The Fed has stopped fighting (they never had a chance), and now we will see what the inflation genie has in store. Hint: assets are prices too.



Guys! Our current president had to withdraw from 1988 potus run when discovered he had plagiarized and yet here we are


Yep. That was quick. As I’ve been pointing out all week, the Fed’s mysterious reaction tells us that there’s something happening behind the scenes we don’t know about that - all else being equal - has led them to reverse course.
They’ve been tapping the excess reserve pool (unofficially) as a stealth QE program, but once that’s gone I predict that we’ll see open QE back on the menu.

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"how Institutions Lose Trust, Where That Trust Goes, And (hopefully) How We Can Rebuild Institutions To Fulfill The Promise That They Once Had. "

Matt Shapiro is now researching “how institutions lose trust, where that trust goes, and (hopefully) how we can rebuild institutions to fulfill the promise that they once had.”
I’ll be interested in hearing any ideas on how to restore trust.

Great Taking Connection?

So the Great Taking narrative is spreading like wildfire, which may have already caused a ton of disinvestment, and movement away from stocks. Fed responds with this talk of loosening, drives people back into stocks, because they want as many of us as possible, with our balls in their vice, when they try to take everything.


You’re giving them a lot of credit that 1. they see something we do not see. And 2. they are in control. The Fed is reactive. They are always responding to the markets (ripping inflation on the upside or a hiccup on the downside). I love the way Peter Schiff says it, “this was a fake victory against a fake fight.” How about we put them on the hand of continuing to be the bad guys that they are. They caved to political pressures, they positioned themselves long everything as the bond market kept getting pummeled (rates were marking 10+ year highs at the end of October), and then they surprise the “”markets”” with the 180 dovish meeting. After all, this is the same group that got busted for insider trading at the individual level just a couple of years ago. Just a thought, and nothing should surprise.

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Competing Interests Driving Policy?

This move is surreal if on the one hand JP is capitulating to the banks, to administration, or if he wants to destroy the economy. Then there is the issue of commodities, especially energy continuing to sink which indicates less economic activity. Meanwhile the fiat stock and derivative “economy” soars ever higher. Add to this Trump derangement and fear of Trump syndromes ( I suspect they will eventually assassinate him when he is no longer useful as a the scapegoat upon whom they can project their own crimes etc.). I don’t believe that a President alone can clean up the deep state swamp as it runs too deep. Meanwhile we also have China and the globalist organizations adding their tentacles of cultural destruction of American society using the age old tactics of divide and conquer by funding police use designed to convince us all to take some binary side or other. What I cannot determine is the extent all these and more interests are competing and cooperating, the latter as “frenemies”. All I know is that they are actively working to continue the destruction of all bu5 the highest echelons of the wealthy. I am holding on to my natural gas royalties which are currently in the toilet.

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The True Explanation

Powell admits he just came back from an Ayahuaska retreat in Peru. The hyperdimensional fairy elves gave him his next move. Powell claims, “They said they would tie me up in a room with Janet yacking at me for 1,000 years if I didn’t listen.”

PS I stopped the video on this image and I thought “there’s something here, I know it.” LOL

Planned Inflation To Extract Taxes From Phantom Gains



The economic situation is becoming more and more complicated, where I live, gold and land prices are constantly increasing


Guys! Even though our present president was forced to withdraw from the 1988 presidential race after being found to have plagiarized, we are still here. basketball stars