Exposed: The Hidden Agenda Behind Mass Migration in The Western World

Originally published at: Exposed: The Hidden Agenda Behind Mass Migration in The Western World – Peak Prosperity

One of the ‘tricks’ deployed by the Build Back Better/WEF/Progressives crowd is to tear down our statues to eliminate our mooring in history, and to blur and sometimes even entirely change the meaning of words.

In this case, because there’s a deliberate effort to make them interchangeable, we have to carefully reclaim the distinction between immigration and migration.
And once we do that, we next have to be sure we share the same definition of “invasion.”

Just this week, on the 24th of January, Governor Abbott of Texas invoked the word invasion as it is spelled out in the US Constitution to reclaim border integrity and the rule of law.

Make no mistake about it; the migration efforts of the UN, dozens of NGOs, and with the full political backing of the US administration and most EU nation leaders are meant to weaken the West.

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Don’t take my word for it, take theirs. The most recent UN IOM report openly states that they want to address interanion inequality by “increasing development financing through remittances.”

That’s bureaucratic code-speak for “people from poor countries being loaded into rich countries where they will then secure money to send home. That is, make the poor countries richer by making the rich countries poorer.

More confusingly, the stated goals of these monster and well-funded organizations are a hot mess of incoherence, at once decrying climate change and fostering the mass relocation of people from low GDP and carbon-producing countries to high GDP and high carbon output countries.

How is that helping climate change, exactly? Nobody could possibly say because these efforts are going to accelerate carbon emissions, not lower them.

Presumably, this means the current legal residents of the host countries will be forced to give up their gas stoves and drive ridiculously expensive electric cars to offset these new emissions.

The bottom line? Migration has been weaponized to purposely weaken Western nations. But, they did tell us they were going to do this, after all, so it’s not like we weren’t warned:


This erosion of culture and history, is something my Albanian friends are especially sensitive to. They are very worried about what they are seeing in the USA amd Europe.

One thing they discussed is how Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day are all being blurred together and treated almost the same, with recognition of first responders,veterans, government workers during each, yet the actuall meanings of each day are ignored to a large extent.

I think it reminds them of having Christmas replaced with a NewYears day complete with a decorated tree, and Easter replaced with May Day and 15 years in Prison for evidence of dyed eggs found in your trash, ash bin, or flower pot soil.

Even as ESL speakers they notice the change in the meanings of words taking place. As real asylum seekers they also understand the difference between migration and immigration. When I saw coverage about the vast numbers of Haitians at the border a while back I thought it ironic becase my close friend was entered into the ICE system as a Hatian initially and her asylum was denied. It took her years of working hard jobs and living in bad circumstances to get things cleared up. She spent most of what she made on cruddy lawyers that did not make the court dates and by time it was getting over with she spoke enough English to represent herself.


Hello Chris,

I agree with the majority of your analysis…however in you discussions I think you miss one key point, which I find strange because Im certain you are fully aware of it…

When you talk about mass migration you always refer to those migrating (and Ill have to paraphrase) as not being properly equipped to live and integrate into western cultures…and that Western cultures are more ‘civilized’ / ‘developed’…

I fully agree with this idea however…we have only attained this level of development because we have exploited the 3rd world…and this is ongoing…like it or not our prosperity and values are a product of what the psychopaths who run our countrys have done and the trickle down of excess resources we all get to consume…this leaves us in a moral dilemma…

Nate Hagens had a guest discussion (I cant recall who it was) who was basically saying western values are stronger and far superior than any other…The speaker was Im certain aware of the energy / resource foundations of any society…

I replied that our democratic liberal values are a product the of abundant resources we have laid claim to…will these values be sustainable in a resource constrained future??? His responce was - “good point”…I mention this to highlight the massive blind spot and I just hope you are not developing a similar blind spot…

We are starting to see that those supposed superior values …if anything are becoming a weight which drags us down…potentially very much like what is now happening…

Its not an easy question to answer…like you have said yourself its a predicament not a problem…on many levels…physical and spiritual…

In the end I suspect we will find we are only as civilised as the migrants looking for a better life…

Living in NZ - we are going thru a similar though less obvious process…in the last year I believe we have had net migration of 200k…its even worse because in that calculation ~70k native NZ’ers left…For a population of ~5million Thats a 4% increase in the total pop from new arrivals in one yr…many are from India and South Asia…

We also have large amounts of foreign capital buying up NZ assets and housing stock from the same areas but also from Europe and the US…

A though experiment - who does more damage to the existing population - an unskilled migrant from Bangladesh who fills a job no native wants / can afford to do at the current pay rates, a skilled Philipino who works at 70% what a NZer would or the Rich American / European who buys a Farm or multiple residential houses, the British civil servant / health and safety manager whos now unemployed in the UK and looking to bring those same regulatory ‘skills’ to NZ…

Its a multi headed hydra that is consuming the country and most people are blind to it…

At the same time we are being distracted with Indigenous Rights issues and COVID shenanigans while the rotting out of the society carrys on un-noticed…and this has been going on for at least 2-3 decades…

If I was the totalitarian leader of the country - Id stop it all…the migration (from wherever its coming) the inflow of foreign capital and selling of national assets…it would so easy to solve…Im sure Hitler and company thought the same…


I love the United States of America. It is a republic that is worth fighting for. I fully believe that the USA government is superior to all others tried so far. It is not perfect but it is the best that humans have come up with.

I believe Abbott has the moral high ground but he is on shaky legal ground due to a lack of case law regarding Article 4 of the US Constitution. I have read his legal arguments and agree that he is correct. The problem here is that we first must get SCOTUS to agree to hear this case and expedite it. There is still the real risk that SCOTUS declines to hear it and we get no resolution.

What kind of decision would I want? I want SCOTUS to render a decision that says that the President of the USA cannot pick and choose what parts of the Constitution to enforce. I want SCOTUS to say that Biden is required to secure the border and repel invasions.

The word “invasion” is not clearly defined. The mere act of tresspass does not meet the bar. You have to have “enmity” and trespass to be considered an invation. What is enmity? The American Heritage Dictionary


  1. Deep-seated, often mutual hatred.
  2. A feeling or state of hatred or animosity.
  3. The quality or state of being hostile; a feeling or condition of antagonism; ill will; variance; discord.

My opinion is simple. If a single case of an illegal entry can show it meets the definition of enmity, it is an invasion. How many US denizens have died from illegal drugs, or drug cartel violence? How many suspected terrorists have been allowed in the USA? Governor Abbott is correct about this being an invasion.

You can also look at the resources being diverted from US denizens lawfully in the USA to illegal aliens. The blacks in the sanctuary cities seem to be especially upset about this.

I have to mention that Justice John Roberts fucked this up so badly. He preaches that he wants SCOTUS to be non-political and non-partisan. I say BULLSHIT to this stupid mother fucker! Read the room John! This is a major fucking constitutional crisis in the making and you only inflamed it! You should have seen where this could end up going and stop this shit show. Now both sides are in a game of chicken hoping one side blinks first! Was your stupid fucking bullshit games worth tearing the USA apart and possibly igniting another civil war? You saw what was happening and should have seen where it is headed. Placing a stay on the 5th circuit is one of the worst decisions from SCOTUS.

I have thought about ways to install a pressure relief valve for a crisis like this. I want an amendment to the US Constitution that requires that SCOTUS accept a case and expedite it when 50% or more of the state governors sign a petition asking for a legal judgement. We can’t allow these fuckers like John Roberts to take the easy way out by refusing to do their fucking job! We are not yet at a Sumter moment but we are getting close. If the Feds attack the Texas positions, this would be catastrophic. We need to stop this shit in its tracks now!

If SCOTUS makes a decision, we don’t have to like it. We simply have to accept it. I believe Governor Abbott will accept a decision from SCOTUS even if it is not in his favor.


That WEF image of West 47th St NYC, looks like a bad photoshop. I lived in the city and worked 9-5. I walked in rush hour every day and it was never like sardines (though it is that way in the subway). Is there some point to this about overcrowding? What’s with the Asian guy looking up? Does that mean something? Who cares.

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In Canada, the topic of migration has been entirely subsumed under the banner of racism. Discussions like this are shut down immediately. Anyone who speaks out again migration is labeled a racist or Nazi. That tactic has been super effective with “polite” Canadians. But we also now know that Canadians aren’t the nice guys, as the majority sold out us fringe minority types during the covid debacle.


From a Canadian substack post on Canada, Tucker Carlson’s talks in Alberta, etc.

'The point is…the Liberals have been pumping in massive amounts of 3rd world poverty into Canada, putting a strain on our infrastructure, hospitals, schools…and costing us poor taxpayers, more than we can afford to give.

Here’s where the irony of ironies comes into play…in a LAST DITCH effort, to somehow appeal to Premier Smith to cancel the show, former MLA Thomas Lukaszuk, posted this:

Because there was a very serious incident in Edmonton at City Hall…a dude busts in, carrying a gun and homemade bombs and goes a little berserk.

Because…apparently, and according to Thom, political tensions are high.

Read the entire piece here: Irony of Ironies... - by Sheldon Yakiwchuk - Yakk Stack


Your faith and trust in the SCOTUS is so cute! But they and the lower courts are just as corrupt as everything else. They are certainly not going to save us in our hour of greatest need. They’re going to chicken out.

Remember that SCOTUS ruled that FDR confiscating everyone’s gold and canceling private gold contracts was Constitutional! Remember Dred Scott. We’re on our own and we’ll have to find a way to win without favorable rulings from the courts.



What other legal option is available? Have faith in government or no faith, it matters not what your opinion is. SCOTUS leads the judiciary which is a branch of government equal to the executive and legislature.

“Legal” Aye, there’s the rub. They’re using the laws against us and they’re winning. I don’t see a path to our victory without at least a little extra-legal activity.


I respect your opinion. I do not want to go down this road. Every effort must be made to keep the solution civil and legal.

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I think there are some forms of law breaking which is desirable. For example, if there was a law that said I had to slap my wife upon entering the store, I most certainly would break the law. The covid mask rules, I broke them towards the end of the whole mania as I just couldn’t take it anymore.

That said, you want to be clear about the cost/benefit.


We can defund them.

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An old trick. It’s a photo taken using a telephoto lens. This has the effect of crowding everything together and making it look far denser, far more cluttered, than it really is.

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When my parents immigrated legally to the USA, the country had a unified and strong middle class. That middle class defined the values that we found in America. There is a say ing that good times make soft men.
WW II made for strong men and women. Along came the corporate structure that required people to give up their culture in order to get along. The Supreme Court turned over the cultural apple cart when it declared that a corporation was a sinthetic person but one with special priviledges - it could not go to jail and the corporate veil. Then Vietnam and the rise of the those who wanted only to change America and were ruthless enough to ruin people to get it. Remember the Saul Alinsky and the Rules for Radicals. These people wormed their way into politics and sacrificed to become elected to all levels of offices. And, they formed like minded cliques and groups and working as an amorphus mass changed things.
Today we are Argentina before the Peron era.


So how do we use this information? Short of creating or joining a militia, which will be infiltrated by LEOs, what to do? Well there are a few things we can do, right?

Get in shape?
Be prepared to be on foot?
Self defense skills?
Battlefield medic skills?

So I did some math. Taking the number of 250,000, the hypothetical 1% coming into the country to do us harm, and dividing that number by the number of counties (3,160) in the US and you get 79. So if they wanted to attack every county in the country, they would be in groups of 70-90.

And the counties are pretty big, yeah 70-90 people could do a lot of damage, but eventually the local population would prevail, and how are these guys gonna re-supply? How much hardware can they carry to the target?

It would be a shell shock that hasn’t happened in this country since the Civil War, but even if every county was attacked, most people would be un-affected. Remember everyone continued to go to work during the Blitzkreig. Ditto with the war in Indonesia.

And we’re not alone. We do have law enforcement, national guardsmen/women, family, friends, and neighbors.

We also have to ask ourselves, why are some people victimized such as the Israeli’s on October 7th and not others? Is it a crap shoot? Hint: It’s not a crap shoot. Every living entity is suffering and/or enjoying according to his/her past activities with mind boggling precision accumulating over time immemorial.

I am reminded again of the rats in a cage experiments. This is such a heavily studied area. Of course it’s not just rats, it’s pick an animal, and has very likely been studied using humans test subjects as well. Then add in all the drugs as confounders, and you’ve got a smorgasbord of bad outcomes. Even the people who are hypothetically coming into this country to do harm, are our fellow rats!

In a situation like this, where I have so little control, it reminds me to take shelter in my faith. It is a great solace. I should add “Be Brave” in the ‘what to do?’ list. After all, we’re all gonna have that one bad day; it is only a matter of Time.

Cheers everyone. I’m off for my daily devotion - it’s my one and only job now that I’m retired!


Without the US government’s participation, none of this would have been possible. The evidence has been right there for everyone to see from the onset - starting with the very first day that the Biden administration took office:

The state of Texas should have been the next layer of defense, but everything Abbott’s done has been ineffective political stunts. The NGOs operating in his state should have been arrested long before Title42 was lifted. Don’t bank on anything he says making any kind of difference. He serves the elite like every other politician.


Found via The Automatic Earth



Not much discussion here as to WHY “they” are doing this. As Chris points out, the official gobbledegook has no real substance or grounding. And by “this” I mean destabilizing developed, democratic (in theory) countries, including US and Canada, by unvetted, excessive in-migration – excessive in terms of both the potential for cultural absorption and in terms of overwhelming available housing.

I would propose two possible underlying reasons, and wonder what others might think.

First, we might be at war. Some powerful player or players, possibly including China, may be intentionally destabilizing and crippling its international competitors by influencing policy in organizations like the UN, the WHO, and WEF. It’s pretty clear, for instance, that China has established strong ties with, and influence over, the Canadian government; and Canada’s Prime Minister is also deeply committed to WEF policies; and said PM also favours China-style dictatorial powers over constitutional rights and freedoms. It’s also clear that Canada’s immigration and foreign investment policies have led to an almost insurmountable housing crisis, so that younger Canadian citizens can no longer hope to own a home, and new immigrants (or migrants), whom we are still welcoming, have nowhere to stay.

Second, and not incompatible with the first, it could be that some of the most influential people on a global scale have concluded that we’re way past a sustainable global population, and they’re somewhat intentionally promoting policies that will ensure massive population reduction sooner rather than later. (Sooner because there might be something left for them, the powerful folks, to salvage, whereas letting things run their course there might not be enough resources left for even the remnant to have a good life.) Wars, vaccine mandates, lockdowns, easy access to opioids, medical assistance in dying, for instance, all contribute to population reduction. The apparent reluctance to examine or discuss increasing all-cause death rates would fit with this. Even encouragement of gender-identity confusion will probably help lower the birth rate.

It’s also possible that global thought leadership is just in the hands of fuzzy thinkers who don’t know what they’re doing. I’m quite sure Trudeau, for instance, can’t (or doesn’t bother to) think beyond how to enhance his own personal image, but I just can’t buy that there aren’t SOME clear-thinking people behind all this, who are shaping things to suit their personal agendas. Maybe a number of people whose agendas overlap and/or conflict, but that wind up influencing us to go in certain directions.



The opposition is very well organized and prepared for any 2025 contingency. see…