Failed Banks, Monetary Mistakes and What It Means For Gold

I twisted the arm of Stephen Flood, the CEO of GoldCore, to discuss the failed banks, monetary mistakes, and gold.

So we pulled together this Livecast that streamed out on Youtube at 1:45 pm on March 13th, 2023.

Full disclosure, I have an account at GoldCore and they are a valued affiliate partner of Peak Prosperity.

Surprise surprise! It turns out that there’s a tight connection between crony corruption and these bank failures. The CEO of SVB was a Class A director of the SF federal reserve. Barney Frank is a director of the also failed Signature Bank. James Comey is on the board of HSBC which just acquired the assets of the failed SVB for one British pound.


But the big thing to discuss is the continued swan dive of Credit Suisse. Its stock price is tanking and its Credit Default Swaps – which are a form of insurance for Credit Suisse bondholders – just spiked to new all-time highs.

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Who Will Buy Us Treasuries Now?

Great interview Chris. Kind of went off the title’s topic now and then but what was covered was equally important. I enjoy the discussions that ask/answer the implications of the event covered in the topics.
Here’s what I was left wondering about after this interview: If the US banks are able to give their treasuries to the Fed in exchange for 100% face value cash (i.e. they don’t have to take the capital loss from the interest rate differential in order to get cash), what’s to stop all the banks from transferring all their treasuries in exchange for cash? I sure would do it. Then they can take the cash and invest in new treasuries (or other safe investments) that are yielding higher returns. It’s basically a get out of jail free card for US banks.
But what about international entities, like China et al, that are invested in 1.7% 10 year or 2.2% 30 year treasuries? If they want access to their cash, they have to take the capital loss. Doesn’t seem like fair treatment to all participants to me.
But what’s more important is that now that US banks are off the hook for future interest rate differential losses and therefore removing the financial risk of interest rate hikes, the Fed is free to continue raising rates. Considering these international entities, who in their right mind would continue to buy Treasuries when they know (at least fairly certainly) that rates will continue to increase, leading to potential capital losses? I certainly wouldn’t. I’d be waiting until I was certain that rates had finished going up. Then maybe buy.
However with the Gov’t running huge deficits for the foreseeable future that will need to be financed by someone buying Treasuries but no one will be buying them because of the fore-mentioned reasons. Who buys them then? The Fed? That won’t be great for inflation.



Hi Chris,
Thank you for having these interviews back on peakprosperity. I always found that very interesting to hear other people about these subjects as well.


Resilience Visualized!

Resilience visualized.

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To be honest, I feel the opposit of what that picture shows. That man seems to be ignoring the fact that dark clouds are ahead. It looks like he is more concerned about removing weeds, which is quite useless concidering the threads that are ahead of him.
If I were in his place, I would harvest everything I could.

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Russia Says Thanks For The Sanctions And Kicking Us Off Your Crapping Banking System

Russia SAFE? from banking collapse
oh the irony…

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Credit Suisse About To Go Boom! ?

Not looking too good for them…

Hmmm, perhaps trying to sanction a massive producer of Oil, Gas, Food, Fertiliser, Uranium (and much more) into oblivion maybe wasn’t the best idea when your own economy and financial system is based on unsustainable amounts of debt and there are starting to be critical global shortages in Energy and other resources … ?
Yet more great work from the cretins in charge.

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What To Do

For the average employee holding an employee sponsored 401K with limited options, what to do? I believe the markets are totally manipulated and do not reflect reality but also recognize they’ll do anything to maintain the status quo and print lots more money if needed. Certainly at some point the system will not bear the debt and money printing, short term they will pull all the levers they have. While I see the benefits of moving to own physical gold in a portfolio, with a decade of work left before retirement it is difficult to chart out a path that works with the options available and avoids or minimizes market risk.

Chris Interviewed By Robert Kiyosaki

Economic Crash Course
Just found this from 3 weeks ago. Great interview. I love Kiyosaki! The 3 people I look at for financial advice are Martenson, Kiyosaki and Gerald Celente.

Enjoyed this interview too. They sound like a good resource.

Why Banks Are Collapsing (we Think More Trouble Is Coming!) | Deso

Gold At All-time High When Buying In Uk Pounds…

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Greg Mannarino Recommended This Short Video Clip Re People Leaving Small Banks
Janet Yellen getting grilled about people leaving small banks for big banks, due to incentives; they are more likely to get FDIC protection if they go to the big banks. Scum!!!

Buy Silver Gold And Platinum

Any thoughts re: setting up an online account with The Royal Mint in the U.K. to buy digital silver, gold, etc.? Any tax? Thank you.

Banking Crisis Explained

…by me:

Know Your (tough) Customer

According to Whitney Webb’s excellent book “One Nation Under Blackmail”, during the 2008 financial crisis, it was largely organized crime and international drug money that bailed out the banks. Going forward, KYC may not be so onerous? Not sure….

Small Banks Aren’t Going To Fail

So I’ve changed my mind on this topic.
Yes, the small banks have a solvency issue do to falling bond prices. But the big banks really don’t want the small banks to fail.
Here this ZH article, the big banks volenteered to put cash into a smaller bank just to shore up deposits. The big banks can do this all day long.
Does anyone else understand the SOFC vs Libor. This seems like a big deal.
Here is a great interview on Palacade Radio with Tom Luongo from GoldGoatsGuns.
Tom points out Yellen and Powell may be on opposite sides over the struggle to control our currency. Powell may be trying to brake apart the eurodallor and save the dollar from collapse, as where Yellen seems to side with the IMF and WEF.
Chris, you need to interview this guy.
And you need to interview Steve St Angelo again too.


I created and funded a Goldcore account. For my first purchase I was told by Goldcore that they could not sell and deliver to me in my state, NJ. They can only sell to me and delivery to a depository. Before funding an account for delivery to you, make sure Goldcore can deliver to your state.