Fake Feds, Real Consequences

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Feedback And Request - For Chris Only

Big fan of yours, Chris! Thank you for all that you do!
Watching your latest installment of “Fake Feds…” YouTube video. Couldn’t help but notice Evie knitting while the conversation is taking place. It’s very distracting to have another person doing something that’s not adding to the conversation. I follow other Pod casters like Patrick Bet-David, Tim Poole etc. where the guests/co-hosts’ content contribution elevate the whole podcast experience; something that feels missing from your show when done with Evie. Topics you discuss are extremely important and relevant to our times today. Having someone on your show that shares your passion and expertise would greatly benefit the PP community.
I hope that I did not come across as disrespectful towards you or Evie. You’re one of the very few people I highly respect and trust. Please forgive if I said anything that is out-of-line.

Poetry Sharing :slight_smile:

Hi guys, thanks for another great live cast yesterday. In response to Evie’s request for additional poetry, I have a quote that I’ve enjoyed for several years. Maybe you’ve heard it, I think it speaks well to the ethos of resilience you encourage. Have a fantastic week.
“When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things will happen. Either you will be given something solid to stand on; or you will be taught how to fly.” -Edward Teller


Poetry Recommendation

Hello Evie,
My soul craves the poetry you share with us all; a piece of beauty to hang onto in this crazy world.
One of my friends from college writes poetry that reminds me a bit of Mary Oliver. If you’re interested in checking her out: here is the link to her substack. https://substack.com/@laineyscronk

Oh, come now. A lot of people knit so that they have something to do with their hands. It certainly doesn’t indicate boredom or apathy. IMO, Evie’s knitting helps to create exactly the kind of relaxed and informal conversational atmosphere that we’re looking for in a livecast.


That’s funny - I didn’t even notice she was knitting since I was watching/listening while completing a jigsaw puzzle. I, too, like to be doing something with my hands.  ?  It makes me feel like I’m multitasking.


Lol….Knit picky anyone?


Bee Blessing

Whenever one of my bees makes a little mistake and stings me, I consider myself blessed. It doesnt make it hurt less yet it still feels better.
Consider yourself blessed, Chris!


Ha! I couldn’t help but notice, the other day while riding in my wife’s car, on the way to the store, she was steering the car while we were conversing.


Medicinal Bee Therapy

Many years ago, while doing some electrical work for a neurologist on one of his commercial properties, I was caught between a t-bar ceiling and the rafters, in a crawl space about 18 inches high, when I encountered a bee swarm. Upon being stung maybe half a dozen times, I could see I wasn’t going to get out of there fast enough, so I kicked out a ceiling tile and dropped down into the office below. The neurologist happened to be standing there, so I commented that I wasn’t even getting hazardous duty pay for this. He calmly replied that I should be paying him because bee venom was a good arthritis therapy. When you’re given lemons,

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One of my favorite short verses, that kinda cured me of borderline OCD “perfectionist disorder” is, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen

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Reaction To Whistleblowers’ Testimony

Appears the FBI is attempting to restore their dignity and necessity after the FBI Whistleblowers testified at the House hearing on Weaponization of Government. See this? We really do need our guys out there to protect you from the White Supremacy that covers our land from sea to sea. Don’t believe the so-called whistleblowers.

More Medical Funtime

You mentioned the medical system so here is my chance to tell my most recent story (as a frequent medical patient), from today. Actually, you would have heard this story anyway since as soon as it happened I said “Can’t wait to share this on PP as soon as I get home!” This is just an example of how the medical system is becoming more and more controlled and more difficult to work within…
I got a test done today and needed the results faxed to my audiologist. I was told they could not do this because they were not allowed to enter this person into their system due to “not being sufficiently licensed.” I have no idea what this means. This specialist works with a medical center and was referred by my doctor.
They did say they could email me (privacy issues and other problems with this) a copy which I could print myself and give to her. Or I could go back there and pick up a copy.
I feel badly for people with a lot of med problems, especially the elderly or caretakers, who have to spend hours on the phone pushing buttons, listening to super annoying announcements while they wait, frying their eyes on all kinds of screens (which may or may not be sanitary), giving palm prints, posing for photos, dealing with over-stressed staff, signing forms, tediously reviewing their own info…and dealing with all kinds of mistakes (probably due to lost brain cells from mask-wearing)…also personal space continually invaded by texts, never given permission for.
The System is getting bigger and more centralized, while admitting less people who do not meet rigid criteria.
Thank you Chris, Evie and this community for giving me a place to vent and preserve my sanity:)
PS This is not even getting into the horror I experienced during full Covid freakshow.


One Nation Under Blackmail

Read Whitney Webb’s excellent book “One Nation Under Blackmail” discussing the interconnections between the FBI and the intelligence agencies and organized crime. Apparently, J. Edgar Hoover could never crack down on the mob because the mob had photographs of J. Edgar Hoover performing fellatio on Clyde Tolson. Now that will destroy Trust in the system…



Hey Chris, is it possible to make available an audio mp3 of your livecasts? I rarely have time available to sit and watch a 1+ hour video. Hopefully this could be done.

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I almost have one story per day. Today, after spending 2 days tryna reach someone at this medical office, to ask for receipts to be sent to me, after several requests…got that?..the guy asked for my email and I said “mail it to me”…he said “let me see how to do that” and put me on hold AGAIN. I hung up and I shall await my receipts. We’ll see how that goes.

False Flags

Hi guys I have not logged in here for a while, I had technical difficulty. Anyway, good to be here again. False flag BS going on here in New Zealand too. Last year, February, March when the Freedom Campers had occupied the park around the “Beehive” (alias waspnest - our parliament) our then Prime Minister certainly took zero time to talk to them. It all ended when the campers set fire to their own tents (yea, naa) and all were "escorted"away by police. Next day everything was quickly bulldozed. Nobody (on mainstream) asked any relevant questions, like: Isn’t this a crime scene? Since when do we destroy all evidence before a guilty party has been established? Other than “all of them”. Yea, all smelt very bad. And now when you try to find stuff about it all, only the mainstream stuff is still up, same as with the Canadian truckers. Hope some smart people saved all the REAL footages!!! And collected them!

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I am playing catch up with posts and comments today. While sitting here I’ve been shelling and sorting seeds. I guess the difference is that I’m not videoe-ing myself to be watched by someone who may be distracted by what my hands are doing.

This Is Excellent

Exceptional interview getting into the Fed in depth. They also talk about what Chris always says about hard assets and relying on our own economies. G Edward Griffin is mentioned and a recent documentary.
How Financial Markets Abandoned the Real Economy - Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Nomi Prins