Fire the Landscaper - How Landscapers, HOAs, and Cultural Norms Are Poisoning Our Properties

We are pleased to announce the new book by Peak Prosperity member and permaculture contributing author - Phil Williams.

Below is the book trailer, the Amazon description, and a few words from Phil about his generous offer for a free download of his new book for Peak Prosperity members. 

Congratulations on the new book, Phil!

From Amazon:

Fire the Landscaper is a biting critique of current landscape design and maintenance practices. The book explores the health risks, cultural biases, origins, and the insults to Mother Nature caused by our culturally backed, legally enforced obsession with artificial monoculture representations of nature. The author, Phil Williams, is the former owner of a successful landscape company. He exposes the waste, fraud, and downright ridiculousness of an industry focused solely on aesthetics. Through his subsequent training as a permaculture designer, he offers many practical solutions aligned with nature to increase the health and productivity of landscapes, and the world by extension, while simultaneously reducing the workload of upkeep. Amazon Product Page for Fire the Landscaper

My new book Fire the Landscaper is available on Amazon. As a gift to peak prosperity subscribers, I am offering the book for free download on Amazon this Friday and Saturday, 9-11 and 9-12-2015. Also, if you are a Amazon prime member, or Kindle unlimited member, you can borrow it for free anytime.  Visit Amazon Today!

~ Phil Williams

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That's very generous of you!  I can't wait to download your new permaculture e-book tomorrow (Friday)!
Congrats on your book!

You're welcome! I hope you enjoy it. 




I ordered the paperback version from Amazon too (I love physical books)!!  Plus I wanted to support the author.:)  I'm already hooked after reading the first few pages on Amazon! 

I'm sincerely grateful. Thank you so much. When I got the paperback proof, I was really surprised how high of quality it is. Enjoy.



PP has a very "deleterious" effect on me… it diverts my life from computing, concrete, asphalt, etc… to soil, ecology, sun, simple life, etc… very strong impact on me… fighting hard to get back my old life… looks like a lost battle… well, just resign to eat my own food, produce my own energy and stop burning my eyes on screens…
Ordered the paper version too… :wink:


Black Eagle,
Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy the narrative. Your post is reminding me that I need to get outside and pick apples.



great news on the release and all the best with it!   I never thought of doing a trailer for a book, but it's a very effective 'hook.'

All of which reminds me…I need to pick apples…peaches…grapes…and plant my winter oat cover crop today.


The paperback is only $7.99 - most of us can afford that.
But maybe the best thing we can do to help Phil is to write a good review for the book on the Amazon site. 

I look forward to reading it.

It's amazing how your books trailer shows that we need to reshape our minds about what "beauty" is.  Popular magazines show "luxurious" homes and gardens that are biologically sterile, and our culture holds these models up as beautiful and desirable.  Somewhere deep within ourselves, we KNOW that those landscapes are not so beautiful, healthy, or harmonious, but on the surface we feel they are controlled, safe, and inviting. 

In contrast, the overgrown, chicken-infested permaculture gardens are a bit daunting at first.  Your video trailer helps us take a new look at what "beautiful" is, even the very slightly blemished peach.  Thanks for opening our eyes!  

I can't wait to read your book.  Thanks for sharing it.

I downloaded the free Kindle version and I bought the book, too.  Wow, the intro is intense - you're allowing us a window into what shaped you, just as you're giving us a window into how nature shapes landscapes.  Most of us don't have the courage (yet) to bare our souls/experiences.  Congratulations on the successful launch of your book.   I look forward to sharing it with others. 

The free download doesn't appear to work.  Amazon appears to want a promo code.  What am I missing?

Excellent Phil. I loved the trailer and can't wait to read the book. By The Way- From the looks of it, your property is coming along nicely…
Fellow GL PDC'r

Thanks Chris, and thank you for the onsite promotion. I think The Crash Course could have a very effective book trailer.

Thank you. And yes reviews are highly sought after and appreciated. Most people won't buy a book without reviews, and as of now, I'm still with zero reviews. Granted most people that are downloading now still need time to actually read it.


Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it. I hope in the future we redefine beauty to reflect nature instead of the sterile domination of nature that many of us aspire to have today. There is a chapter on our obsession with order and conformity that I found particularly interesting when I was doing research. I hope you enjoy the narrative.




I just downloaded it, no promo code. It seemed fine. Make sure you're in the kindle store, and not on the print book. The price to the right should say 0.00 and you just click and buy like any other item.

I hope that helps




Thank you! And Geoff Lawton's course was great. I think everyone at PP would benefit from it.


but I've already learned a lot.
I let my lawn die a couple of years ago and have been looking at dirt and weeds and a few trees. Now I hope to learn enough to proceed with something sustainable after finishing the read.
Thank you,

We are ordering the book as well.  I like the "real thing" a good old fashioned book.  Loved the trailer though what a good idea.  Thanks for sharing with the PP group.