Flow Hive

Check out this new and innovative honey bee frame design that allows for easy access and extraction of honey from the hive.  The Flow Hive design team have now launched their Indiegogo funding page that will give you more information and the opportunity to invest and acquire the first flow hive systems. 


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Has anyone heard a first hand report on this product?  I'm super interested in it, but I worry that the bees would seize up the mechanism with propolis and make it impossible to extract the honey by the intended means or any other since now you're dealing with a solid comb matrix.

As my flow hive is due to arrive Dec 2015

I asked the Flow team, and here is their response:
So far, we haven't found that bees jam up the mechanism with propolis.  They do line each cell with wax before filling it with honey.  After the extraction, they chew off the wax caps, reline and repair the cells with wax and then, if there is nectar available, fill the cells with honey again.

My opinion: if the mechanism if fully enclosed within the frame, then the bees cannot jam it with propolis. Of course, they will apply propolis all around the frame as with regular ones.

I will have a discussion on this product with a professional beekeeper on March 14th. I will post his comments/remarks/opinion/etc…