Food Plant Explosions Headline The Latest "Informed Consent" LiveCast

Explosions, accidents and cyberattacks at multiple food plants are adding yet another layer of uncertainty to the global food supply. With the farms of Europe’s “breadbasket” (Ukraine) decimated by war, and fertilizer shortages impacting farmers worldwide, this latest news only clarifies the harsh reality that food shortages and famines may be closer than we ever imagined.

And then there is the “othering” that continues to divide so many people. Add to the bad news that governments, corporations, oligarchs and bureaucrats are creating more policies and pushing for more outcomes pointing us down a perilous road, you can’t miss this video. Can we survive and thrive?

This LiveCast aired live April 21, watch the full video below.


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Dollar System Collapse And Resourse/bankcor Natural Reserve Payment System

can you discuss your perception on where we stand in the process/transition to the “Bankcor” type reserve asset
Does it seem to you that the Fed’s jawboning is designed to collapse the markets as soon as possible… and then have room to make the switch to Bankcor and then have room to maneuver in the new environment.
Obviously we will be in a very different place. Not the presently supposed democracy and much harsher conditions.
These are several podcasts that are, I feel, many of the conditions and some possible scenarios for monetary systems going forward.
Russia/China/US options for de-escalation and financial moves & more - YouTube
Grant Williams & Luke Gromen: The End Game - YouTube

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Burnt Plants

This happened in 2020 to wood plants they just all happened to burn. With food shortages they may be doing what some loggers do when times get tight and equipment “accidently” catches fire to get insurance to cover it


11% Less #distopia

Can’t wait till they say that on the cereal box “Now 11% less!”


Potatoes In 5 Gallon Buckets

I found this video on YouTube on growing potatoes in 5-gallon buckets. I might give it a try since I have no yard, just a deck.



Harvest the seeds for next year. Daaah

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New Skill

On the topic of learning a skill, I’m taking a course with the world’s foremost soil biologist, who has unwound the entire soil microbiome in her 40+ year career. Balanced living soil — like the kind the planet created on its own before agriculture — doesn’t need NPK. The plants pull from the soil biome what they need when they need it.


Fires Seem To Be Common - Even In Russia

Fires are common at the moment it seems, even Russia is experiencing fires at its military research facility and largest chemical plant. Strange, I would have thought all these places would have really sophisticated fire protection systems.



We are all want an enemy to point at. In this world today we don’t know who the enemy is. They gave people an easy enemy to hate and point at.


We grow all our potatoes in buckets. It’s really easy. Watch home grown veg on YouTube.


Dr Emily Ricotta

It looks like Dr Emily Ricotta in the video works for the NIH. Hmmm



10% Iodine solution nasal and gargle after crowds.

Food Plant Fires.

Haven’t heard much from antifa/black block lately. Maybe the hacktivist elites from those groups have taken on a new project? Could it be an anti meat animal rights thing? The revolt in Auchwitz destroyed the ovens to slow ‘production’.


Hi Walter, I use a 10% solution diluted to 1% or less. Take a look at the following study. There are others also.
“Effect of 1% Povidone Iodine mouthwash/Gargle,Nasal and eyedrop in COVID-19 patient” - Dr. Md. Iqbal Mahmud Chouldhury and others
Bioresearch Communications Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2021.
It is still pretty strong for me and I knocked it back to .6%. I have only used it a couple of times when a sore throat was developing. I did nasal and gargle every couple of hours for one day, very effective. Sore throat vanished


Potato Growing

Using cardboard box on plastic bag inside and doing great!


Congratulations on taking a course with Elaine Ingham! I saw her speak at Rodale Inst. several years ago and was so excited by her science that I wanted to take a course too but $ held me back at that time. Her work is so encouraging!


Thank You Evie

I find your heart based comments and presence along side Chris’s always sturdy breakdown of the information to be a welcome addition and a balancing addition to the show. For me you bring an important and necessary component. I’ve struggled a bit taking in what Chris has to offer, you soften that and make it more accessible. Thank you! It is amazing to watch a more emotional type receive and process.


Get Brett Weinstein On This…

He and Heather had a theory about arson being the primary cause of the wildfires in Oregon the last 2 summers based upon various data points and mapping locations for the fire origins. Portland has had its fair share of bad actors hanging out lately.


Winter Wheat

Soil moisture lowest where winter wheat crop usually planted. What are folks using to feed their chickens and pigs as grain prices lift off?


Grow Money From The Ground

Farmer’s markets are springing up everywhere. So, not only could you grow your own food if you had a garden or some hens, you could turn those extra veggies and extra eggs into cash if you sell them at a local farmer’s market. With these food processing facilities being burned and exploded, it’s clear the intent is to starve us out. Don’t let them. Re-localize, grow your food a step away from your back door. Help yourself, and help others in the process. The farmer’s market I sell to accepts EBT, so even the most financially challenged people can access fresh local food.