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Here is another gem from the archives - a podcast called Subscriber Questions. This early podcast contains a lot of information that is still relevant months later, and it is well worth a listen.  I am making this podcast available free to all registered users.  In this podcast from February 2009, reader questions are addressed, including the following topics and more:

  • Investing in foreign currencies
  • A potential dollar collapse and what that would mean
  • Inflation vs deflation
  • What to do in your community about foreclosures
  • Investing in gold (why and when to get out)
  • The risk of having loved ones far away in these times

Consider it my Midsummer's gift to you.  I am enjoying my summer vacation tremendously and hope you will have a similar opportunity for rest and rejuvenation in your own life.  Take some time out soon to visit with and value your relationships with friends and loved ones.  Near or far, they are an important part of our individual support systems and far-reaching personal communities. 

Summer gatherings are a great time to talk about the Crash Course with friends, neighbors, relatives, and other people you care about.   The easiest way I know to do that is to use the latest DVD version of the Crash Course, which breaks the material down into more bite-sized units, with additional framing at the beginning and end of each disc and an accompanying booklet which can help guide you in hosting a viewing.

If you don't think people will be receptive to the whole message, go gently in conversation with them.  Encourage them to take personal actions toward increased self-sufficiency.  Encourage them to trust themselves and follow their inner compass, even when the experts would have us do otherwise.   Encourage them to reconsider their financial choices and investigate the truth behind the fuzzy numbers they might have encountered.  Encourage them to share their own expertise and skills with each other.  Encourage them to change their expectations to accommodate a changing world.  And most of all, build those relationships now, so that you can rely on them in future times of need.

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 Dr.M on exiting gold investments,

"One of my long-term key metrics has always been, that when I can convert an ounce of gold into an acre of productive land, I will begin to make that trade all day long until my gold is gone. And I will do that on the basis of the fact that when I look back through history, that is a rough ratio that is held for good long periods of time, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see us get back to that same rough approximation.


Its interesting that Dr. M has just recently made this podcast freely available because this statement has been on my mind for some time. In fact, I referred to it in a recent post called "wake up call on deflation" that I wrote in the comment field of Dr. M’s Inflation vs. Deflation - What Comes Next?.

I hope that the day does come when I can trade my ounces of gold for acres of productive land, and if it does I will truly be grateful to Dr.M for setting me down this path. I personally believe we will only arrive at this day via deflationary forces in the economy and markets, and this is where I have to respectably differ with Dr. M’s expectation of eminent inflation/currency collapse.

I have my doubts Jag that this will ever happen since they made gold illegal once I could see this happening again.