Freedom, Tyranny, Bitcoin, and the Pentagon

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The United States is witnessing a significant shift in its socio-political landscape, with concerns being raised about the erosion of citizens’ rights. Reports indicate an increase in government surveillance, militarization of domestic policing, and restrictions on self-defense, among other issues. These developments, attributed to both major political parties, are seen as encroachments on freedoms such as privacy, bodily integrity, and control over children’s education. The call to action for citizens is to reclaim control of the government, become informed, and actively protest these changes.

Simultaneously, the financial world is experiencing a paradigm shift with the rise of Bitcoin. As global economies grapple with inflationary debt spirals, Bitcoin is being hailed as a reliable store of value. Its fixed supply and resistance to counterfeiting are seen as advantages over traditional precious metals. The deflationary nature of technology and Bitcoin’s ability to provide an honest measure of value are also being emphasized. The expectation is that Bitcoin will help expose the illusion of fiat currencies and pave the way for a global economy priced in Satoshis.

In the realm of national security and policy, the Pentagon is engaged in discussions on a range of issues, including border security and contentious stances on gun control and transgender matters. The importance of government openness is being underscored, along with the role of whistleblowing and investigative reporting. Citizen journalists, despite facing obstacles, are seen as key players in shaping public perception through media channels. The impact of initiatives like Project Veritas is also being recognized in this context.


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