From Border Breaches to Freedom Bonds Backed by Theft

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In international news, the Group of Seven is considering a plan to use profits from frozen Russian assets in Europe to buy weapons for Ukraine. The US has proposed issuing “freedom bonds” backed by these assets, but Russia has condemned such plans as theft. European leaders are cautious about seizing the funds and are exploring alternative options. Discussions are ongoing about how to utilize the frozen assets to support Ukraine’s war effort and post-war recovery.

In the realm of cybersecurity, the Biden administration has warned governors about cyberattacks targeting drinking water and wastewater systems throughout the country. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan have called on the governors to help identify and address any vulnerabilities. Cyber actors affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and China have recently targeted critical U.S. infrastructure, including drinking water systems.

Speaking of attacks, a large group of migrants breached the US southern border in El Paso, Texas, overpowering National Guard troops. This incident has reignited debates about border security and immigration policies. Texas has been clashing with the Biden administration over the state’s efforts to stop illegal immigration, with the United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit placing legislation that would allow state and local law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants on hold.

On a related topic, a TikTok influencer has been advising migrants on how to claim unoccupied homes in the US using squatter’s rights. This advice has sparked outrage among many users, with calls for legal action against the influencer. Squatting has become a significant issue in cities like New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, with laws in all 50 states offering protections to squatters.

Over to finance, Mike Maloney has shared their experience of taking delivery of physical stock certificates instead of holding stocks on a brokerage platform. He highlighted the complexity of the process and the importance of owning physical stock certificates, particularly in light of the Great Taking and potential crises that could impact stock prices.

Finally, a recent shift in the calculation of estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) has sparked controversy. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, the American Society of Nephrology (ASN), the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), and the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OTPN) have removed race-based constants from eGFR scores, previously used to account for physiological differences between ethnicities. Researchers in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology argue that this change could misrepresent the severity of kidney disease in over 10 million nonblack patients and over 1 million black patients. Since the start of 2023, this new formula has reportedly increased the wait time for sicker kidney patients by 1.7 years.


“Invasion” at US Southern Border as Migrant Swarm Breaches, National Guard Overwhelmed

“Invasion”: Riot Erupts After Migrant Swarm Breaches US Southern Border, National Guard Left Helpless

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California Regulators to Vote on New Rules for Recycled Wastewater as Biden Administration Warns of Cyberattack Threats to Water Systems

“Even basic cybersecurity precautions — such as resetting default passwords or updating software to address known vulnerabilities — are not in place and can mean the difference between business as usual and a disruptive cyberattack,” Regan and Sullivan said.

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G7 Considers Using Frozen Russian Assets for Ukraine Weapons Amid Resistance

“Our view is simple: One day, Russia will have to pay reparations and it doesn’t make sense to wait for those reparations. It makes better sense to use the frozen assets and to make that money available now,” UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said last week.

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Venezuelan TikToker Encourages Migrants to “Invade” Unoccupied Homes in the US, Sparking Outrage

A migrant TikToker with a 500,000-strong online following is offering his comrades tips on how to “invade” unoccupied homes and invoke squatter’s rights in the United States.

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Investor Mike Maloney Shares Personal Experience Taking Delivery of Stock Certificates

When you’re talking with a broker, you’re talking with your brokerage house, and this is really a sales representative that you’re talking to. Uh, he goes, “Do you want to do what?” and I want to take delivery of my shares. I want the paper stock certificates. “Uh, well, I’ve never encountered this before.”

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Medical Institutions Eliminate Race-Based Adjustments in Kidney Disease Evaluation, Sparking Controversy

Now, a perfectly healthy black person can get a kidney transplant before a dying white person!

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