From Debt Slaves to Dreamers: Charting a New Path Forward

I had the privilege of taking part in an amazing discussion on the podcast Café Locked Out over the weekend and want to share it with you all. The hosts Michael Gray Griffith and Dr. Paul Oosterhuis have been true Covid warriors down in Australia, fighting the good fight, and putting it all on the line.

It’s no secret that the world we live in is rapidly evolving, influenced by external forces with determined visions, where often the ends seem to justify the means. Whether it’s the likes of Premier Dan Andrews or others in positions of power, there’s an evident drive to transform the West, and some would argue, not necessarily for the better.

Yet, among the masses, there’s also a large contingent who feel shackled – not just by the pandemic – but by the debts of modern life: mortgages, car loans, and the cost of ensuring their kids get the best education. For many, COVID was just an additional weight, and this has created an ever-growing gap. People like Dr. Paul, who might have had seemingly perfect lives on the surface, find deeper purpose once they step away from that confining comfort. The freedom movement has given many a renewed purpose. But the question that remains is, ‘What vision are we offering the world?’"

We are at a crossroads, where the likes of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum offer one trajectory which we all know is not the most appealing. On the other side, we have the opportunity to build a world where individual liberties, personal power, and inherent truths guide us – a world where our children can soar, unfettered by societal chains. Now, more than ever, it’s critical that we present a clear and compelling vision.

We can’t just be reactionary; we have to take the lead, showcasing a better way to live, free from the tyrannical constraints we see mushrooming around us. The events unfolding in the financial world, the crumbling of our social contracts, and the looming devastation facing the middle class might seem daunting, but within that chaos lies a chance for rebirth. We have the potential to reconstruct a society that values genuine freedom and prosperity.

Today, we delve deep into what’s plaguing our world and discuss the urgent need to shift paradigms. Joining us are some eminent personalities who’ve broken free from the chains of convention and are pioneering new ways of thinking and living. Stay tuned as we explore how, amid all the doom and gloom, there’s a glimmer of hope and how we can channel that energy to usher in a brighter future for all.

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"what Vision Are We Offering The World?'”

As I read the text, it resonated with our actions to eliminate debt and move to a more free state. Then focus on: God, growinf food, raising chickens, water, power, self sufficiently activities, helping others, engaging locally with like minded ACTION oriented people.
So I think the “vision” we offer is an example to others - take ACTION.
Now to listen to see what i missed.


Good Interview

Good interview with two great guys here in Australia.



Excellent discussion! Thank you

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Heal The Divide

Looking at that conversation just highlights the one thing we all have in common. Now lets get Cafe locked out to band with the VOF here in Australia, different flavours but same goal. Great to see the Forest of the Fallen at the end in a rather sobering way that is.

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Great Convo

Really enjoyed this conversation - thank you!

I would put God first, the horizontal depends upon the vertical.
“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32
I am so happy to see good things happening in Australia. I have an internet friend there who still feels that the govt was responsible and did what they had to. She said to me “the places where they didn’t crack down were in chaos.” It seems this is what was presented in their media. Where was the chaos? I mentioned the violence we saw of the police against the people and she said there was no violence.
Was funny how someone in chat called Chris Dr. American. LOL

A Large Scale No To Tyrrany

One of the last large scale" no to tyranny" might have been the Danes during WW2. For those who don’t know history, Denmark saved the vast majority of their Jews from the Nazis. In most of EU, neighbors turned in Jews from fear, hate or for rewards from the Nazis. The Danes simply quietly hid them. Farmers suddenly had another child. Widows/Widows a new spouse, etc. Neighbors, of course, knew but didn’t report them. I heard the following reasoning:
It was the civilized thing to do. Civilized people get up in the morning and brush their teeth. Then civilized people make sure to protect their neighbors from thugs. No need to use force against a powerful enemy. You can just quietly not comply.
Now note the difference today. We are again fighting against overwhelming power. Instead of quietly resisting, we are throwing temper tantrums and demanding vengeance. That sets off and feeds the competing mass psychotic movements on both the right and the left. I think maybe we’re missing that underground movement that spirited slaves to Canada in the US and hid Jews in EU.
People are in fear and want simple solutions to a massive set of interconnected predicaments. You might be wrong about going thru the heart. Emotional appeals are much more likely to generate fear and hate than to set off thoughtful efforts to work slowly towards improvement.
You’re right about fighting the marketing of fear and ignorance. It’s the core of the problem. AI has perfected the propaganda techniques, Perhaps it’s time to ignore the power elites and simply talk about how to do things better at a local scale. We have so much energy and resources. We can waste that ranting against the powerful OR we can simply do things differently.